Key to the Truth in Oklahoma

"Government complicity in the OKC Bombing and the 9/11 attacks has been proven not only by the obstruction of justice but by the use of terrorist dupes, be they willful dupes or not. And by all indications, these actions continue. Apparently some have failed, others will not..."

Key to the Truth in Oklahoma
4.19.95 and 9.11.01

by Holland Van den Nieuwenhof

Oklahoma seems to attract more attention in the news than seems due to your typical Great Plains State such as Kansas or Nebraska or North Dakota. I once asked a visitor from North Dakota if anything had ever happened in his state since being reasonably informed on current events and history, I was unaware of that state ever making it into a national headline.

Perhaps it is due to our curious mix of the offspring of renegade Indians, blacks and whites alike. Once known as Indian Territory, Oklahoma was the last state admitted into the continental United States and was once the home of various outlaws and escaped slaves seeking freedom in one of the last places in the land that was without established law or authority. That heritage carried over at least a couple of generations. During WWI a large group of farmers tried to organize an armed march onto Washington D.C. to stop the Nation’s entry into the war. Known as the Green Corn Rebellion, it was finally put down by the local authorities with the help of vigilante posses. During the desperate days of the Dustbowl and Great Depression, Oklahoma could boast of producing more bank robbers than any other state in the nation. Pretty Boy Floyd, the Ma Barker gang and others shot it out with the police and FBI from one end of the state to the other and legends of their hidden loot, in addition to the fabled treasures of the James Gang, will keep amateur treasure-hunters busy in this state for generations to come.

These days the offspring of these renegades seem intent on diluting this noble heritage. And whenever Oklahoma captures the national headlines, it is usually not good news. Thirteen years ago, 168 people were murdered when the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was bombed. Though largely overshadowed by the 9/11 attacks, the impact of the bombing is still felt in this state. Just about everyone in Oklahoma City knew someone or knew of someone who was killed or injured in the bombing. And although it attracted less attention, the suicide-bombing of Joel Henry Hinrichs III outside Gaylord Memorial Stadium during an Oklahoma and Nebraska college football game in October of 2005 gave many people here the shivers of times past.

In 2001, Tim McVeigh was executed as the lone bomber of the OKC Bombing. His hapless accomplice Terry Nichols is lingering on, serving a life sentence for his assistance in the crime. Justice was supposed to have been served with those sentences, the case closed, time to move on and get on with our lives. But the truth to that tragedy still eludes us.

Soon after the bombing, Oklahoma State Representative Charles Key formed the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee and impaneled a grand jury, despite the best efforts of Oklahoma City District Attorney Bob Macy and the state media, to foll0w the loose threads of the official investigation. They collected evidence of Federal and State government lying and obstruction of justice from day one. Their thorough dismantling of the official myth was published in Final Report, issued in 2001.

For his efforts, Charles Key was run out of office by a lynch mob masquerading as the local media and the surreptitious efforts of state officials. But efforts to uncover the truth carry on, and despite the closing of the casket, the lid to the OKC Bombing keeps popping open to this day, whispering of things most people would choose to ignore.

Besides the annual memoriam to those lost in the bombing, loose threads from the OKC bombing still plague newsrooms from time to time. They are combed down, but sometimes cannot be ignored.

For example, there is the ongoing case of attorney Jesse Trentadue. His Brother Kenny Trentadue, a convicted bank robber, was found beaten, cut and hung to death in his cell at the Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center on August 21 of 1995. His death was ruled a suicide despite obvious evidence of torture and homicide. The prisoner in a cell across from Trentadue’s, Alden Gillis Baker, reported that guards had entered the cell earlier that evening and that the sounds of fighting emerged. The guards later left with blood on their uniforms and the sounds of moaning escaping from the cell. Before he testified to this in court, however, Baker was found hanged to death in his own cell.

It is probable that Trentadue was fatally interrogated because he was mistaken for Johnny Lee Guthrie, another convicted bank robber, suspected accomplice of Tim McVeigh and one-time suspected John Doe #2 in the OKC Bombing. Jesse Trentadue reports that Tim McVeigh passed word to him before he was executed that his brother had been killed because it was thought that he was Guthrie. They greatly resembled one another and even shared the same tattoo. Johnny Lee Guthrie may have been able to clear some of this mess up himself, but he was also found hung to death in his cell the day before he was to give a television interview.

Jesse Trentadue’s suit against the Federal Government continues in court to this day as the Department of Justice refuses to release the report on the death of Kenny despite a court order to that effect. Trentadue’s lawsuit has become entertwined with the OKC bombing case and last year Federal Judge Louis Kimball ruled, on the basis of documents that only he was allowed to see, that the FBI had an informant close to McVeigh in the days leading up to the bombing. Recently Trentadue’s family was awarded close to a million dollars for the willful misconduct of the Department of Justice in refusing to release the report on the death. While the media dutifully reports some of the details of this case, it has yet to receive the attention and analysis due its implications.

In December of 2006, outgoing U.S. Representative Dana Rohrabacher, Chairman of the Oversight and Investigations Committee, issued a report on his investigation of the OKC bombing. He concluded that foreign ties to the bombing were not sufficiently investigated by the FBI in the course of the case and that the questions remaining about John Doe #2 have not been answered. (See also Rohrabacher's Speech on the House Floor, from February 26, 2008. -rep.)

Many survivors of the bombing still wonder why surveillance videotapes of the bombing have not been released even now, thirteen years later. It is significant that when investigators for the congressional inquiry came to Oklahoma to speak to Charles Key and the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee, they told the OKBIC that even they were still not being allowed to view those tapes. These tapes could dispel all doubts as to the veracity of the government’s case, destroy the eyewitness reports of John Doe#2 in the Ryder truck with McVeigh, if the government would release them. To this day, they have not.

In early 2007, Terry Nichols, the convicted accomplice to Tim McVeigh, revealed a bombshell of information that confirmed what many had suspected all along and even went so far as to name names. In a written declaration from prison given to Jesse Trentadue, Nichols states that

"Crucial parts of this terrorist act remain hidden from the American people, especially the identities of the ‘Others Unknown’ who collaborated with McVeigh in the bombing."

Nichols named Arkansas gun dealer Roger Moore as a government provocateur in the bombing and that the robbery of Roger Moore’s collection of firearms and explosives was to provide him a cover as an innocent bystander in the tragedy. Nichols goes farther and names Larry Potts, Assistant Director the FBI and the man in charge of the bloody fiasco at Ruby Ridge, as having directly assisted McVeigh.

Nichols also states that McVeigh told him that he had been recruited for undercover work while in the U.S. Army. This explosive revelation could not escape the attention of the national media, who of course ridiculed these assertions. It should be noted that Nichols has absolutely nothing to gain by these statements, and everything to lose, as we have seen the fate of those in federal custody who try to reveal too much about the OKC bombing.

In their February 2007 issue, Hustler magazine, which despite their pornographic content retains an impressive investigative journalist team, broke the story of Bill Bean, an aspiring Hollywood movie producer who was scouting a film scene at a National Guard base at Camp Grafton, South Dakota on August 3, 1993. During the course of the day Mr. Bean happened upon a soldier backing an armored vehicle off of a trailer and began filming him. Used to the soldiers being courteous and open for the camera, this lone soldier brushed him off and described himself as just being a “parts clerk.” Thinking nothing of it, Bill Bean wrapped up for the day and continued on with his life, which was soon bombarded by sophisticated harassment of an unknown source and reason.

After suffering years of mental torture, Bill Bean began to piece things together when a friend viewed his tapes and casually mentioned that the rude soldier in the armored vehicle looked like Tim McVeigh, who was on trial at the time and whose picture was on the news every night. Mr. Bean took the tape to Dr. Michael Blomgren, a voice-analysis specialist at the University of Utah’s Department of Communication Services and Disorders, who ran the tape through a series of tests. Dr. Blomgren concluded that the soldier in the videotape was a “positive identification” of Tim McVeigh. Visual analysis has confirmed that the soldier in this vide tape is indeed Timothy McVeigh.

What is astounding about this identification is that Tim McVeigh officially left the U.S. Army in late 1991 after serving in Operation Desert Storm. Tim McVeigh is seen in this tape in Army uniform in August of 1993. What is also striking is that Camp Grafton was home to an explosives training school, which Mr. Bean also filmed that day. Having had no formal explosives training while in the U.S. Army, perhaps McVeigh was undergoing some schooling in relation to his undercover work? This tape was filmed after McVeigh had been seen selling anti-government bumper stickers and been interviewed by a local TV reporter outside the Waco siege in early 1993.

The identification of McVeigh in South Dakota also answers another lingering question about his life. When he was arrested on Interstate 35 the day of the bombing, among his other possessions at the time he was recorded as having a South Dakota driver’s license, although he was never known to reside for any period of time in that state. Also significant is the fact that August 3, 1993, the day the film was shot, fits into a “black hole” in the FBI timeline of McVeigh’s life and the time leading up to the bombing. No one until Bill Bean came forward with his tape knew what McVeigh was doing during that time.

These latest revelations only add to the conclusive evidence collected by reporters, researchers, survivors and witnesses who have long known that the government and mainstream media are lying about the tragedy of April 19,1995.

Even the common people of Oklahoma for the most part know that the full truth has yet to be revealed, although most are afraid to think too hard about the consequences of what that means. In 2004 Charles Key ran for his old seat in the State House of Representatives and won despite, or because of, a well-funded campaign to smear him as a crackpot conspiracy theorist. Hopefully this means that even a monstrous lie is still vulnerable to the uttering of truth.

Final Report was released three weeks before the attacks of 9/11 and a new age was born. Like all new ages, it cannot break away entirely from the past, and 9/11 and the OKC bombing are inexorably linked beyond even the now familiar images of death and destruction. Independent investigations of the OKC bombing and 9/11 have found themselves stumbling over one another as the same cast of characters and places crop up time and time again. It has become essential to recognize that a complete investigation of both attacks cannot be complete without a recognition of these links and the fact that both attacks, and others in the past and most certainly in the future, cannot be fully understood until they are viewed as a contiguous whole.

One of the roads to 9/11 starts in Oklahoma in 1993 when, according to the 9/11 Congressional report, Osama bin Laden’s personal pilot came to Norman to train at Airman Flight School. Five years later this had become a trend, as the local office of the FBI warned of the large number of Middle Eastern men training in Oklahoma Fight schools in a memo titled, “Weapons of Mass Destruction” issued on May 15, 1998. The next year 9/11 hijackers Mohammed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi, or men using those names, visited Airman Flight School once again to inquire about lessons. [Boston Globe] In September of 1999, the FBI finally got around to visiting Airman to ask about bin Laden’s pilot training there six years previously. [9/11 Congressional Report]

In February of 2001 the supposed 20th hijacker, Zacharias Mossaoui, trained at Airman in Norman and lived in a University of Oklahoma Dormitory. [Oklahoma Gazette] He later moved off campus into a house he shared with Melvin Lattimore, a man with links to the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 and the OKC bombing. In April of that year, the FBI documents that hijacker Salem al-Hamzi was seen visiting this house. That same month another hijacker, Nawaf al-Hamzi, was issued a speeding ticket in Oklahoma so he very well may have visited this 0ff-campus terrorist party pad also. And although al-Hamzi was seen at an al-Qaeda conference in Malaysia the previous year and afterward followed to the United States by the CIA, his name did not trigger any red flags when he was pulled over. [Daily Oklahoman]

Mossaoui later went on in August to be arrested in Minnesota by the local FBI despite much interference from their superiors. His roommate Melvin Lattimore wrote letters to the editors of local papers defending Mossaoui, but neglected to mention that he himself abandoned his lease on September 10, 2001.

Lattimore himself had much to defend. According to the New American, Lattimore’s credit card had been used to purchase the bomb-making materials in the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993. And during the trial of Timothy McVeigh, a BATF agent testified on the stand that an FBI informant had named Lattimore as suspect. What was not revealed on the stand, because the FBI never filed the eyewitness reports, is that Lattimore and another associate of McVeigh who went by the name of Tim Rosencranz had been ejected from the Traveler’s Aid Society in OKC shortly before the bombing after becoming belligerent when asked to show identification. When Lattimore and Rosencranz drove away from the Traveler’s Aid Society, the employees noted their descriptions and the description of the car. It was a yellow Mercury Marquis without a license plate which, if you recall, matches exactly the description of the vehicle Tim McVeigh was driving when he was arrested following the bombing. [New American]

Melvin Lattimore is an African-American, a prison convert to radical Islam, and was going by the name of Majahid Abdulquaadir Menepta at the time. Following 9/11, he was arrested for being a felon in possession of a weapon and imprisoned for fifteen months. According to last reports, he has returned to his hometown of St. Louis a free man, despite being linked to three terrorist attacks since 1993.

