"Ad Has Been Rejected by MotherJones.com" . . .

Not that anyone reading 911 Blogger on a regular basis doubted this, but CENSORSHIP is alive and well in America and continues in places that still have the power to stun me, like the very left wing Mother Jones magazine . . .

I placed our 9/11 Movies ad there last week (online) . . . exactly like the one here on 911 Blogger and also exactly like the one on OpEdNews.com. It ran for a day - maybe several - before I received this email:

"This automatic notification is sent out to let you know that ad #512445562 has been rejected on MotherJones.com / Lowest ads right column.

The funds are available in your blogads.com account and can be used for future blogad purchses. If you'd rather get a refund please log in to your blogads.com account and click on the "Accounting" link.

Duration: 1m
Amount: XXX
Submit date: 2008/04/21
Ad title: '9/11 Movies Wayne, Pennsylvania'

Ad text:
109 W. Lancaster Ave, Wayne, PA (13 Miles West of Phila; R5 Train)

*April & May:

4.15 - 9/11 Press for Truth
4.22 - Who Killed John O'Neill?
4.29 - The Reflecting Pool
5.06 - TerrorStorm
5.13 - Zeitgeist

*Read a 9/11 'novel': The Shell Game, by NYTimes bestselling author Steve Alten . . .

Interesting, huh?

Yes, they have every right to reject this . . . Maybe it's not true censorship . . . but their rejection of this ad says volumes . . .



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