Amy Goodman, "Democracy Now!", Dr. William F. Pepper and the NYC ballot initiative.

At the end of Ms. Goodman's recent appearance at Modern Times Bookstore in San Francisco a group of us approached her to get her on the record regarding the need for a new investigation. After waiting patiently for her to finish signing everyone's book, cosmos asked her directly if she thought we needed a new investigation (yes, there is video) and she replied that she thought everything about 9/11 needs to be investigated (cosmos had led with a question about WTC 7).

I asked her if she was familiar with Dr. William Pepper and his new book, she lit up and said she was very interested in his book. I suggested to her that she have him on the show and that she also endorse the NYC 9/11 ballot initiative. She then hurried away with one of her handlers without further comment.

I think one thing we could do, as part of a formal Week of Truth or just informally and beginning immediately, would be to contact Ms. Goodman and Democracy Now! and ask her to have Dr. William Pepper on her show to talk about his book and the NYC ballot initiative.

I sense that she knows she has lost credibility with many of her viewers over 9/11, but is not willing to do more than call for new investigations at this point. Her own limited hangout, so to speak.

Thus, by encouraging her to have Dr. William Pepper on the show and giving him a chance to promote the NYC ballot initiative she can save face and still maintain a reasonable distance from an issue she clearly doesn't want to touch yet.

She is in LA right now, so maybe some of WAC LA can follow up on this today and tomorrow.

Everyone else can use the Democracy Now! contact page:

Be brief, to the point and polite.

We need to make the most of every opportunity, brothers and sisters, and this is too good to pass up (no matter what we may think of Ms. Goodman).

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Amy has made an art of

Amy has made an art of disappointing the higher demands of truth investigative journalism, She deserves obscurity if she drops the ball on William Pepper.

Ms. Goodman seemed genuinely interested

and visibly excited about the prospect of having Dr. William Pepper on her show. She really lit up when I mentioned his name and the new book.

That said, I think this may be a kind of litmus test for Ms. Goodman's ability to approach certain truths on her show.

I'd really like to promote this and see how she reacts, as getting Dr. William Pepper on her show can only be a good thing.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Whenever gatekeepers like Goodman are asked real questions

about 9/11 truth, why is it they can only utter a few words at most, because of some terrible hurry they're in?

There is always something more important than 9/11 truth that they must rush away to.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

I wrote her and suggested WP

December 13, 1999

Jury Rules King Assassination a Conspiracy

Last week, a Memphis jury that found a widespread government conspiracy responsible for the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

(27 Minutes - 7.78 Meg)

The King family filed the suit against Loyd Jowers, a retired Memphis businessman who claimed on national television six years ago that he paid someone other than James Earl Ray to kill King in Memphis in 1968. Jowers claimed he became involved at the behest of a friend who was working for a Mafia boss in New Orleans.

Ray confessed to the killing in 1969 but recanted and spent the rest of his life trying to prove his innocence. He died in prison last year.

A U.S. House committee concluded in 1978 that Ray killed King but may have had help from a small group of racists before or after the murder. The committee found no government involvement.

The Kings were represented by William Pepper, who was Ray’s lawyer and has for years claimed the assassination was the result of a vast conspiracy involving the FBI, CIA, Army, organized crime and various state and local officials. Pepper claims King was targeted because of his opposition to the Vietnam War and plans to bring thousands of poor people to Washington for a march.

The jury found Jowers was liable in King’s death and that unnamed others, including government agencies, were involved. It awarded the King family $100–the token amount requested in the suit. And the King family said the verdict justified its belief that a conspiracy was at the heart of the assassination.


Rev. James Lawson, civil rights pioneer and pastor of the Holman United Methodist Church. Rev. Lawson used the principles of nonviolence to desegregate Nashville’s lunch counters during the civil rights movement, and worked with striking sanitation workers at the time of King’s assassination in Memphis in 1968. He testified at the King conspiracy trial.

William Pepper, former attorney for James Earl Ray, and attorney for the King family.

In her defense, Colombo...

(and I am NOT a fan, btw)

Ms. Goodman had some interviews in S.F. to get to before having to travel 60+ miles north to Sebastopol for an evening engagement. Anyone familiar with commute traffic on 101 knows what a nightmare that can be and she was cutting it close.

What I thought was more telling was there was no Q&A after her lecture, just quick comments while she signed books. We waited quite a while for our chance and got about five minutes. I just wish that we could've gotten her to commit to promoting the NYC ballot initiative on her show, but I'm confident that Dr. William Pepper will be able to, should he get on the show.

Totally unrelated, when I chatted up Matthew Rothschild in Memphis last year he was quite relaxed and in no hurry UNTIL I brought up WTC 7, then he was suddenly late for a meeting. I really wish that exchange had been caught on video, it was priceless.

Not everyone has the courage to confront the forces behind 9/11 head on. I do not say this to excuse it, only to explain it.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

What bothers me most

Even worse than these left gatekeepers largely ignoring the 9/11 truth movement--managing at most the occasional 'there are still unanswered questions that need to be answered (now quit botherine me!)' response--is the way that they spend all the rest of the time when they're not being confronted by truth activists by paying deference to the official story. The attitude is basically--yeah, we need a new, real investigation; but until such an investigation is realized, then the official story will continue to be regarded as true by default; until such time as we have the answers which we currently lack for all these unanswered questsions, we shall continue to accept the official 'answers' from the government and media as basically correct. No matter how much critics of the official story have exposed the untenability of those answers.

In other words, I might be able to stand Amy Goodman not giving coverage to the authors and activists of the 9/11 Truth movement--if only she would stop deferring to the official 9/11 story in what she does cover (e.g., referring to 'the al Qaeda attacks of September 11, 2001' when reporting some terrorism-related story).

This is a very good idea LeftWright

"I think one thing we could do, as part of a formal Week of Truth or just informally and beginning immediately, would be to contact Ms. Goodman and Democracy Now! and ask her to have Dr. William Pepper on her show to talk about his book and the NYC ballot initiative."

Amy Goodman needs to be weaned and encouraged into full 911 Truth Exposure.

We can remind her what Air America 's Clout - Richard Greene is doing with the month of 911 Truth Debates.

There's a Arizona State Senator who has just gone public.

So what is she afraid of?

She has everything to gain by speaking up.

We need to encourage her that people will be there to watch her back.

This policy of intimidation by the Bush-Cheney-Military Industrial Terror Complex is OVER!

Let's do what we can to free the gatekeepers who are half-way there.

D' Now! has always portayed itself as a grassroots news organization.

I cannot think of anything more grassroots than 911 Truth.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

LeftWright perseveres

LeftWright,I lilke your approach.There's no way we should give up on Amy Goodman,who is an extremely compassionate and wise individual.Since some of the stuff from our movement has been a little dodgy and tainted by bigotry,it's only logical that some would be careful before jumping head first into the fray.Amy has never trashed us and I continue to hold out hope that she'll bust out sooner or later.Your action is a real step in the right direction,as far as our erstwhile Left allies are concerned.

good idea.. doubts, plus

it is a good idea, perhaps by writing to amy goodman and publishing as an open letter in your local newspaper, too. i don't expect amy to take a leadership role on this issue, but it couldn't hurt trying, so i will take you up on that link to write her..

make sure you go and participate on the

hopefully we will be having another teleconference to decide on actions for the month of May by may day at the latest..


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Amy Goodman

I don't understand the negative comments about Amy Goodman. She's been doing stories that the main stream won't touch for 20 years, Democracy Now! had at least 3 discussions on 9/11 that I know of, and she's on record for saying that "everything about 9/11 needs to be investigated". Try not to alienate one of the truley good people out there.