PART 1: WeAreChangeLA --> 4-11-08 <-- freeway blogging

We reached out to hundreds of rush hour drivers with our beautiful brand new banner (5' x 21' CHECK IT OUT!!) until the CHP showed up an hour into our truth action.

The CHP officer violated our First Amendment rights by insisting that we leave the bridge. We reluctantly complied, but that's not the end of the story... Stay tuned for what happens next in PART 2!

Special thanks go to...
- Sofia
- Tom Tvedtan
- A K Dewdney
for their support!

Come see the banner in person at the WEST COAST CONVERGENCE on Sunday, May 11, 2008 in San Francisco! We need you there!

What danger is there that something gets blown over onto cars ?

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,

at a meeting in january I proposed that we could do the same thing at Herblay over the autoroute A15 or above the A1 at Saint-Denis however together we agreed that there is a danger that something falls down on the vehicles and causes an accident. So the idea at the moment is in the drawer for later.

Personnaly I think that we would eventually have a problem with the Police in the same way as you. And I would be a bit scared that a defector would deliberately cause an "unintentional" accident to discredit the 911 truth movement.

Am looking forward to seeing part 2 and am hoping it will help us here in France as it is a very cheap and efficient way to spread the word.



Wish I could rate this a 20

Great activism, great message, great composure, great job. Anyway to add a message or 2 to the back of the giant banner?

No kidding. I'd give it 100, if I could.

But then I have a real weakness for freeway blogging and street actions, especially when they are carried out with the coolness and composure you cite.

Great job, WAC LA!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Fa Real

I'd give it like one million billion times multiplied by one thousand million billion and then double the amount, that's how many stars I'd give it. patriots who freeway blog are the best.

Love that BANNER! You guys ROCK!!!

We have a wonderful pedestrian overpass over Hwy. 80 in Berkeley that the banner is perfect for. Code Pink uses it all the time. If you can make it up before the Friday afternoon commute or stay for the Monday morning commute that would be awesome.

It will also look really nice at Market and Van Ness, the foot of Lombard and Ocean Beach. They don't let any signs on the GG bridge anymore.

There's also a huge roller skating scene in GG Park on Sundays, banners on skates would be way cool, too. So y'all bring skates if you have them.

Time to get a 9/11 Truth mini-blimp, me thinks.

My understanding is that if it is NOT ATTACHED and you are carrying the banner, they cannot do anything legally. They simply rely on intimidation to get you to comply.

Impeding bumper to bumper traffic, unh's that again, officer?

What a country!

Maybe we need to make some signs that say " I remember the Constitution" or "Honk if you support the First Amendment".

Great job, can't wait to see you all up here in May!

Nice cap, too.

Thanks for making my day. Cheers!

The truth shall set us free (CHP will have less to do, too).

Love is the only way forward.

It creates an interesting record....

...of a confrontation with CHP. We all know, recently, it seems, these confrontations between citizens and authorities have been growing more violent. It's a record of the incident and will be interesting to see what happens in the near future?

This time, the CHP officer was tactful and restrained. I suspect, the large number in the group provided some measure of protection.

It may seem unrelated but the FLDS ranch raid in El Dorado, TX by Sheriffs took 400 children into state custody. I hope, everyone is aware of how poor the child welfare record is in Texas and the country in general. These children become sexual abuse victims with some frequency and it's a symptom of high level corruption in our goverment and society. The aim is to isolate as many as possible to be helpless against the state.

It's ironic they are purported to be rescued from sexual abuse--and guess what?--couldn't find the girl that made the call alleging sexual abuse to the Sheriff's Dept? Does it surprise you? Now, these young people face arbitrary victimization at the hands of an indifferent and overloaded system seething with as recent sexual abuse allegations as this past year!

...looking forward to part 2.

...don't believe them!

The FIRST Amendment is FIRST

Bruno and WAC-LA...SWEEEEEEET!!!

So, here comes the wimpy CI guy, and states the following:

The EXACT same thing happened to me on an I5 overpass in Seattle, and I reacted the exact same way...except...I asked the officers to specify the EXACT law that I was violating, and then I "civily" asked that they write me a citation indicating that violation. However, I suggested that bfore they did so, that they ask their commander on duty to verify that they were "in the right standing" because if it was found that they were inhibiting my first amendment rights, they probably would end up at the "wrong end of the stick".

This indeed provoked a call to the head gestapo cheese person...and because I was right, they came back and had to save face [which I DEFINITELY ALLOWED...and with civility], by stating that I could not tie ropes onto the handrails etc [which I had to do because I was bannering ALONE because the 911 Seattleites are still too uptight because I called them out that their groups had been "compromised"...something that they were not able to see at that time...]. So, I untied the ropes and asked if that was which they "professionally nodded" and drove away.

On another occasion outside SAFECO FIELD on a Mariners game night, I was out with my banner and attachments and got run off an intersection where there were thousands and thousands of game attendees heading back home and were in position to "see" my attention getting banner...and I was PISSED OFF! ...and my first amendment rights had been violated.However, this "corner traffic cop" had not a clue at even which end of the "counting line" the word "first" might be, I didn't get angry at him...but I cleverly resisted enough [civily] to get a formal violation.