Before leaving for Minnesota, Mossaoui is documented as having a meeting at the Sands Motel in Oklahoma City with lead hijacker Mohammed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi. This motel has proven popular among terrorists, for this same motel had been used the night prior to the OKC bombing by Tim McVeigh six years previously and had been a hang-out for Lattimore. [LA Weekly] According to Jayna Davis’ The Third Terrorist, a motel employee says that McVeigh left the motel that morning with another man in the Ryder truck, the mysterious John Doe #2, which reeked of diesel fuel. Witnesses also report that McVeigh left with what appeared to be a convoy of vehicles, including another Ryder truck. [OKBIC Interviews]

The man in the truck with McVeigh has been identified as Hussain al-Hussaini and was seen at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in the truck by six witnesses to the scene. Al-Hussaini was named as John Doe#2 by local TV station KFOR and had to flee the state. He later returned to press a suit of defamation against Jayna Davis and KFOR, but his suit was dismissed and his alibi for that day has been proven a lie.

In The Third Terrorist, Jayna Davis documents that al-Hussaini later went on to work at Boston’s Logan Airport as a baggage handler, and was there the day of the 9/11 attacks. Lead Hijacker Mohammed Atta’s flight took off from Logan Airport that morning while his baggage later went on a different flight, to be captured by the FBI with its incriminating “last will and testament” inside. Al-Hussaini’s whereabouts these days are unknown.

What is known is that al-Hussaini and others have been allowed to operate at will without any interference from the FBI. If you recall, in the days and months following 9/11 thousands of Arabs in this country were detained under dubious legal reasons supposedly for questioning in relation to the attacks. Not one of these men was charged with terrorism yet al-Hussaini, who was linked to both 9/11 and OKC, is never arrested, never charged. Lattimore, linked to the 1993 WTC bombing, OKC and 9/11, was imprisoned for a short time on a weapons charge and then released. Local FBI agents in Minnesota arrested Mossaoui before 9/11 only after surmounting roadblocks thrown up by their superiors in FBI headquarters. And then a search of his laptop computer was denied because FBI headquarters changed the original application for a FISA warrant. A FISA warrant is an extra-constitutional tool authorized by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and the wording of the application submitted by the local FBI office was altered to leave out Mossaoui’s time fighting in Chechneya with Islamic guerrillas. In twenty years and 10,000 FISA warrants granted up until that time, Mossaoui’s was one of the first to be rejected. [The Terror Timeline, Paul Thompson]

Simple incompetence does not account for the fact the active resistance on the part of the FBI against arresting Mossaoui and searching for evidence of his communications and activities. Simple incompetence does not account for the willful apathy when it came to the documented and proven terrorist activities of Hussaini al-Hussain and Melvin Lattimore, among other “teflon terrorists” connected to the OKC bombing and 9/11. One begins to wonder if the government is truly our friend and protector.

And one may wonder about Department of Justice official Jamie Gorelick, who was sent by Attorney-General Janet Reno to Oklahoma City to steer the case to the government’s wishes. Jamie Gorelick was also the author of the infamous “wall memo” which was used as an excuse by federal officials as why they could not investigate the activities of known al-Qaeda members in this country. Gorelick later served on the “independent” 9/11 Commission and was one of only two members, along with commission chairman and Bush administration official Philip Zelikow, allowed to view top-secret documents in relation to 9/11. Many observers have opined that Gorelick should have been on the witness stand, not deliberating evidence. [Triple Cross, Peter Lance]

On the day of 9/11, CIA Director George Tenet was having a leisurely breakfast with his mentor, University of Oklahoma President David Boren. When aides rushed in to tell the Director of the attacks, Tenet was witnessed by reporters as turning to David Boren as saying, “I wonder if this has anything to do with the guy who trained for a pilot’s license.” [Washington Post]

Perhaps Tenet was trying to impress the reporters with his prescience, for they did not know that he was sitting across the table from the man whose campus had played host to Zacharias Mossouai for the better part of a year. Perhaps it was an inside joke.

