"JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters" by Jim Douglass

"JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters
A new book by Jim Douglass"

Jim Douglass traces the innovative journey President John Kennedy
took from being a commandant of the Cold War to proponent of peace
with the Soviet Union, reconciliation with Cuba, and withdrawal
from Vietnam. Douglass finds deep spiritual themes in the work
Kennedy was pursuing just before his assassination and draws
surprising conclusions about the cause and effect of Kennedy*€ ’²s

*Douglass is well-known for his unflagging work for peace and
economic justice. Always at Ground Zero of America military
industrial machine, Jim and his wife Shelly have given their lives
to speaking for the non-violent option.

Available for pre-order $19.80 Hardcover: 544 pages
JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters

From Wikipedia:

Jim Douglass and Shelley Douglass are American activists. Jim proposes that the Sermon on the Mount is to be taken as literal teaching.

He sees Jesus' words as the example to follow. He himself has done some civil disobedience acts.

Jim and Shelley founded Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action and founded in 1975 the Pacific Life Community "a small intentional community committed to resisting the coming of Trident to the Pacific Northwest." and "...committed itself to "seek the truth of a nonviolent way of life," both personally and politically. Personally we tried to confront our racism, sexism, consumerism - all the isms that allowed us to violate others. Politically, we chose to experiment with nonviolent actions resisting Trident, a system that seemed to epitomize all the violence of our society. In 1975, the homeport for Trident was under construction at Bangor on the Hood Canal in Washington State" [1]

This nonviolent protest then extended to protesting the White Train which carried nuclear parts to Naval Base Kitsap.

In 1997 Douglass was awarded the Pacem in Terris Award. It was named after a 1963 encyclical letter by Pope John XXIII that calls upon all people of good will to secure peace among all nations. Pacem in Terris is Latin for 'Peace on Earth.'


* The non-violent cross; a theology of revolution and peace, 1968 ISBN 1597526088
* Resistance and contemplation; the way of liberation, 1972
* Lightning from East to West: Jesus, Gandhi, and the nuclear age, 1983 ISBN 0824505875
* Dear Gandhi: Now What? Letters from Ground Zero, 1988, by Jim Douglass, Shelley Douglass, and Bill Livermore ISBN 0865711259
* The nonviolent coming of God, 1991 ISBN 0883447533
* Compassion and the unspeakable keynote address, 1997
* Words of Peace - Selections from Shelley and Jim Douglass

* Experiments in non-violence
* Nonviolent Revolution for Global Justice
* Living At Ground Zero
* Ground Zero

JIm Douglass Interview


(same interview as above - .mp3)

I ordered the JFK book for my dad a month ago and Amazon is telling me it will be delivered June 1st. Glad its popular. At the beginning of the interview, Kevin and James talk about "An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King" - this book is available. I set up a page to hold interviews and other information about this amazing story. Its a true story and an excellent read. And . . . Rep turned me on to this. He has been passionately promoting this story.


I'll be going to see Jim Douglass tomorrow night...

I think I will offer him some DVDs and a phone book size copy of Global Outlook.
The announcement says "Book Signing". I may get an advance copy autograghed.

Author and Peace Activist Jim Douglass to Discuss New Book, /JFK & the Unspeakable/

First Unitarian Church presents this public lecture and book-signing on

Friday, May 2nd , at 7:00 p.m.*

In the Sanctuary at First Unitarian Church of Dallas, 4015 Normandy at
Preston Rd.

Free & Open to the Public**

The first chapter of this book is here: