Video: Gary Webb's voice lives on.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana.

Continuing an association with, presents another talk from Gary Webb that has not been available on the internet until now. The first video of Webb (1996) is viewable here. This talk with Martha Honey, (hosted by Dennis Bernstein), is from a couple of years later (1998). By this time, Webb's employer had turned on him and would not defend Webb's research. So Webb put out his highly recommended book, Dark Alliance.

With the recent release and broadcast of American Drug War, the story of "Freeway" Ricky Ross is being disseminated into the public consciousness like never before. Webb was the reporter who broke the story, and the subsequent links to the CIA, at the San Jose Mercury News. (The original stories have been reproduced on the Narconews website.)

In 2006, author Nick Shou put out a book about Webb and his demise, called Kill the Messenger. It is now being written for the screen.

Remember that Webb's death was ruled a suicide. Suicide by two gunshot wounds to the head. This ranks up there with the strange death of Danny Casolaro. Were they both investigating two arms of the same Octopus?

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"DARK ALLIANCE: Crack Cocaine, the CIA, the Contras, & the Censors", with Pulitzer Prize-Winner Gary Webb, Dennis Bernstein, & Martha Honey. Berkely, CA - June 13, 1998.

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Bravo, Rep! This is a classic!

I have to say I'm really enjoying what you're doing with the place, with all the usual suspects assisting, of course.

(and maybe some of us more unusual ones, too)

***big smile***

Thanks again for all your hard work.


The truth shall set us free. (well, I'm afraid some will have new rooms in Leavenworth and no SportsCenter to watch)

Love is the only way forward.

Have you researched the Octopus at all?

Read any books on it, etc...

Not formally, no

But I became very much aware of the same drug arm that Gary Webb was investigating while I was investigating the Contra Wars during the 80's. That led me back to Indochina in the 60's and I have been following the adventures of Gen. Secord and Gen. Singlaub from a difference ever since. I believe they are running heroin out of Kyrgyzstan and into Albania/Kosovo right now (last I checked, anyway). Iran/Contra exposed some of the overlap of the drugs and arms dealing tentacles, as well as some of the financial (e.g. BCCI) arm.

In the late 1980's I had planned on writing a book looking very deeply into the Contra war and its effect on Central America, including the obvious drug connections, but marriage and children intervened. I may get back to it eventually, but 9/11 is a far more fruitful event with which to expose the pathological paradigm prohibiting the progress of peace. I now know I need to read everything Peter Dale Scott has written on deep politics.

To be honest, as a father with young children, I got a little wigged out by the treatment Gary Webb got after he went public and some other things before that. My daughters are now old enough to get by without me and the situation is far more dire.

Keep up the great work, Rep!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Rep you have just set a higher standard for posting here

Well prepared. Well done. And of course the topic is right on the button.

The Octopus: good name for whatever it is!

Clearly, under the cover of National Security, the worldwide drug trade is used to fill blackbox coffers to finance rogue opperations, murder, dirty tricks, false flags, grab power, eliminate political enemies, skew elections, and the list can go on.

And by the way, the Taliban in Afghanistan had stopped opium production, and now it is said, after the US occupation, the country provides eighty percent of the worlds production. Naturally, the Taliban are blamed for this. Are those rendition flights carrying anything else besides kidnapped victims? And what happened to the billions in cash that went missing in Iraq?

The question your post poses is this: The dots can be connected, but can 911 Truth make a better case for putting the criminals away than CIA Crack?