Kevin Barrett & Icelandic 9/11 truth research-activist Elias Davidson

Friday April 25, 2008

Kevin Barrett leads another sterling conversation with Icelandic 9/11 truth research-activist Elias Davidson ( as they discuss Davidson's written work "The US failed to properly investigate the mass killings of 9/11 (pdf)"

(79:27 Minutes - 22.73 Meg)

Voting this down

I really don't care but there is some very good information in this interview. A member from Pilots for 9/11 Truth calls in and adds to the discussion.

Exellent, thanks for this post

Realy interesting to here Elias Davidsson talk. about his research.

Here is his site

Recommended reading

It's too bad that site has links to the hardcore no plane at the WTC hoax advocates, like checktheevidence.

Anytime to get a site that links to "every site under the sun" you end up promoting the hoax pushers as "researchers" to the public because the fact is there are many more extremely poor sites than good credible sites. That's probably because grassroots activists don't have the resources that insiders do to create the hoaxes, spread them and convince people of them.

Just a wild guess.

I would urge the guest to consider eliminating his links to tv fakery or no-plane at the WTC advocates as a simple start on paring down the links.

Big Tent --
The Big Tent refers to strategy of inclusiveness to grow the 9/11 Truth Movement. Big Tent emphasizes tolerance of diverse ideas and theories over quality of evidence and reasoning. The strategy has long been reflected in websites and books that uncritically endorse the gamut of materials purporting to disprove the official story, as if the authors never met a theory of official complicity they didn't like.