"It's Not About Revenge, This Is About Justice"

Source: aclu.org

Lorie van Auken, one of the September 11 Advocates, speaks in this video about why it's important that true justice is served to the detainees at Guantánamo.

Van Auken is supporting the ACLU's John Adams Project, the ACLU's effort to assist in the legal representation of Guantánamo detainees. You can learn more about the project, and read the September 11 Advocates' statement in support of it, at www.aclu.org/johnadams.

Who is...

Lorie Van Auken?

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

Does she not understand yet?

That all these guys at Guantanamo had nothing to do with 9/11??

They were swept up like like fish in a big net and brought there for absolutely no
reason, except for the fact that they were in Afghanistan.

They're all just propaganda pieces. They have to keep them there forever or execute
them. Because if they're ever released, I guarantee they'll be terrorists then.

And who could blame them?

She understands...

ALL TOO WELL what's at stake.

"As women whose husbands were killed on September 11, 2001, we feel strongly that the perpetrators of that horrific crime should be brought to justice. But first it is imperative to prove that these six detainees are indeed the guilty parties."

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

I didn't mean to offend her......

I guess I was just trying to say that there is no way in hell that they will ever get a fair trial.

They will all be found guilty and executed.

Der Fuhrer will never allow true justice.

He needs more blood on his filthy, murdering hands.

It's still worth the effort...

And I'm glad she's making it. A fair trial and judicial system is always worth fighting for. That's our hope.

It's good to see someone standing up for justice...

It's sad the government has taken the tact to classify detainees as "enemy combatants" and bypass any due process of law for these individuals.

Ms. van Auken could easily lose her head but instead states cooly a desire for justice for everyone, the detainees as well as her family. She's commendable.

...don't believe them!

Lorie Gatekeeper

Its just unbelieveable how anyone with a basic knowledge of 9/11 truth can stil take her seriously.

"we have a great legal system!", "defend their case".... What a joke. As if she didn't know.

My own personal opinion is that lorie van Auken is simply one of the many paid gate keepers. She probalby believes she works for the "national interest of the united States" but she is just a traitor.

You have no idea...

What you're talking about. None, and you owe her an apology. Vote that down please.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?


Then tell me why Lorie never ever mention the possiblity of controlled demolition? Did she never hear about it or does she have a reason not to believe in it?

Or is she simply not aware of the implications?

Are you simply not aware...

That on 1/29, Lorie answered a question specifically ABOUT the idea of Controlled Demolition? Maybe you should get all of your facts straight before you start running your mouth.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

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Controlled demolition of the towers
Strange piece of equipment attached on the belly of flight 175 caught on mainstream sources...
Plus the long and bloody track record of US, MI5 and mossad in false flag terorism..

Remind me again why I should take you seriously?

Great minds ... think for themselves.