US Planes and Choppers Cross Pak Border, Violating Air Space Aiding In Battle Against Rebel Forces By Muhammad Khurshid

Between this story and the one I saw on MSNBC news this morning tying together N. Korea with an aerial photo of a supposed nuclear facility of some sort in Syria, well . . . seems like something's up to further along the neocons' pre-planned agenda to get into Iran & Syria by way of Iraq . . . and create all-hell in the Middle East. But maybe just another coincidence. Betsy


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April 24, 2008

US Planes and Choppers Cross Pak Border, Violating Air Space Aiding In Battle Against Rebel Forces:

By Muhammad Khurshid

US-led NATO forces, Pakistani troops and militants have started exchanging fire in Bajaur Agency, tribal areas situated on Pak-Afghan border. The clashes, which claimed the live of dozens of people, have created great terror and fear in the areas. This time the coalition against terrorism is in disarray as NATO forces and Pakistani troops also exchanged firing.

Most of the tribesmen think that this is the beginning of another war, maybe the Third World War as NATO forces, Pakistani troops and militants started attacks on each others postion. Situation in Bajaur Agency is very critical after the exchange of firing by the militants, NATO and Pakistani forces.

Newspapers reports said that Pak–Afghan border has been completely sealed. Unidentified persons attacked Afghan army fort on Wednesday and at least 18 persons including 10 attackers were killed in a retaliatory strike by Afghan army.

According to sources, 8 Afghan soldiers were killed in an attack on an army fort in the Afghan province Kunar near border of Bajaur Agency. Retaliatory strike by Afghan army killed at least 10 attackers and later Afghan forces and FC exchanged fire on Pak – Afghan border. The border was completely sealed after the incident.

ISPR has confirmed the incident saying one FC officer was killed and another was injured in firing between two forces on border. It said the incident happened due to misunderstanding.

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The GrandChessboard in

The GrandChessboard in operation.

There are multiple Factions within the Superstructure of the International Military Industrial Criminal Complex which is running all these criminal wars, black ops and expanding the drug trade in central Asia,Europe etc.

Some of these factions have their own internal agenda and vying / jocking for power positions.

Zbigniew Brzezinski's public split with the Cheney-Haliburton clique is not a complete pretense.

Zbigniew Brzezinski handled Carter.

And now its Obama.

"Israeli" arm wants greater control over the Mid-East 1st.

"Brzezinsk" clique wants to contain, control and subjugate the Eurasian powers- Russia and China.

Hence Obama's "promise" to withdraw from Iraq.

Major flashpoints in the world, be it in South America, Domesic US-false flag engineered terrorism (McVeigh type), explosive events in the Pakistan-Afghan-Iran border regions, Taiwan etc are being prepared to engineer a series of Global Crisis so that the New World Order touted by the Gary Harts and the George H. W. Bushes of the world will be realized.

The FEMA type camps on the Continental United States have been prepared to deal with domestic resistance to this new single global power bloc being weaned into the mass consciousness of the planet.

The contrived Food Crisis, very much like the Peak Oil Scam and the coming engineered Water Crisis is to herald in a new singular Power Structure that is to CONTROL and MANAGE the ENTIRE PLANET"S RESOURCES under a single Power Structure.

Not just the end of National Sovereignity but also Individual Liberty.

Not everyone is playing ball though.

They have made a number of serious mistakes and nations like Russia & China have their own plans of hedgemony and self-preservation.

So does India.

If ever there was a threat to ALL our Freedoms, it is now.

They are pitting us against each other to weaken us until they are strong enough to rule the roost.

Let's not take the bait.

We are not pawns. On their chessboard.

We live in interesting times to say the list and how strong we are on the INSIDE as human beings is just as important as how strong and prepared we are on the outside to Resist this Evil.

We are at a Defining Moment in our History.

As a Species.

As a People.

As Individuals.

Not as Pawns.

Let's make sure the People Define it, not the Mass Murdering Criminal "elite".

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it