9/11 Civil Information Blog Salutes Prof. Steven E. Jones

Prof. Steven E. Jones (Journal of 911 Studies.com) has reported the successful publication of a new peer-reviewed paper concerning the destruction of the World Trade Center. We wish to congratulate him and his colleagues on this outstanding achievement, but also to honor him for his moral character and his wonderful, civil demeanor. The entire post and the paper can be read here, along with many, many comments.

For our purposes, while we hope everyone will read the paper itself, we would like to highlight the tone of Dr. Jones presentation:


"In this Letter, we emphasize “points of agreement” with FEMA and NIST, seeking to build bridges for further communications."

"Approaching this as “Points of Agreement” is NEW, I believe (obviously some “older” quotes are cited in this new context) and we hope this will be a fruitful approach! Mechanical engineer Tony Szamboti and I are the “corresponding authors,” the ones people are invited to write to with comments"

"Further in the spirit of building bridges, I’d like to quote from Prof. Fetzer who wrote today – and I agree: “I would appreciate it… if those who are reaching out to the public would show a degree of appreciation for those who are trying to figure out how these things were done…. I believe we can succeed if we show more tolerance and less disrespect for one another.” Agreed! In this paper, the authors are both reaching out to the public (most can read this Letter with understanding, I think) AND seeking to progress in figuring out how the buildings were destroyed…"

"Now let’s work together to unify the 9/11 truth movement and show some mutual respect, shall we?"

"Finally, I should note that the editor that we worked with was polite and professional throughout the process. We hope others, in their responses, will maintain that decorum. In the final analysis, all THREE reviewers approved publication!"

"Time to celebrate, and move forward together."

Commentary by Robin Hordon of the 9/11 Civil Information Blog:

I have been very fortunate to meet and see the work of many of the tremendous people who call themselves 911 Truthers...and none are more wonderful and commanding than Steve Jones. From my view he gets his power from a deep commitment to the constitution and a highly accredited history in academia, and from something else.

If we truly believe, and have evidence for, what we understand as the many "truths" behind the events associated with 9/11, then we really do not need to confront anyone with anything. We need only to simply assemble our message, back it up with some facts, truths and valid questions, and present it politely, respectfully and with civility to those who we are trying to reach...the middle 40% of the citizenry.

Its THAT 40% group that will bring about the eventual change in this country. This is because both we in the "vanguard 30%" who are usually ahead of the curve, and the 25% who have been identified by John Dean as being hopelessly stuck hiding from their own shadows and in desperate need of ANY type of "father/authority figure" in order to remain emotionally functional on any given day, effectively cancel each other out as each groups tugs on the rope in equal but opposite directions.

But these two groups are actually NOT equal groups...the "Deniers" are hiding and afraid, and we are out standing in the public and displaying unending individual courage.

The longest lasting and TRUEST POWER of Steve Jones is his demeanor, and patience, and self belief in that his work will do the loudest speaking for him. Steve is simply a wonderful man and his "table setting" of information for all of us to dine on is no more important than are his manners when serving these delicacies.

I have been arrested protesting at Seabrook Power Plant, went on a life altering strike against the labor policies within the US Government with PATCO and got fired by Reagan, I have attended rallies and protests [and they feel great but are less effective than what is commonly thought],...was in NYC at the Republican Convention in 04' and stood for hours in front of FOX NEWS with my sign that stated "DEMOCRACY REQUIRES TRUTH", have even quietly used my position to favor young comedians who spoke truth to power as they climbed the SHOW BIZ ladder [Garofalo, Seder, Cross, Maron, Winstead, Crimmins, Tingle, Durst, Credico] believing that when they matured and became more successful that they would continue to speak truth to power [best guerrilla actions that I ever pulled off...]. And the point that I like to make whenever I can is that I am in my fourth decade in the peace movement, my first decade in the 911Truth Movement and my first year in the Civil Informationing Movement.

And in ALL of these experiences, eventual change comes about by supporting a wonderful concept that is so horribly deformed...for now anyway. The two best hidden and underutilized words in our "alleged" democracy are the words INFORMED CONSENT.

Only if the citizenry is informed, and ONLY if we can give or withhold our consent, can this experiment in self governance work. So, maybe the "hammer on the head" approach might force some information into those who are yet to accept some of what we hold to be true about 9/11 and our own government, but afterward, they are unlikely to vote for what we want changed, or to become involved in making that change standing alongside all of us as we try to inform even more citizens.

So, I cannot possibly have deeper appreciation of Steve Jones' science, diligence, integrity and ability to frame irrevocable conclusions. But I hold even higher the fact that he is Steve Jones, a great guy, and a very powerful person with his demeanor and respect that he offers even to his detractors.

I argue that, although few of us Truthers can really get our arms fully around Professor Jones' "science" and deeper understandings of such, we all can become better ourselves by appreciating his more powerful side. Steve Jones IS the person who he wants to be, and I suspect that he would like the world to become more conversational instead of more confrontational. If we are to throw stuff around this planet, I bet he would want it to be powerful but respectful words and discussions in lieu of the horrendous bombs and bullets that are being thrown around. Bombs and bullets that are clearly the result of the nefarious activities surrounding the events of 9/11/2001.

Steve Jones' work is brilliant...and so is that of his parents.

Thanks Steve...and when the 9/11TM swings into other subjects as we move forward, I bet that your oar will somehow be pulling in those waters too!

Lets hope that these truths we are uncovering will last for centuries!

Love, Peace and Progress with:


Robin Hordon


We collectively echo Robin's comments and offer our congratulations on the paper and our sincere thanks to Dr. Jones, not only for lending his professional credibility and fine work to the 9/11 Truth Movement, but for being such an outstanding human being, for his inspiration, and for being such a great example for us all to emulate!


The 9/11 Civil Information Team

Richard D. Brinkman, Cameron O'Connor, Drew Noftle, Robin Hordon, Peter Zaza and Wayne Prante


Much appreciated.

Thanks to Robin in particular -- my view is that we are all working together on this, contributing time and talents to the pursuit of truth and justice. And finally, peace and a new way of living harmoniously world-wide, respecting each other.

I do envision a renaissance coming as people wake up and demand justice... even if there may be some difficult times in the near term. The great goals we share give us courage to continue. Peace, truth, justice.