This Week Is Action Week for Dr. Sami al-Arian

While some of us have lost tenured or tenure-track jobs for pursuing 9/11 truth, Sami al-Arian is by far the biggest American academic victim of the 9/11 psy-op. Please inform yourself about this travesty of justice at and join the Action Week activities described below.

(Monday April 28th ˆ Friday May 2nd)

Just 3 Phone Calls & 1 Email to Make a Difference

Dear friends,

Dr. Sami Al-Arian is at an extremely critical juncture. Any day now he may indicted on criminal contempt, a charge that carries a minimum sentence of five years. Another Palestinian-American professor in a similar case was sentenced to eleven years for criminal contempt last fall.

On March 20th, in a blatant violation of the plea agreement signed between Dr. Al-Arian and the U.S. government, a Virginia federal judge forced Dr. Al-Arian to appear in court to testify before a third grand jury. Given that the government had in the past cynically twisted his words to try to convict him of perjury, Dr. Al-Arian recognized the perjury trap laid for him, and refused to testify as his attorneys advised.

For more details of this case, check out our NEW PAMPHLETS at



1. Hampton Roads Regional Jail: (757) 488-7500 (ext. 8)

Ask them why:

- Dr. Al-Arian is not allowed to regularly call his family;

- Bright lights are glared into his cell 24/7;

- He is only allowed to shower twice a week;

- He is handcuffed every time he leaves his cell;

- He is not allowed to know the time of day to perform his prayers properly.

- He is in a segregated unit.

Be prepared to be told that you have the wrong section. THAT IS NOT TRUE. Extension 8 for the Warden's Office is the correct office to bring up this issue.

Also be prepared for the prison staff to lie to you, or to tell you that what they are doing is in conformity with prison regulations. IT IS NOT. Insist that the information you have is accurate. Be polite but unwaveringly firm. Make your point, don't back down from it, and leave your message for the warden.

2. Vincent Archibeque, Assistant Field Office Director of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE): (703) 285-6221.

Ask Mr. Archibeque to ensure that Dr. Al-Arian is transferred to a facility where he will be treated with dignity and that he be deported as soon as possible in accordance with the plea agreement.

3. Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (Department of Homeland Security):

(866)-644-8360 (press 1 for English and then press 5 to leave a message)

Bring up all the complaints regarding Dr. Al-Arian's jail conditions mentioned in item (1), ask that he be transferred to a prison where he will be treated with dignity, and ask that he be deported as soon as possible in accordance with the terms of his plea bargain.

Again, always be polite but firm.

If you don't speak to a live person:

- simply leave a message on the answering machine; and

- call back later that day or the next day to try to get through.


4. Attorney General Michael Mukasey:

Ask Mr. Mukasey to ensure that Dr. Al-Arian is deported as soon as possible in accordance with the plea agreement. (For a letter template, please go to )

- Before sending the email, make sure to BCC

- If you have time, fax your letter in addition to sending it by email: (202) 307-6777

To learn how you can help EVEN MORE, please visit:

Lastly, don't forget to PRAY for Dr. Al-Arian and his family.


- Brought to you by the Sami Al-Arian Action Committee