Thottam's Challenge to Amy Goodman (Videoclips - pts 1,2 @

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"Amy, I will not be silent. I think 25% of the people here want this question answered. Will you please hear me for 30 seconds? Its the most important question of my life. There is a huge truth movement around this country surrounding September 11. Cindy Sheehan, Gore Vidal, Ray Mcgovern... people you have constantly on your show....have endorsed the call -- as you have on Air America -- for a new 9/11 investigation. you said yourself its critical and you talked about building 7. Please explain why you won't dedicate at least a week of Democracy Now's programming to a full and thorough discussion of 9/11 with certified experts -- that is to say, with architects, engineers, physicists and others -- published experts such as David Ray Griffin, Steven Jones, and Richard Gage -- who have spent the last 5 years analyzing 9/11? Will you make a commitment here and now -- in front of everyone -- that you will spend at least one week's time on Democracy Now investigating and covering the growing international 9/11Truth Movement in the next month? Hillary Clinton betrayed the progressive community in 2003 by voting for the Iraq War. We are Germans in 1939. 9/11 is our Reichstag Fire. Be that investigative voice pressing for truth that has so characterized your career and which your book so brilliantly emphasizes... Help us now, Amy. ... We need your support. Will you give it? Please highlight the lies that have destroyed this country's reputation around the world. If you won't do it, who will?" - Peter Thottam, 911TruthLA activist.

Note: I spoke with Amy Goodman afterwards and personally handed Amy a new copy of "The Reflecting Pool" to watch and she said she would. She promised to consider giving more time to the Truth Movement on Democracy Now. Please go to 911TruthLA's link and write/call DN's staff.

Please bcc your letters to We will compile the best for publication and use in summer Congressional/media lobbying efforts.

Truth Now,

Link TV

I TIVO Democracy Now . . . end of last week at the very end of the show a promo came up saying, "Next on Link TV, 9/11 Press for Truth". So the story of the Jersey Girls quest for truth and justice played right after Amy Goodman on channel 375 on Direct TV.

I have stated my opinion many times at this blog that Amy is going to take a bath for not covering this when the the truth becomes mainstream.

Amy . . you're running out of time . . . get on the train.

And . . . Amy . . . remember me, I'm the guy that "personally handed you" a copy of "The New Pearl Harbor" at Border's book store on State Street, Downtown Chicago. That was years ago. You've had the truth for years . . . I gave it to you.