How Daniel Pipes Destroyed a New York City Principal by DowneastDem

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How Daniel Pipes Destroyed a New York City Principal
by DowneastDem

Mon Apr 28, 2008 at 05:43:24 AM PDT

The New York Times has a cautionary tale of how mainstream hate masquerading as patriotism can destroy projects designed to promote peace and understanding. The front-page article - Her Dream, Branded as a Threat - is a sad tale of an idealistic educator whose vision of a school for teaching NY City kids Arabic was ruined by a hate campaign organized by the well-known neoconservative "scholar" Daniel Pipes.

Debbie Almontaser dreamed of starting a public school like no other in New York City. Children of Arab descent would join students of other ethnicities, learning Arabic together. By graduation, they would be fluent in the language and groomed for the country’s elite colleges. They would be ready, in Ms. Almontaser’s words, to become "ambassadors of peace and hope."

But Ms. Almontaser was soon to learn that a very powerful group in New York, and in America as a nation, has no interest in promoting peace and hope. On the contrary, its mission is to foster fear and hate:

In newspaper articles and Internet postings, on television and talk radio, Ms. Almontaser was branded a "radical," a "jihadist" and a "9/11 denier." She stood accused of harboring unpatriotic leanings and of secretly planning to proselytize her students. Despite Ms. Almontaser’s longstanding reputation as a Muslim moderate, her critics quickly succeeded in recasting her image.

Who led the charge to smear Debbie Almontaser? None other than Harvard-educated Daniel Pipes - the well-known "expert" on Islamicism. Pipes began his efforts to kill the school with an op/ed in the neoconservative New York Sun:

Conceptually, such a school could be "marvelous," Mr. Pipes wrote, but in practice, it was certain to be problematic. "Arabic-language instruction is inevitably laden with Pan-Arabist and Islamist baggage," he wrote, referring to the school as a madrassa, which means school in Arabic but, in the West, carries the implication of Islamic teaching.

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I Remember... a kid growing up & going to a school where they taught Hebrew & Jewish stuff. I was very young at the time & didn't get into it. However I turned out okay, I think. My point is that it's perfectly alright to teach about the Jewish culture but not Arabic culture? What's up with that?!!?? It makes me wonder who REALLY runs this Country. I was born into the Jewish faith so that makes me a Jew, right? Wrong!As I grew older I became a Born-again Christian. That's my choice & has NOTHING to do with anything against the Jewish faith. I choose to follow a Man who LOVES ALL people, no matter what religion or no religion they have or don't have. I hope that my comment won't be construed as anti-semitic. I just belive that we as Americans need to drop the false pride we have & welcome other types of cultures & languages throuhout the World so that we can ALL live on this planet as one entity. That's what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr spoke about in his "I have a dream" speech.
In the infamous words of Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?".

Serious double-standard here! Imagine someone trying to stop

a school that was going to teach Hebrew, not Arabic. That would end of someone's career in about 2 seconds!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

It's fear and paranoia ....

....xenophobic fear at its most blatant. It's just beginning, I believe, unfortunately.

...don't believe them!