George Tenet owed a lot to David Boren. Prior to his appointment as CIA Director, Tenet had absolutely no intelligence experience or training. In fact, his only qualification seems to have been that he was on David Boren’s congressional staff, back when he was Senator Boren. But David Boren was not your usual Senator,

David Boren is a political institution in Oklahoma. In the seventies he was in the House of Representatives, then he served as Governor. He later ran for Senate and served the longest tenure until that time as Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. During that time Boren propped up Robert Gates’ nomination for CIA Director, despite Gates’ controversial record as a CIA analyst of inflating the Soviet threat to the benefit of defense contractors. Robert Gates in now Secretary of Defense, in charge of the Global War on Terror. Give that room for thought. [Breakdown: How America’s Intelligence Failures led to September 1, Bill Gertz]

David Boren is also a member of the fabled Skull and Bones Society out of Yale, a brother-in-secrecy to two George Bushes, despite being a lifelong Democrat. David Boren has always nursed presidential ambitions but his homosexuality was outed by his former roommate at Oxford University, Professor W. Scott Thompson in his book, The Price of Achievement. The release of this book in 1994 precipitated Boren’s foregoing of another term in the Senate despite his potential and ambition. He flirted with a presidential nomination from the Reform Party but perhaps was unwilling to face his past as outlined in the book. Now he nurses hope for his son, also named David, who is now in the House of Representatives.

As President of the University of Oklahoma, in the Summer of 2001 he appointed to OU CIA officer David Edger, described as a CIA officer-in-residence on the OU website. Edger had a strange career, even for a CIA agent. Edger was serving in Chile on September 11, 1973, when the CIA overthrew the elected leader of that country, Salvador Allende. Following Allende’s death thousands of Chileans were tortured and murdered to secure the puppet government. Edger was later Aldrich Ames’ supervisor when that agent was arrested for spying for the Soviets. Edger went on to become Deputy Director for Intelligence for the Directorate of Operations, the covert action arm of the CIA. []

Then in an apparent demotion, David Edger went to Hamburg, Germany to be in charge of a CIA team monitoring the apartment of Mohammed Atta, soon to be named as the lead hijacker in the 9/11 attacks. During this time the apartment was visited by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who had a 2 million-dollar bounty on his head by the U.S. Government for his role in African embassy bombings. Mohammed remained unmolested and was later named as the “mastermind” behind the 9/11 attacks and is supposedly in U.S. custody, somewhere. Atta, who had at this time already been named as an al-Qaeda cell leader by Defense Intelligence Agency Task Force ABLE DANGER, exchanged several phone calls and emails with other future 9/11 hijackers in this country, and Zacharias Mossaoui.

Then in the Summer of 2001, Edger was appointed to a teaching position at OU, just down the road from where Mohammed Atta and Zacharias Mossaoui had their meeting at the Sands Motel that August. Edger freely admits to monitoring Atta in Germany his class at OU, but says he heard nothing of interest. He neglects to mention that he was also in town for Atta’s meeting in Oklahoma City. Given Edger’s past role as a jackal for the Agency, one can only wonder if Edger was monitoring the meeting in OKC as he was monitoring Atta in Hamburg.

One should also take note that Edger also runs a consulting company that offers advice on the perils of agricultural terrorism to corporations. Seeing Edger’s past role in fighting terrorism, this prospect might make one want to stock up on food supplies.

