The Shell Game. What do the Iranians think about the book ?

John Mitchell
Herblay France

bonjour ,

have just finished the "Shell Game". Great book and it could be a good tool to wake up America and the world to the real dangers of death hanging over our heads.

Has anyone put on the web the "Shell Game" text ready to be translated into any language ?

I looked up google with "six years, Mr. Futrell?" taken from page 29 and found the excerpt put up by STEVE ALTEN,+Mr.+Futrell%3F%22&hl=fr...

This is a good start but not enough. We need the whole book internet downloadable in China , Japon , Russia , ... IRAN !

Has Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad received and read the Shell Game ? Or at least one of his advisors? Does President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad know that the book exists?

Jon Gold is there not a way with the help of the Iranian Embassy to organise an interview of Iran's President via an internet linked web cam. To have his opinion on the Shell Game book as he and the Iran are completely concerned in this story and in real life too !

Are there any world internauts from Iran who read Can they give us an opinion on the "Shell Game" in their country ?

Who is for and who is against putting a scanned copy of the Shell Game on the net ? It is never easy or agreeable to read a book on the computer screen. Nor is it practicable to read from an A4 * 500 page computer printout. And to print on ones home printer costs a lot more that buying the book. So even though the book could de bownloaded, I think that the 911 truth militants who can afford to buy the book will do so.

Unfortunately almost any

Unfortunately almost any association with Iran will tend to discredit us to average Americans. So we have to be careful in that area.

But I agree that getting all 9/11 info translated in general is extremely important -- the intelligence agencies and insiders can't control the world, even if they can spy on Americans at will.

We have to be honest towards iranians and treat them as equals.

I thought abut the problem of discredit however we will need to work with the iranian citizens for a global solution on peak oil, the overheating of the planet , etc ... and eventually for an international court to try the neocons for crimes against the humanity.

We have to be honest towards the iranians and treat them as our equals.

Hoping that some iranian internautes will take the courage to participate in the debate on 911blogger and why not also some Iraqis



I tend to agree with Victronix...

That it would be easy to associate 9/11 Truthers with Ahmadinejad with the amount of people in this movement citing "Zionism", etc... However, I do support Iran in the sense that I don't want them to be invaded, and their people killed. Didn't Hugo Chavez also advocate for 9/11 Truth?

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

Thanks to W. Rodriguez +J.Walter Chavez did advocate 911 truth

Yes Chavez did and most of this thanks to William Rodriguez and Jimmy Walter who braved the critics of treating with the "enemy". I followed the events closely with Chavez and I asses that he had courage also as he was ridiculed for his questioning the official version.

Google ==> Chavez venezuela 9/11 William Rodriguez Jimmy Walter

You can be sure that it will not be easy for Ahmadinejad to work collectively with the 911 truth movement knowing all the bad things that the United States has done in the Middle East but it will be necessary for world peace.

yours John