Godgle: Info Provider + Filter = Perception Manager

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"Information wants to be free" vs. "Don't be evil". When you search online and use search "Alerts", do you want to get the info you want, or do you want the info you receive to be only what Google (and their partners in business and government) want you to know about? If you have concerns about Google's record on search quality/censorship, privacy, human rights, collaboration with people who may pose a serious threat to US sovereignty and security or anything else, read this article and please comment.


This article is a continuation of the "Open Letter to the People & Google" article:

Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction

Fourteen Points: World Trade Center Destruction Media Visibility Week

Open Letter to the People & Google

What business is Google really in? Google quickly became rich & famous after going online with an internet search engine that returned results that were more often relevant to what the user was looking for than all their competitors- the result is than in the US about 50% or more people are now searching online with Google- in some countries, it’s 90%. Google has since expanded; it also provides a free email service, many advertising services, free online document storage and others. It seeks to be the premier provider of new and emerging web services that will contribute to its growth, power & profit.

As a corporation Google (and the people behind it) seeks to maintain a favorable public image; it does not want to offend or disappoint, and risk losing, customers. If customers discover that Google is not providing the level of service they want, they will go elsewhere and even start their own service, if it’s in demand and not provided to satisfaction by anyone else. Likewise, if customers discover that Google is actively attempting to manipulate their perception of world events, instead of providing news and information in a completely neutral, objective and blind way- what will they think of Google and how will they respond?

I’m not yet sure what to make of the results of my Google Alerts from last night and this morning (see Alerts pasted in the Comments below). It could be some massive “glitch” caused NONE of the following 3 articles, all indexed in Google WEB & NEWS yesterday and just now, to be delivered as part of a Google NEWS Alert; some of them DID appear in WEB Alerts (see Comments section below). However, that doesn’t make sense they would be omitted from the NEWS results, considering the variety of keywords and phrases I had set up, and that the articles were ALL indexed in Google NEWS.

Perhaps some IT person reading this could speculate or blow the whistle on how many people were prevented from receiving Alerts about these articles by this “glitch”- the Open Letter has quite a variety of key words for hot topics. The stats from the PRWeb release (will be posted in a future article) show that Google NEWS accounts for 70-80% of the traffic to the PRWeb release. If anyone is interested, I’ve been checking Yahoo! and Google Web & News coverage of these articles periodically and making a .webarchive of everything.

These are the 3 articles that, imho, should have appeared in both my Google NEWS & WEB alerts; some of them DID appear in WEB alerts; see the Comments section below.

Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction

Fourteen Points: World Trade Center Destruction Media Visibility Week

Open Letter to the People & Google

It could also be that I’m lying or just an idiot who doesn’t know how to properly create a Search Alert; that’s why in Open Letter I encouraged everyone to check your old alerts and create some new ones specifically for this situation, and post your experiences here.

It could also be that Google is collaborating with the Bush Administration, NSA, CIA, FBI and other government agencies, even other private and public corporations, to monitor and filter everything all of us see, hear, talk and write about. Why would the Bush Administration be doing this? Well, Google (and Yahoo!) market share obviously means they’re useful and crucial for managing perception and “manufacturing consent”, to quote Noam Chomsky, who, incidentally, is quoted in the “Fourteen Points” press release. The news coverage of the Bush Administration’s illegal warrantless wiretapping and datamining programs and the collaboration of the Big Telcos has been extensive, so I won’t bother linking any of it here; if you haven’t heard about it, challenge me in the comments, and I and other readers will fill the comments with links.

What I haven’t seen a lot of coverage of is the nature of Google’s relationship with the Bush Administration. Perhaps some media somewhere has reported on it, and the story would’ve/should’ve turned up in one of the many Alerts the People have set up, but how will we ever find out? An investigation of Google’s database would probably reveal all kinds of things currently suppressed by “glitches” or “editorial decisions”. However, they are not part of the Executive branch technically (they’re part of the VP’s office or the Communist Chinese government, I forget which) so they’re not subject to FOIA. Also, providing crappy or dishonest service is not necessarily against the law- it might have consequences for the company’s customer base and profits, though, and a public company should be concerned about that, which is why Google should be concerned about it’s public image. What then if it turns out that Google is complicit in or covering up for Bush Administration crimes- as the Telcos might be, that the Bush Administration is trying desperately to get retroactive immunity for.

What I’m more concerned with now, is how I can find out what important information is on the Web, that is not being returned in Google WEB and NEWS searches or delivered to my Inbox? I’d be a fool to TRUST Google Alerts to find anything, or to even expect that it’s definitely somewhere in Google’s search engine- maybe buried on page 10,911? However, I will continue to USE them and BLOG about them, forever linking Google’s name with censorship and 9/11 Truth- unless they improve their service, then I’ll praise them here as appropriate.

Google should really examine its Search and Alert technology due to its horrible performance on the above linked articles. It should also carefully consider its business relationships and practices, if it wants to be in business for a long time and remain competitive. The Bush Administration has the lowest approval ratings in history, and even without honest coverage of crimes already uncovered, and honest investigation of the many more suspected, 34% want Bush and 43% want Cheney impeached. 64% think Bush and 70% think Cheney have abused their powers as President.

Bush Cheney Impeach Polls


If Google is really unaware of all the reasons to disown any kind of relationship with the Bush Administration, and instead do everything it can to support public education on what we already know about the 9/11 events while advocating full criminal, Congressional, International and independent investigations, it can learn a lot by starting here:

Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction

Fourteen Points: World Trade Center Destruction Media Visibility Week

Open Letter to the People & Google

THE TOP 40 - 911Truth.org

Complete 911 Timeline - CooperativeResearch.org

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In addition to the 9/11 victims and their families, Google, it’s directors, employees, stock holders and customers should also consider the Iraq and Afghanistan War lies and dead, the illegal warrantless wiretapping and datamining, torture and rendition programs, and assaults on the Constitution, Civil Liberties and Human Rights such as the PATRIOT Act and Military Commissions Act, when making business, investment and consumer decisions.

If I got a fact or claim wrong, or if you take issue with anything I say in this article, or if you have information that can shed light on these subjects, please post it in the comments- especially facts and links on Google’s record on privacy, human rights and censorship.

Most all- what alternatives are there to Google? If there currently are none, perhaps one should be created? The Web is such an important resource for humankind, it really needs to be made as transparent, open and redundant as possible, so that no person, nation, government, public or private institution can corrupt or control it- imho.

“Information wants to be free”