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(1) UCLA/LA Times & Amy Goodman updates; (2) Jennifer/Victor video. Lionel/Cole? Other videos of my question/Amy's response?


For those who do not already know, many of us were prevented from asking any 9/11 related questions during the Goodman panel discussions at the Festival of Books and -- less directly -- at Amy Goodman's evening talk at Immanuel Presbyterian in Los Angeles.

How? Well, there was ZERO permitted Q&A either at Goodman's UCLA panel talk ("Defining American Character") or at her talk later that evening at Immanuel Presbyterian. I stood up and interrupted her mid-way through her talk -- again, because Q&A was not allowed either at Immanuel Presbyterian nor during the morning panel with her and Tom Hayden at UCLA. At the UCLA/LA Times Festival of books, the moderator shocked myself and about 5 other 911TruthLA truth activsts (incl. Jonathan, Jeremy and others) who were in line ready to press her on the need for a new investigation (along w/ Hayden and other panelists).

I was first in line at the Festival of Books panel discussion. Q&A was cancelled abruptly after closing remarks by the panelists. I had been first in line with a lengthier version of the question that I -- later that evening (after finding out there would be no Q&A at all even at her evening talk) -- eventually felt compelled to interrupt her midway through her presentation later that Saturday night. All of this pursuant to Amy's own advice not to be silent in the face of power or media gatekeepers. At Immanuel Presbyterian, I started my 40 second request for more 9/11 programming on Democracy Now with an opening invocation of her own comment "I will not be Silent").

In any case, we must -- as Amy herself consistently advocates -- stand up to the madness in this country. Speak truth to power. Even if that power is Amy Goodman. The growing international demands for a new investigation must be pressed and fostered to Noam Chomsky, The Nation magazine and other progressive media gatekeepers as well. There simply is no other issue (even Impeachment) that will force the sort of systemic change that the world so desperately needs at this juncture.

Thanks again to the courageous individuals who held up signs and stood up during my question to Amy (John, Bea, Eva, Carol, Victor, etc.). I appreciated that strong show of support and the resounding applause from the audience after the question was asked. I'm sure that Amy heard the uniform applause (no calls asked me to sit down!) and saw the 5 or 6 signs/banners held up by John, Bea and others during the Q&A. I hope -- in future actions against similar media gatekeepers -- even more Truth activists will participate and do the same.

As she signed books at the end of her talk, I personally handed Amy Goodman a copy of the DVD pack along with a briefing kit of materials from 911truth.org. Amy asked me about 911TruthLA and said she would view "The Reflecting Pool" in the next several weeks. She acknowledged that the movement is growing and said she would consider my request regarding increasing Democracy Now's coverage of the Truth movement.

Amy Goodman videos? Lionel? Victor? Others? Did anyone else tape the Goodman response to my question to Amy Goodman Saturday night? What about Ralph Cole? Does anyone have access to his video/contact info? We ask that 911Truth Activists contact Amy Goodman and/or Ms. Shaw to reinforce my Saturday night request that she dedicate at least 1 week's worth of Democracy Now programming to investigative journalism that would include interviews with David Ray Griffin, Steven Jones, Richard Gage, certified professionals (architects and engineers) and truth activists around the country and around the world.

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p.s. We welcome suggestions regarding left (and right) media gatekeepers and how to lobby them towards greater coverage of the Truth movement. Please email me at peterthottam@gmail.com if you have any ideas. Thx!

Ms. Goodman is well aware of the growing 9/11 truth movement

and how she is risking her credibility by continuing to ignore the issue. But I sense that she is far from ready to jump into the deep end of the 9/11 truth pool.

This is why I encourage everyone to contact her and ask her to have Dr. William F. Pepper on her show to talk about his new book and promote the NYC 9/11 ballot initiative. This would represent an incremental step for her and her sponsors and is far more likely to achieve a small success that will lead to more coverage down the road. Unfortunately, I think that is all we can realistically expect from her, and some others, at this point.

Every little bit helps, right?

It's worth noting this new tactic of no live Q&A to limit exposure to "unpleasant" questions. At most they are willing to take written questions that they can bypass, or they take no questions other than what you can ask while they sign a book for you. Not a very courageous approach, if you ask me.

(btw, do you really want your phone number on here? You'll be getting calls from Nico Haupt and worse before you know it)

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


This guy is a hero of mine. I saw this video and realized we have some power on our side. Hope everyone is doing well..

Wow, fantastic work in trying to help Amy Goodman see the light!

BTW, the Reflecting Pool is a great 9/11 truth movie!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

Reflecting Pool

Reflecting Pool www.reflectingpoolfilm.com is not only a great 9/11 Truth movie. The filmmakers, Jarek Kupsc, Joseph Culp and Jodie Baltazar are active participants in the movement. They are genuinely concerned about the future of our country, our world, and for their children. They joined 9/11 Truth LA and WeAreChangeLA last Saturday at the UCLA Times Festival of Books. They were with us at the ANSWER march. They come to meetings and other events. It is an honor to stand together with these sincere and wonderful people.

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