Loose Change: Final Cut screening this Thursday May 1st at East Stroudsburg University

I want to remind everyone that this Thursday I will be hosting a special screening of Loose Change: Final Cut here at East Stroudsburg University. Producer Korey Rowe and Jason Bermas will be present for the event. If you know anyone in the area please invite them to come. I want to thank Philly 9/11 Truth for their assistance in helping promote this event. Thank You!!!!!

When: Thursday May 1st 6:30pm
Where: Beers Lecture Hall at East Stroudsburg University
Contact: 570-234-5794

The Film

Please Watch, Purchase Spindles, And Distribute Loose Change Final Cut

Good job. Philly 9/11 Truth

Good job. Philly 9/11 Truth (particularly the Temple students)

Why aren't you setting something up at Temple?


A family thing?

So why Isn't Bush in Prison? after all he knew the family of Bin Laden Bush did business with the Family so what really happened on 9-11? or is it all in the Family? if you know what I mean?

Good luck...

Wish I could be there.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

why isn't?

Love what you are doing keep up the good work of freedom.

I Hope You Pack the House!

I hope we do too. We will be showing Loose Change Final Cut in Dallas on June 21 at the same old Deco Landmark Theater we screened LC2E in 2006 to a crowd of nearly 500.

Let us know how it goes.

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