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April 15, 2008 - The Shell Game * WeekOfTruth * Iran Alternative

"Propaganda is not meant to fool the intelligencia,
it is merely meant to provide them an excuse to avoid
seeing ugly realities, they’d sooner not believe.”

-- Joseph Goebbels
Nazi propagandist,
Nuremburg War Crimes Trials

1) The Shell Game - Week of Truth – Power to the People
- - Continuity of Government Planning--The Showdown
- - Dick Cheney, A Key Player for ‘Continuity of Government?
- - U.N. Official's Call for Study of U.S. Govt. Role in 9/11 Attacks
- - Iran - The New Motivation for US War in Iraq
- - Faith of the Heart--A Tribute to 9/11 Truthers

The Shell Game is grounded theory leading to fictional interpretations
of the abuse of power by the Global Dominance Group within the US military
industrial complex. This is a book that needs to be read and understood by all Americans.

-- Peter Phillips
Director Project Censored,
Professor Sociology Sonoma State University

Editor’s Notes:

Beginning Wednesday April 16 to next Tuesday April 22, individuals can make 9/11 truth become a reality for millions of more people. If truthers can buy enough books to list THE SHELL GAME in the top ten of the NY Times-reported best-selling books, the momentum for new investigations could be unstoppable. For evidence on this check the interviews posted at and read why top ten makes all the difference. The Shell Game is a cautionary tale to avoid another false flag operation and attack on oil-rich Iran. This is why Lana Wood (an original James Bond 007 actress) supports Week of Truth. Please join us, spread the word and purchase multiple copies. When linking from to buy the book, you will also be supporting 9/11 first responders and their health-care.

Please note the articles to reference why peace and 9/11 truth are connected. For those wanting a 1-page newsletter from Flyby News, see this link for the files of Valley 9/11 Truth. Please note that recently Amy Goodman has called for an investigation into WTC-7. The time for 9/11 truth to come out of the closet could happen from this week of truth; with nuclear weapons all over the place, we should take the quickest approach to getting truth out of the closet. In May, following either the success or failure of the first Week of Truth campaign, FN will be supporting the collecting of 100,000 signatures from NYC voters in support of a Referendum Vote on national Election Day, November 4, 2008, to engage a new 9/11 Commission to investigate September 11, 2001. The results of this initiative could be the most direct path (without Media or government sponsorship) to end the occupation-war, and return civil liberties. But with The Shell Game success getting 100,000 signatures would be like a walk in the park. But one way or another, we need to succeed in uniting efforts to stop the war empire corruption machine, and awaken democracy, using science and empirical rationale to investigate what really happened on September 11, 2001. If you know anyone living or working in NYC, make sure you not only link them to The Shell Game but also

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April 15, 2008 - Shell Game * WeekOfTruth * Iran Alternative
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A work of fiction

I really don't understand this beyond a plan to sell books. It seems to me that serious 911 researchers shouldn't promote a fictional book about 911 because by implication, they cast a shadow of doubt on their own work.

Please read the book when you have time

I'd be very interested in your informed opinion of it.

Keep up the good work.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

You miss the point.

If The Shell Game gets into the TOP 10 he will most likely be invited to talk on mainstream TV.
And by now we all know he will talk 911 TRUTH to a wider audience.

He also talks

Ruppert and Peak Oil who/which I dont agree with.

Media - The Shell Game

Thursday March 6, 2008
Steve Alten, author of "The Shell Game", delivers 9/11 Truth to Jim Bohanon's CBS National Radio audience (4 + million)

(40 Minutes - 11 Meg)

Friday March 7, 2008
Alex Jones speaks with Steve Alten about his new book "The Shell Game" and takes questions from callers

(33 Minutes - 9.7 Meg)

Saturday March 22, 2008
Kevin Barret talks with Steve Alten, author of "The Shell Game", about their respective encounters with neoconmedia, including Steve's run-in with Jim Bohanon

(75 Minutes - 22 Meg)

The Shell Game
By Steve Alten

Product Description
The story opens in 2007 when two CIA spooks meet with an American Colonel in military intelligence. The war is going badly, and President Bush, who steadfastly refuses to back down, remains unchallenged at home as Democrats and Republicans continue to toss verbal grenades positioning themselves for the 2008 elections. Meanwhile, Iran s pursuit of nuclear energy will yield enriched uranium within five years, uranium that can be used to manufacture suitcase nukes. The United States military is too drained to invade Iran, and a preemptive strike is out of the question,unless a nuclear detonation were to occur in an American city, the enriched uranium traced back to Iran. A U.S. reprisal would strike a death-blow against radical Islam, quell the insurgent violence in Iraq,and yield more oil. Yes, the cost is unthinkable but if we sit back and do nothing then one day a dozen suitcase bombs could go off in a dozen American cities bringing with it anarchy and the collapse of Western civilization. December 2011: Ashley Ace Futrell is an oil expert working for PetroConsultants, married to Kelli Doyle, a former National Security Advisor and one of the CIA spooks from the opening scene. When Kelli threatens to expose the plot, Ace finds his existence hurtling down a rabbit s hole of deceit where the orchestrated lies of the powerful few could lead to the darkest days of human existence, and the death knell for billions.

The Shell Game

We desperately need your support and your money but not your opinion people.

Perhaps my view is a little jaded but a google search of blogger reveals - Results 1 - 10 of about 388 from for The Shell Game.

For the common good I wish the project every success but for truthers that have been round the block it's very hard to swallow.

Its all about breaking the media blockade

Its all about breaking the media blockade and taking advantage of a tremendous opportunity that has been handed to us in the form of an "edu-fiction" novel and a great spokesman, Steve Alten. (He doesn't come across as an "advocate" but says some very damning things.) Its a real chance to take a BIG step forward. The government official from the Japanese Parliament even said its time for 911Truth to break out of the internet environment. If "Week of Truth" (WOT) 1.0 is a success, imagine what we can do with future WOT's. Its time to try for that big step as time could be very short. Beware the next false flag operation.