Lawyer fears 9/11 mastermind trial will be 'insanity' (CNN Homepage)

Lawyer fears 9/11 mastermind trial will be 'insanity'

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Prescott Prince is a small-town lawyer who has never taken a death penalty case to trial. Yet he finds himself involved in one of the biggest capital punishment cases this century: He's defending the alleged mastermind of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

He readily acknowledges how his client is perceived as "one of the most reviled people" in the world. But he says it's imperative America give Mohammed a fair trial, just like anyone else accused of a crime.

No civilian court, he says, would accept confessions obtained after a defendant was mistreated. But the CIA admits Mohammed was waterboarded, a controversial interrogation technique that involves simulated drowning.

"I take the position that this is mock execution. ... Colloquially speaking, at least it's torture," Prince says.

The fact whatever Mohammed said during such duress could be used at trial is alarming to Prince.

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Prescott Prince

makes too much sense in this press release. Even with that name. It's pretty weird that he was
already denied access to his client. This should be interesting.

It would br great if a truth member was privy to Prince's team & could get the real scoop on KSM & this
trial. If that's impossible, I beleive they will broadcast some of the trial to East Coast Military bases &
a few 9/11 family victims can watch it, if they choose.

Comment submitted to CNN

Russ Hallberg

My comment submitted to CNN will most likely not be published. CNN is engaged in yellow journalism already, by referring to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as "911 mastermind" instead of ACCUSED 911 mastermind.

This is a show trial, with a predetermined verdict.

The script

The neocons are following the script . . it leads no where . . . . but they can't derivate.

Evil guys in orange suits. Show trials. NAU NWO