The University of Oklahoma still has more drama to offer the War on Terror. In the Fall of 1999 Nicholas Berg, the man who would be later beheaded on videotape in Iraq, attended class at OU. He only studied for one semester but stayed on and worked on campus. What exactly he was doing during this time is still a mystery. [CNN]

In the fateful Summer of 2001, Nick Berg’s laptop computer was used to email Zacharias Mossaoui. Berg was later questioned by the FBI and said that he had lent his computer and password to a stranger on the bus, and that stranger must have been the one who emailed Mossaoui. This story apparently flew with the FBI, despite the fact that OU busses at that time did not have wireless email capabilities, and still don’t, nor did many laptops. [Michael P. Wright]

In August of 2001, following Atta’s and Mossaoui’s meeting in OKC, a plane ticket that was used in the 9/11 attacks was purchased at an OU library computer. According to the research of Michael P. Wright, the library assistant who witnessed this transaction said a white American male purchased the ticket.

Nick Berg went to Iraq, supposedly seeking work as a “contractor.” He was detained by American forces there for a short time, and later met his appointment with destiny when he was beheaded on video on May 8, 2004, just as the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal was erupting. Nick Berg’s exact role in this farce is still unclear, and his story when told will undoubtedly shed some light on our government’s true role in the War on Terror.

And yet another mysterious story played itself out on OU campus on October 1, 2005, when Joel Henry Hinrichs III blew himself up with a homemade bomb outside the stadium to the cheers of thousands of college football fans. OU President David Boren immediately appointed himself the spokesman for what should have been a criminal investigation and laid down the script for this story: that this unfortunate incident had been the simple suicide of a lonely, confused, young man.

Like Nick Berg, the story of Joel Hinrichs is still clouded with missing time and machinations beyond our sight. What is known is that Hinrichs walked into a Norman feed store three days before his death and tried to purchase a large amount of ammonium nitrate. [Norman Transcript] Ammonium nitrate is of course the chemical that McVeigh is supposed to have used in the bomb that destroyed the Murrah Building in 1995. Independent analyses of the bomb damage has refuted this myth, but people in Oklahoma are still edgy about selling strangers ammonium nitrate.

In this case the feed store clerk noted Hinrichs’ ignorance of the uses for the fertilizer, and refused to sell to him. His strange appearance (according to Jayna Davis he wore a coat with wires sticking out of it) and behavior alarmed the clerk, who took solace when a Norman Police officer, who happened to be in the store off-duty, called his superiors to inform them of the incident. Despite this call, Hinrichs remained unchallenged by the police and went on to his appointment with death three days later.

Later on the FBI claimed that Hinrichs had mixed his homemade bomb in his apartment to the ignorance of his Middle Eastern roommate, who soon after left the country. It is a little baffling that someone could mix noxious chemicals in a small college apartment without a roommate suspecting anything at all.

The FBI later denied eyewitness reports that Hinrichs had tried to enter the main gate of the stadium during the game and, in a familiar pattern, refuses to release surveillance videotape of the gate to prove their claim. Local media reports that Hinrichs attended the same Mosque as Mossaoui have disappeared from their websites. David Boren informed the students in an email that people should avoid the “conspiracy-mongering” that took place following the OKC bombing.

Rojan Gunarata, terrorism expert and author of Inside al-Qaeda, testified before the 9/11 Commission that Norman, Oklahoma had been home to an al-Qaeda cell before 9/11. So far no one in Norman has been arrested for complicity in 9/11, so what should one assume? The links between 9/11 and the OKC bombing are concrete to the point of strangeness, and strange things continue to happen in Oklahoma.

Government complicity in the OKC Bombing and the 9/11 attacks has been proven not only by the obstruction of justice but by the use of terrorist dupes, be they willful dupes or not. And by all indications, these actions continue. Apparently some have failed, others will not.

The facts are laid bare. Most people cannot accept these facts, but that is all right. Most people won’t do a damn thing one way or the other. But for those who do care for the truth the search continues, not only for justice for those wronged in the past, but for what we surely know is waiting is store for us in the future. And the key to the truth perhaps will not be found in some archived document or drastic new piece of evidence, but maybe in some dusty corner in the heartland.

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This is a very informative entry--thanks, Holland!

Extremely well written, indepth, correlating article!

This was a fabulous and fascinating read! Damn! Oklahoma...what a tie-in to Sept 11th !!!

I followed up on just one little portion [10th paragraph from the bottom] with the mention of Michael P. Wright. Wright tracks how the media suddenly "did not do" a news story that they did do. He records the phone calls....

If one does not thoroughly LOOK, the TRUTH is not visible.

