Neo-Cons Urge Violence Against Framed Activist

Neo-Cons Urge Violence Against Framed Activist

Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet - Friday, April 25, 2008

As predicted, Neo-Cons across the country enthusiastically lapped up the complete smear story put out by the New York Post in which it was alleged activist Gary Talis beat up a wheelchair-bound girl, and resolved to hire hit men to hunt down and commit violence against Talis despite the fact that he was the victim of the assault.

Neo-Cons have been quick to denounce We Are Change’s version of events because their video was broken during the fracas and does not show the incident, but they are perfectly willing to swallow wholesale the tripe served up by the notoriously bias and inaccurate Neo-Con rag The New York Post.

Where is their video of the incident? Where is the proof that Talis beat up a wheelchair-bound girl? There is none whatsoever and all the eyewitness testimony confirms that it was Talis who was assaulted.

Every single hit piece obsesses about Talis "screaming obscenities" when no evidence of this can be heard on camera and eyewitnesses assert no foul words were uttered. Apparently, Neo-Cons think that simply talking to Her Royal Highness Laura Bush without permission is an obscenity.

Neo-Cons have also failed to combine their limited collective brain cells and figure out why a demonstrator would attack a disabled girl in a wheelchair in public and how this would bring any positive attention to their message.

We Are Change member Gary confronted at Laura and Jenna Bush event.

Gary Talis’ personal statement about the incident.

Gary Talis appears on The Alex Jones Show with Jason Bermas to discuss the incident.

As these videos attest, assaulting people in wheelchairs is normally a forte of the police themselves.

Neo-Cons across the board jumped on the NY Post story - a complete tissue of lies - to express their bloodlust for physically attacking peaceful protesters.

"If you happen to live in New York City, I’d like you to remember the name of German Talis. If you happen to run across him, be sure to greet him heartily, then slap him right upside his cowardly little head," snaps one blogger, before scoffing, "The most embarrassing part of the story for him is that the girl wasn’t even really injured. The guy can’t punch hard enough to hurt a girl in a wheelchair? What a pussy."

Hey moron - the reason the girl wasn’t injured is because Talis never laid a finger on her, but he did get punched several times in the head by her Neo-Con father for his trouble, who also used his daughter’s wheelchair as a battering ram, according to eyewitnesses.

Why was John Lovetro’s wife begging him to stop beating Talis if it was Talis metering out the assault? Why would she beg her husband to stop if he was only protecting his disabled daughter?

Less zealous debunkers at the notorious JREF Forum were having trouble reconciling their desire to celebrate the propaganda victory of the alleged beating of the wheelchair-bound girl with the fact that the New York Post is the most deceitful and bias Neo-Con newspaper in the whole of America and is basically the tabloid print version of Fox News, owned as it is by fake conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

"The New York Post has been criticized since the beginning of Murdoch’s ownership for what many consider its lurid headlines and sensationalism," according to Wikipedia, which lists numerous examples of smear campaigns and outright lies engaged in by the newspaper.

The Post is just a conduit and an attack dog for Murdoch to unleash on his political enemies, while it censors any negative information about his favored friends, those bastions of pro-American conservatism - the Communist Chinese government.

According to a survey conducted by Pace University in 2004, the New York Post was rated the least credible major news outlet in New York.

Never mind the fact that the Post has a track record for accuracy that is on a par with the National Enquirer - for Neo-Cons this standard of journalism will suffice for provoking pangs of mental masturbation about attacking anti-war demonstrators because of their deluded belief that they are somehow defending the country and maintaining their soiled, phony, waving plastic flags made in China patriotism.

In reality, We Are Change, who have devoted years of their lives to supporting 9/11 heroes and first responders, have more genuine patriotism in their little fingers than these charlatans can ever hope to obtain.

Over on the Bush-worshipping alter of neoconservatism Free Republic, respondents wasted no time in expressing their salivating intention to hire hitmen to go after Talis.

"Maybe someone should pay some mob thugs to give this vermin a good working over," wrote one.

"I wish I could’ve been there for that. Of course, I’d probably be in jail right now, with a smile on my face," laments another thug.

Others made it clear that if they would have been on the scene, they would have literally "murdered" Talis.

Perhaps the zeal to attack and kill the "enemies of America" (people engaging in their right to free speech) comes from some stunted small penis syndrome-type lament at the fact that the majority of these Neo-Cons are armchair quarterbacks who have never actually served in any conflict, just like their hero chickenhawks Bush and Cheney.

So to compensate, they like to grandstand with their phony macho-man act and celebrate the death of America by boldly proclaiming how they would like to rip apart peace demonstrators - safely behind the protection of a computer screen and an Internet forum.

In reality these anti-American scum have balls the size of peanuts and would cower in fear at the first sign of trouble.

This is a distraction...

...and should be ignored. I doubt any violence will befall Mr. Talis and if it does it is despicable. I have a feeling that the only people who listen to these neo-cons are all the Bush supporting idiots who we will never convince to our side anyway. We are wasting our time and energy if we devote any of it to these imbeciles. We need to stay focused on the message of 9/11 truth, because that is why they are so scared and desperate in the first place. If we go off message due to their distractions they can claim a victory. If we remain undeterred it is we who can declare victory. We must realize patriots like us have faced far worse throughout history. Our enemies will try to drag our names through the mud and bring violence against us, but that only shows the hollowness of their own message, and it shows the righteousness of ours. We are the torch bearers, we are the ones espousing the truth, and the truth is always more powerful than violence.

"Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government." -The Declaration of Independence