Why EVERY Libertarian should want to investigate 9/11 - Even if it only saves one firefighter's life!

Since www.LibertariansforJustice.org was brought online, I have received several questions from lifelong Libertarians about how “9/11 Truth” fits into Libertarian politics.

And, I have received several questions from “Truthers” about why we’re not called Libertarians for 9/11 Truth.

The answers are simple.

First, the 9/11 Truth movement doesn’t need to organize politically to raise questions about the government’s conspiracy theory surrounding the attacks on 9/11. Scientists, Firemen, Engineers, Families, Victims, Journalists, Pilots, Press, Investigative Researchers, and others have been asking those questions for some time.

But, there are some questions that cannot be answered because We the People do not have adequate access to the halls of power in Congress – or to the decider in the Oval Office.

For instance, only a Congressional inquiry into the terrorist attacks could ask George W. Bush how he saw the first plane hit the North Tower on T.V. before entering the now infamous classroom at Booker Elementary. The only footage of that crash surfaced an entire day later.

Some may want to excuse Bush for simply remembering wrong. But, today, I’ll bet you still remember exactly how, when, and where you first learned America was Under Attack on September 11th 2001. And, Bush has NEVER testified under oath about this incident.

Only a congressional inquiry could require George W. Bush to explain that particular statement. Several Congressional candidates from the Libertarians for Justice caucus are eager to ask Bush that question.

The 9/11 Truth movement has raised an overwhelming number of questions about the mysterious collapse of WTC 7.

Did owner Larry Silverstein have it demolished as he himself suggests in this interview?

How and why did both CNN and BBC report the collapse of WTC7 some 20 minutes before it actually collapsed?

How did a 47 story steel structure which was not hit by an airplane collapse faster than the rate of gravity would allow?

However, instead of attempting to answer these questions, our representatives in Congress stole our freedoms without even reading the Patriot Act.

They told us not to worry about crazy conspiracy theories, just give up basic human liberties to an already tyrannical government.

The 9/11 Commission was not made up of independent researchers. Here is a clip of the Jersey Girls asking for the resignation of Phillip Zelikow.

Most importantly, still today, there are firemen and rescue workers who are dying of respiratory illnesses caused by outright lies (according to recent court rulings) from Christine Todd Whitman of the EPA. These heroes who asked no questions, except how can I help are now dying without ANY medical treatment. Our heroes had to sue for basic medical service because our Congress failed them. The court system did not provide justice for this political issue either.

Only political organization can help the NYFD today. We owe them far more than that.

Which brings me to why all Libertarians should support an investigation into the attacks on 9/11.

Aside from the injustices done to the rescue workers, aside from the unsolved murders, aside from the several coincidental anomalies surrounding 9/11, the leadership of the establishment parties has spun a conspiracy theory – which they have refused to substantiate through investigation. They have used this conspiracy theory to surrender our freedoms to the terrorists.

The terrorist attacks of 9/11 are the foundational event which both establishment parties use to attack our own freedoms. Dick Cheney calls it the New Normalcy. Since 9/11, the American military has waged two undeclared wars in two separate countries – with almost unanimous bi-partisan support.

Larry Silverstein made millions off of his decision – considered foolish at the time – to overpay for a 99 year lease on towers 1 and 2 and to increase his terrorism coverage immediately before 9/11.

Several corporations tied to prominent Democrats and Republicans, have engaged in war-profiteering on a scale which makes Prescott Bush’s indictment for funding the Nazis pale in comparison.

Domestically, our government has sanctioned torture to prevent another 9/11. Meanwhile, Giuliani, Bush, Cheney, Pelosi, Whitman, and others refuse to ask or answer well researched and documented questions surrounding the attacks of 9/11.

How many times have we Libertarians been told – as our rights are being violated – that we should stop complaining and go along with new transgressions against basic human decency and liberty – especially if we have nothing to hide?

Should we not expect our own public servants to investigate the largest terrorist attack in American history until we are sure beyond a reasonable doubt that the terrorists have been brought to justice? Even if it only saves one life? Especially if there is nothing to hide.

The anomalies surrounding the unprecedented collapse of WTC7 warrant a congressional investigation far more than steroids in baseball or the professional football practice sessions. If Congress has time to look at sports anomalies, they can look at an unsolved terrorist attack.

Merely from a budgetary standpoint, we Libertarians should call for an investigation into how PENTTBOM, the FBI’s largest investigation ever, has failed – according to Rex Tomb of the FBI to find any hard evidence linking Usama Bin Laden to the crime. 7,000 of the Bureau’s 11,000 agents participated in the search for evidence. Still, the FBI does not list the attacks of 9/11 on his most wanted sheet.

From an air traffic security standpoint, we should know what actually happened to our air defenses on the day? Why was a taped debriefing of air traffic controllers destroyed? Could we be doomed to repeat our mistakes if we don’t learn from our past?

History says yes.

Libertarians for Justice say investigate 9/11 until we are sure beyond a reasonable doubt that the terrorists have been brought to justice.

Sign the pledge. Join the fight for freedom. Join the fight for Justice. Help our heroes get the medical attention they have deserved for too long. Help make sure this never happens again.

We must defeat the terrorists even if it only saves one life.

Next Attack

The PR for the next attack is in full swing. GOP congressman are already blaming not passing the telecom immunity bill for the future attack.

The only way to stop the perps from using their black magic is to expose the trick.

Sounds like the Air Force is not playing ball with the Iran attack. Secretary Gates (founder of Al CIAduh) is voicing his disappointment with the airforce's participation in the Iraq war. Maybe they want to stop airstrikes on elementary schools. Imagine?

Jason Bermas is hosting the Alex Jones show today

I just finished listening to it.

That was a hell of good show today.

Jason Bermas did a great job hosting providing a Fresh New Optimistic Tone and Color to the Alex Jones Infowars show.

AJ should consider having more guest hosts like JB to co-host concurently with him to provide fresh prespectives and tone to his now 4-5+ program.

There were some key phone calls from ex-military revealing some very very interesting stuff about the Pentagon during the show.

Many many people know and are pissed of.

The fracturing of the US military from within the Continental United States due to internal conflicts from various factions vying for power , control and stabiity is going to send the nation reeling. Especially for those not prepared.

The Chain of Command in the Military is no longer as Unified as it once was.

Afghanistan. Iraq. The Truth about 911.

And perhaps Iran. Syria. Pakistan. Then Inevitably Russia & China at the very least.

As the Neo-Cons escalate their madness, their "black magic" , we need to intensify and escalate our trumpet call of warning the general population

Angel is next. Well 911 Truth is next too.

The nation can be saved. But we need to WANT it hard enough to actualize it.

This is going to be beyond the rigged ballot box and may require the rise of the largest Peaceful Civil Disobedience-Resistance Movement in the nation's history.

Sooner or later a day of reckoning is going to come.

Our prayers go to all willing to pay the price TODAY for ALL our Tomorrows.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Jim, this is a well-formatted, great article/video text.

Jim, thanks for putting this piece together.

If one does not thoroughly LOOK, the TRUTH is not visible.