New Video: Dr. Steven Jones at the Boston 9/11 Conference - 12/15/07

Dr. Steven Jones presents new evidence in the ongoing investigation of the collapse of the WTC Towers at the Boston 9/11 Conference (12/15/07). This is the complete presentation. Special thanks to Dr. Jones for his materials, assistance, (and patience...) in preparing this video. It was an excellent talk. Great work Dr. Jones!

9/11 Research: High Temperatures, Iron-rich Spheres, and Another Discovery

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Richard Greene ( is going on about 9/11 right now on Air America. I guess his Fridays in May campaign started on Thursday.


he had Tarpley on

It looks like

he is a shill for Hillary nowdays.

Tarpley has a great deal skeletons and should be NOT trusted completely.

Something is wrong.

The Tarpley LaRouche connection is questionable at best.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


Congratulations Dr. Jones for stunning research!!!


I see this presentation as a MAJOR LANDMARK, an iron stake in the ground, which marks the way towards 9/11 TRUTH.

Being a college student, this has a lot of significance. As Dr. Jones points out, there are all these FACTS which are verified by independent sources and utilizing the Scientific Method.

For most of us Truthers, we trust our own observations and evaluations of all the data. We do not need a government sponsored or University sponsored proclamation stating that the controlled demoliton hypothesis is the only one that fits the facts. We Truthers do not need so-called experts and authorities (like NOVA or NIST or Timbuktoo University or NIGHTLY NEWS) to tell us what to think or how to evaluate the data.

However, in college, it gets silly. Rather than LOOK at the data, often a "statement of truth" is what an authority or expert proclaims to be true. Often academia goes along with the status quo or whatever 'does not rock the boat'. It can get silly, because it does not allow for true Scientific Methodology.

This Landmark bridges that silly gap in Academia. It proclaims "9/11 Truth" with indisputable, verified data and is authenticated by experts in a landmark way.

If one does not thoroughly LOOK, the TRUTH is not visible.


Proof of a military grade therm-ate that's in a jelly form. Probably very easy to apply. Genius. I put absolutely nothing past these murderers.