EU to Criminalize Internet-Based Incitement to Terrorism

FYI, you crazy, bomb-throwing-inciting-web publishing 9/11 Truthers- be careful how you post your favorite recipes online in Europe:

"The EU's counter-terrorism coordinator Gilles de Kerchove said last week that some 5,000 Internet sites "contribute to radicalizing young people in Europe."",2144,3277027,00.html

European Union justice ministers have agreed that using the Internet to publish bomb recipes or call for acts of terrorism to be committed should count as a criminal offence.

The 27 member states agreed on Friday, April 18, to introduce as new offences "public provocation to commit a terrorist offence, recruitment, and training for terrorism" which would be punishable "also when committed through the Internet."

People found guilty of "disseminating terrorist propaganda and bomb-making expertise through the Internet can therefore be prosecuted and sentenced to prison," the justice ministers said in a joint statement.

The commission's proposal would also allow EU law-enforcement agencies to demand cooperation from Internet providers in order to identify the people making such calls and to ensure that the offending material is taken off-line.

Closing gaps in prior legislation

The EU's counter-terrorism coordinator Gilles de Kerchove said last week that some 5,000 Internet sites "contribute to radicalizing young people in Europe."

In 2002, the EU member states agreed common rules for fighting terrorism, but those rules didn't include Internet-based calls to commit terrorist acts.

While some details of the proposal still need to be finalized, Friday's agreement signifies a basic level of support, making it unlikely that any member states would oppose its adoption.

Right, never let them try to label 9/11 truth as "disseminating

terrorist propaganda."

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Resistance is NOT terrorism

We Europeans KNOW that for sure.


USA-EU: THE US IS PLACING UNDER SURVEILLANCE E-MAILS, PHONE-CALLS and INTERNET USAGE and TRANSACTIONS OF EUROPEANS:: The letter, from Barry Steinhardt, Director of ACLU's Technology and Liberty Program, says that US agencies, through agreements with EU service providers which allow data and content to "pass through" the USA, is conducting extrajudicial surveillance of Europeans. - "Internet transactions and email between Europeans is increasingly sent through servers in the U.S." - "In many ways this situation is similar to the SWIFT case: transactions between two individuals in Europe may well transit through U.S. telecommunications companies and as a result will be made accessible to the U.S. government." - "This activity involves no oversight or legal protections for non-U.S. persons. As a result, the communications of European citizens are completely vulnerable to abuse." - "We believe that this situation clearly violates European legal requirements for the fair and lawful processing of personal information."


Years ago I did a job in a downtown San Jose CA internet node where 85% of global internet traffic passed through. I imagine that percentage has changed little since I was there.

We know there are special routers which send duplicates of everything to government servers for collection, archiving and eventual analysis.

This message and everything we type and do online is going right to Fascist Father (the term Big Brother is too kind, if you ask me).

HI GUYS, how are you today?


No need to be paranoid, just understand this and move on.

We are working for a more transparent government in a totally transparent* environment, after all.

(* totally transparent for some, anyway)

Truth and physics will prevail!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

"Fascist Father"

that does seem appropriate, as conservatives are more likely to desire a father figure type as a leader-

no offense to Ron Paul supporters; weak-minded conservatives are going to vote for a neocon like McCain

Right on the Couch
Are conservatives nuts?

InTheseTimes had an article on this study titled "Are Conservatives Nuts?" that used to be available online, but I can't find- instead one of their 9/11 hit pieces was the top link on their site when i searched for it- how's that for liberal? I had a subscription and cancelled it as soon as their first hit piece came out

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