Gary's Statement After His Release & A CALL By We Are Change

Gary's Statement After His Release


WeAreCHANGE has been there for 9/11 victims family members, 9/11 ill rescue workers and all Americans who seek liberty and freedom, we now ask the people to be there for us.

We are calling any lawyers to please contact us at we have a solid case against the NYPD and New York Post. The truth shall speak for itself, our case is undeniable and a horrendous attack on our organization and name. If you are not a lawyer we will greatly appreciate any contribution or donation we can get in order to get legal help and buy more cameras to prevent future provocateurs.

The main stream media says Gary of WeAreCHANGE shouted obscenities at the 1st lady please feel free to watch the video of Gary expressing his freedom speech not cursing once then and at the end stating "get out of my face" to the guy who raised his fist at Gary the first time. Gary was asking the secret service and NYPD to help him and get this man away from him before he rammed his daughter with a wheel chair into him and beat him while Gary did not even defend himself. The secret service and NYPD ignored Gary's plea of help only arresting him after being pummeled and assaulted by a 6 foot 400 pound guy.

We are a peaceful non violent organization committed to the principles of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, we have made that presently clear with our previous actions and message. It is a disgrace to see the media try to paint our organization that of which assaults handicap children, this is an outright lie, libel and slander.

Who Is Change -

We will not stop our efforts in the fight for justice for all those affected by 9/11. The provocateur attacks on WeAreCHANGE will only make us more defiant and stronger, thats why we decided to double our efforts and this week alone we confronted

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger (
2. Katie Couric
3. Gary Hart
4. Lynne Cheney
5. John Kerry

There will also be new videos released of other provocateurs physically assaulting us at Ground Zero and a new 9/11 survivor who witnessed explosions taking place at the lobby of the World Trade Center. We are proud to provide you these videos for free because its all about for the people by the people. I have not slept in 2 and 1/2 days so I need some rest, love and truth will prevail!

Peace and Respect,

Luke Rudkowski -Founder of WeAreCHANGE

You are a true hero Gary!!! All decent people support what you

stand for!!! Try to take it easy for a while if you want, you've done enough for the time being!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

If Gary

If Gary submitted to a polygraph would it help his case? Would the results be allowed in a court of law?

Just out of curiousity...

What are you planning on asking Katie Couric, Gary Hart, Lynne Cheney and John Kerry?

I think your legal strategy should include planning for a civil case from the get-go, as it looks like the criminal case has been rigged, imo.

Good luck and keep us informed.

I hope that Gary is ok.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.