Fascinating article! I'll just briefly add that the FBI either

let the 1993 WTC bombing to happen, or the FBI made it happen on purpose.

An FBI undercover informant, Emad Salem, stated that he was prevented from stopping the bombing when the FBI wouldn't allow him substitute harmless powder for real explosives.

As for Nick Berg, the inflammatory video purported to show devout “Islamofascits” ritualistically beheading the young American, but it looked like some poorly disguised (Mossad?) agents cutting the head off a corpse! (The severed neck & head didn’t even bleed, for God's sake!)

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:


What a great piece!

It is due to research like this and people like this (the author) that the liars will never debate us in a public forum - they would lose.

How anyone could read this and not realize that there is a problem is beyond me. This is how you know the fix is in - when there is this much evidence and this is not all of it, and the media still refuses to not only not look at it, but riducule anyone who speaks of such things.

We will prevail!

Excellent job!

Well written

and informative! The links between stateside terrorist events are quite extensive! I would just add that the only reason TX does not fall in the gulf is b/c OK sucks!

Contact your represenatives!

The Nick Berg video tape is bogus.

This blog seems to miss the fact that the purported Nick Berg beheading video is well known to be a fabrication:

The actual video is hosted here:

While we don't know for sure who killed Nick Berg, it seems likely he was murdered by US agents because he was last seen alive in US custody. What is obvious though, is that the Nick Berg video was fabricated by some coalition intelligence service and planted in the US media to distract attention from (and even justify in the eyes of the American public) the Abu Ghraib torture scandal.

(By the way, I am not a "no-planer" but rather a member of AE911Truth.)

Yes, I tried to convey that in my above message. (Some shills

voted it down, but it's still at +1 for now.)

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Excellent article

One confusing aspect of these attacks is the lack of concealment. After the attacks government officials (politicians and intelligence), establishment media and the court system all work to keep a lid on the "conspiracy links." They end up having to expend a lot of effort because for some unknown reason the black op (in certain respects) seems to be carried out in a sloppy manner. One would think concealment would be the priority for two reasons. One because the whole point seems to be to pin an attack on an enemy. Two because the black op agents seemingly wouldn't want to arouse suspicion to the point of getting caught.

Here is an interesting take on the subject:

I want to elaborate somewhat on the idea of transparent conspiracy (see part 3), lest the idea seem too big to chew. It is chewable, but it takes a little work. Even though I have been chewing on it for some time, I am only now arriving at the conclusion, as I pointed out in part 4, that the theory is correct.

First of all, let's give it a name that will itself be more transpaent: MITOP. We are familiar with LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose) and MIHOP (Made It Happen On Purpose). Now we have "Made It Transparent On Purpose."

What do so many people now think 9/11 was an inside job? Because there are so many reasons to think so? Yes--for all of those reasons, and for one more that not so many people may have thought of: we are supposed to think so. The perpetrators, the people on the inside (Orwell's "Inner Party") want us to think so.


The simplest and most logical answer to this is that they were not that stupid. On the contrary, they wanted us to know. They have always wanted us--at least those of us who are not yet fully lobotomized by the mainstream propaganda--to know that they can do whatever they fucking well want to with us, which includes not only 9/11 but also jamming a ridiculous and totally incredible fairy tale down our throats. They want us to know, very clearly but without having to come out and say it explicitly (this may come if martial law is imposed), as I have put it more bluntly earlier, that they've got us by the balls (short hairs for the politically correct).

This contribution takes it a level further...

....down the rabbit hole. It's an excellent read! I've shared it.

It's pretty damning the inferences about Melvin Lattimore, David Edger and David Boren. It seems, if you're in the service of the secret team there's no accountability?

...don't believe them!

not OK in Oklahoma....

I think this piece is so very relevant to our truth movement and may offer insight into Bill Clinton's How dare you comments recently. I say HOW DARE YOU! Janet Reno said her and Bill would leave no stone unturned when it happened remember? Well you forgot about poor Carol Howe, Andy the German Strassmeir and Elohim City! It makes me wonder , what does a President really know about all this in advance and is their anything he or she can really do to stop these operations. 911 is the smoking gun let's put the neo-convicts in jail where they be..long!