Relatively Courageous Rabbi, Semi-Brave Muslim Congressman Team Up to Save the World

Michael Lerner may be the bravest Rabbi in America...which isn’t saying much. Rabbi Lerner, among all American rabbis, has looked at the contradictions in the official story of 9/11 and written that he “wouldn’t be surprised” if it were a false-flag conspiracy. But that’s as far as he’ll go.

Keith Ellison is definitely the bravest Muslim in Congress...which also isn’t saying much, because he’s the only Muslim in Congress (at least until I get elected). Last year Rep. Ellison said that 9/11 reminded him of the Reichstag fire. After listening to the outraged howling from Fox News, he backed down and whimpered some abject apologies.

Don’t get me wrong—I admire both these guys....

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Minnesota Bridge Collapse?

Hey Kevin, do you have any thoughts regarding the collapse of the bridge in the Twin Cities, that happened the same afternoon that Rep. Ellison backpedaled on the Wolf Blitzer show? The bridge is in Ellison's district.