Steve Alten On Air America's Clout

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Last night, Steve Alten and Bill Douglas were on Richard Greene's "Clout". I think it was an excellent show. I did appear on the show because when I heard Richard talk about the tapes not being released (with regard to the gas station and the hotel), I wanted to let him know they were, and I also wanted to lend support for Steve.

When I was saying there is no debate, I wasn't referring to "9/11 was an inside job." I was referring to the fact that the investigation we had was a farce, and that we need a new one. I think in order to first get a new investigation, you have to first prove that the original one was illegitimate.

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree there needs to be a public debate to educate the public.

I knew what you were talking about...

But I didn't know those videotapes had been released?


... the tapes from Sheraton hotel and the closest gas station (whose tapes were confiscated within minutes of the attack) have not been released. Those would have shown the plane or whatever.

The tapes linked by Jon are from a convenience store and Doubletree hotel.

They were released.

Check the links above. I think the Sheraton was turned into a Doubletree if I remember correctly. Check the links.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

At least, Sheraton # Doubletree

"The confusion mounts as there are suggestions that this video may not be the Doubletree video but a tape taken from cameras at the Sheraton National Hotel which overlooks I395 and the Pentagon, and has a clear view of the impact zone."

I'm doing searches on the net...

And apparently a lot of Sheratons have been turned into Doubletrees... I dunno.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

there is something about hijacked airliners flying around

Jon, I did not know that was you that called in. Thanks for doing so and giving Steve support. You came across very well and very informed.

I thought the show was exactly the kind of thing that is needed. Steve Alten is very articulate and easy to listen to. He doesn't come across as an "advocate" but rather as a very sincere and concerned citizen that only wants to do the right thing by letting as many as he can know about the incriminating things he came across while writing the book.

I think what Steve does so well is to present a very concise and convincing argument that many ought to be able to grasp: simply that 9/11 was and is a lie. And once people start to grasp the idea that 9/11 indeed might have been a lie, all of the particulars -- WTC7, the Towers, the Pentagon, etc. -- can be grasped much more easily.

People can come up with any excuse to believe that, for example, WTC7 was NOT a controlled demolition. But there is something about hijacked airliners flying around for very long periods of time with absolutely no intervention that has to make many at least scratch their heads. Then, once you have placed a seed of doubt in their heads, 911Truth progress should come more easily. So, the whole purpose behind Week Of Truth is to start breaking the media blockade with Steve Alten. Steve did an EXCELLENT job last night in trying to plant seeds of doubt. I see NO QUICKER way to try to bust through than with Steve Alten getting access to major media by his book, The Shell Game, making it into the Top 10. And "quick" is what is needed. There may in fact, be very little time. And that as well is what Steve is trying to warn the world about. Let's help him out. Only three more days to get it done --