Is researching 9/11 now evidence of being a terrorist in the UK ?

9/11 images 'found on computer of 7/7 plot accused'

By Nathan Rees
The Scotsman
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

16 April 2008

PICTURES of the 9/11 terrorist attacks were among images found on the computer of one of the men accused of helping the 7 July bombers plan their attack, a court heard yesterday.

The photos were discovered on the hard drive of a computer belonging to Waheed Ali, who is accused of accompanying two bombers on a reconnaissance trip to London.

A jury at Kingston Crown Court was shown a number of recovered images, which included pictures of Osama Bin Laden, George Bush, Taleban leader Mullah Omar and the banners of a number of websites.

Ali, 24, from Tower Hamlets, east London, is standing trial with Sadeer Saleem, 27, and Mohammed Shakil, 31, both of Beeston, Leeds, accused of conspiring with the four suicide bombers who murdered 52 people when they set off bombs on London's transport network in 2005. The accused deny the charge.

The jury was told a total of 49,092 thumbnail images, including pornographic material and advertisements, were recovered from Ali's computer when it was seized from an address in Leeds.

One image contained pictures of the flattened twin towers, an aircraft about to strike one of the buildings and the Statue of Liberty with the words "Knowledge is for acting upon".

The court heard that Ali's computer had also been used to research a number of topics, including "jihad" and "news on the Taleban".

There was a search for Sheikh Faisal – the extremist cleric who was jailed for inciting racial hatred and soliciting murder in 2003. He was deported back to his native Jamaica from the UK.



apparently Big Brother is alive and well in the UK and going out of his way to cover his own tracks. Geez.

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Interesting post, btw. I've got so much stuff on my computers I'm in big trouble, not as much as the perps, though.


I hope they look good in orange jumpsuits.


Verdict : 3 years 6 months ..

Sounds a lot like what the Danes are doing :

You know, Denmark, the country that LOVES "free speech" ??
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya