Washington Note: Syrian Nukes Pixel Drama?

by Steve Clemons

As if the mysteries surrounding Israel's raid on an alleged Syrian nuclear facility and subsequent revelations about North Korean complicity in a reported cash-for-reactor deal were not cloak-and-dagger enough, Chris Nelson - the uber insider political newsletter scribe behind The Nelson Report and whose contacts in the national security establishment are stellar - reports the rumor that the video showed by the CIA to Capitol Hill lawmakers may have been "doctored."

Some are arguing that there is a "pixel mismatch." Arghhh... You have to be kidding!

Nelson points out that this should be easy to check, but the real issue here is not whether the video is completely fake (which I don't believe it is) but rather that the well has been badly poisoned before on false intel allegations and that the bar now is very high before presented data is trusted. Nelson also notes that the video ID of the so-called North Korea nuclear expert is wrong.

Maybe this intel show wasn't ready for prime time after all - which then begs the question of why the rush.


No security

There was no security at the plant. They are asking us to believe that Syria built a covert nuclear plant but didn't bother to put any security around it. That just doesn't happen.