So, about two months later I showed up in court with my "evidence" huge banners and attachments and handouts and wearing my CSNY "Freedom of Speech Tour" TEE shirt, and made a polite, respectful CIVIL fuss as the gestapo guards tried to keep my huge banner out of the courtroom, but to no avail...because it was my evidence and if I wasn't able to present it, I could not properly defend myself.

Win #1.

So, I'm now BANNERING the cops and oficers and guards in the courthouse...and then I get into the waiting room to be heard in court...and now I'm bannering all the SEVERE CRIMINALS [yeah-right] in the waiting room...then... the magisterte comes out and takes a look at my banners...and now I'm bannering the magistrates...and she asks me in...but without my banner...and I complied.

She GOT IT IMMEDIATLY...and created a "technicality" how the complaint was filed...dismissed it as soon as she could...and she subtly indicated an admiration of the power of me taking a stand...unofficially of course.

So, this year, I go back down to SAFECO last Friday on the 11th...and I get nothing but "room and respect" from my new police friends.

You see, I'm a 60 year old fart...but since the time that I read Ellsberg's Pentagon's Papers when I was 19, I've been out in the streets, not out in the streets, on the phones, not on the phones, meeting with "knee-jerk-liberals", meeting with right wingers, went on strike against Ronald Reagan, and have been arrested at Seabrook NUKE plant...and have stood alongside thousands of wonderful human beings of all sexual persuasions, colors, religions, belief structures...and ranges of intelligence.

I must state this again...NEVER have I ever stood shoulder-to-shoulder with more wondeful [except Tarpley], patriotic, powerful, creative, realistic...and more than anything else, INTELLIGENT group of activists than the activists within the 9/11 Truth Movement. I feel so very lucky and priveledged.

And, as it should be, when amongst the best, one has to step up with his or her best. And MY best is to share my experiences and knowledge that I have gained over the years....and my advice is that its now time to be our "civil and informative best".

To put it more briefly...ALL you guys on the bridge ARE smarter than the "gestpo" that were using their authority wrongly...and in court, as long as you did not fail to obey a direct order by a public safety officer, you will be vindicated.

And of course, the NEXT time you are excercising your first amendment rights, the cops will have been "educated" about that funky "first amendment rights thingy"...and will be defending you to others...just as the Seattle Gendarme have done for me.

See, it can work out well...and we are the long as we are cool!

This is known as a win-win-win situation...and we are smarter, more creative, more patriotic and more powerful than THEM...unless we give them our power by being fools...


Wish I was there...when handled well, its a total blast!

[hint...print something else on the back of the banner so that bridge drivers can get a mesage...OR...if you are at an outdoor concert or carnival or a fair...people fom far away will read it from both sides...]

Bruno, when we meet again, I will ask you point blank the following question:

Because you were NOT confrontational...did you not KNOW that you were on "solid ground"?...and were you not having some great fun?

We got the goods on them...we got the law on our side...we got millions of folks "covering our backs"...we got the TRUTH...we got each other...

Bruno and WAC-LA...this is so awsome...thanks again!

Love, Peace and Progress with:


Robin Hordon

Next time we ask for a citation.

Thanks for your valuable input Robin. We felt there was something we should be doing to protect our rights, but we just couldn't pin it down at the moment. Now we know. Next time we ask for a citation.

That's the value of sharing our experiences with each other, whether on YouTube, on 911Blogger or face to face. We are all learning from each other, and each of us can improve our game. The 9-11 Truth Movement is one big experiment, the world is our laboratory, and we are the scientists. Not everything works, but we have to try.

Freeway blogging is so much fun, especially when you do it in groups! Standing by yourself with a truth sign is admirable, but I recommend you do whatever you can to get more people out there with you. Each additional body with you makes an exponential difference in the perception your audience has toward your message. We have strength in numbers.

I am part of a tremendous team, and I have to thank all those that stood with me that day, including at the second freeway blogging later in the evening which you will see in PART 2. Thank you Katy, Randy, Stewart, Cheryl, Mike, Anne, Stefanie, Esther, Annie, Zan, Travis, Krena, Garko, Steve, Klara, and Max! If I forgot somebody, please please forgive me. It's such a pleasure to be on the same team with all of you. I also want to extend thanks to those who were also on the initial freeway blogging crew as we suffered together to figure out the messages and medium: Lisa & Mark! Last, but not least, I want to extend thanks to three icons in the 9-11 Truth movement for their tremendous support: Sofia, Tom Tvedtan, and A K Dewdney!

Many people have suggested putting a message on the back, but until we have a fail-proof method for accomplishing that, we are very reluctant to hack up this beautiful banner. 5 more banners like this one are on the way, so maybe we can hold the banners back to back and settle it that way.

Thanks for your kind and constructive words, Robin!

With you in Solidarity,
Bruno and ALL of WeAreChangeLA

I love freeway blogging, too

But I just post painted signs and move on. Sometimes they stay up for days, other times they get taken down in minutes. I've put up well over a hundred signs on 101 during commute hours and will keep doing it until my wrists say "stop!" (painting takes its toll).

Keep up the great work!

I look forward to seeing a lot of you in SF in May.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.