AZ Senator: Building 7's collapse suggests official complicity

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"We deserve the full truth about 9/11" - Senator Johnson responds to Arizona Republic
Letter To The Editor

We deserve the full truth about 9/11
Tale of Building 7's collapse suggests official complicity, persistent obstruction
May. 3, 2008 12:00 AM

The writer, a Republican from Mesa, represents District 18 in the Arizona Senate.

Regarding "Drinking the 9/11 Kool-Aid" (Editorial, April 24):

After three government investigations and more than six years, we still don't have answers on 9/11.

Why, for example, did Building 7 collapse? It wasn't hit by a plane, as the towers were. The 9/11 Commission Report completely ignores Building 7. The Federal Emergency Management Agency report discounts fire as a cause and concludes that the reasons for the collapse of Building 7 are unknown and require further research. But when FEMA issued this report, it already cleared the site and disposed of the dust and steel (evidence from a crime scene), thus possibly committing a felony and complicating any "further research...."
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Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican
A TvNewsLIES Reader contribution.
By John Gray Cincinnati, Ohio - - July - 2004

Joe gets up at 6:00am to prepare his morning coffee. He fills his pot full of good clean drinking water because some liberal fought for minimum water quality standards. He takes his daily medication with his first swallow of coffee. His medications are safe to take because some liberal fought to insure their safety and work as advertised.

All but $10.00 of his medications are paid for by his employers medical plan because some liberal union workers fought their employers for paid medical insurance, now Joe gets it too. He prepares his morning breakfast, bacon and eggs this day. Joe’s bacon is safe to eat because some liberal fought for laws to regulate the meat packing industry.

Joe takes his morning shower reaching for his shampoo; His bottle is properly labeled with every ingredient and the amount of its contents because some liberal fought for his right to know what he was putting on his body and how much it contained. Joe dresses, walks outside and takes a deep breath. The air he breathes is clean because some tree hugging liberal fought for laws to stop industries from polluting our air. He walks to the subway station for his government subsidized ride to work; it saves him considerable money in parking and transportation fees. You see, some liberal fought for affordable public transportation, which gives everyone the opportunity to be a contributor.

Joe begins his work day; he has a good job with excellent pay, medicals benefits, retirement, paid holidays and vacation because some liberal union members fought and died for these working standards. Joe’s employer pays these standards because Joe’s employer doesn’t want his employees to call the union. If Joe is hurt on the job or becomes unemployed he’ll get a worker compensation or unemployment check because some liberal didn’t think he should loose his home because of his temporary misfortune.

Its noon time, Joe needs to make a Bank Deposit so he can pay some bills. Joe’s deposit is federally insured by the FSLIC because some liberal wanted to protect Joe’s money from unscrupulous bankers who ruined the banking system before the depression.

Joe has to pay his Fannie Mae underwritten Mortgage and his below market federal student loan because some stupid liberal decided that Joe and the government would be better off if he was educated and earned more money over his life-time.

Joe is home from work, he plans to visit his father this evening at his farm home in the country. He gets in his car for the drive to dads; his car is among the safest in the world because some liberal fought for car safety standards. He arrives at his boyhood home. He was the third generation to live in the house financed by Farmers Home Administration because bankers didn’t want to make rural loans. The house didn’t have electric until some big government liberal stuck his nose where it didn’t belong and demanded rural electrification. (Those rural Republican’s would still be sitting in the dark)

He is happy to see his dad who is now retired. His dad lives on Social Security and his union pension because some liberal made sure he could take care of himself so Joe wouldn’t have to. After his visit with dad he gets back in his car for the ride home.
He turns on a radio talk show, the host’s keeps saying that liberals are bad and conservatives are good. (He doesn’t tell Joe that his beloved Republicans have fought against every protection and benefit Joe enjoys throughout his day) Joe agrees, “We don’t need those big government liberals ruining our lives; after all, I’m a self made man who believes everyone should take care of themselves, just like I have”.

By John Gray Cincinnati, Ohio - - Published July - 2004
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Help Defeat NeoCon Warmonger John Bom Bom McSame

About JStreetPAC
JStreetPAC is the first and only federal Political Action Committee established to explicitly promote meaningful American leadership to end the Arab-Israeli and Palestinian-Israel conflicts peacefully and diplomatically.

The PAC's goal is to demonstrate that there is meaningful political and financial support available to candidates for federal office from large numbers of Americans who believe a new direction in American policy will advance U.S. interests in the Middle East and promote real peace and security for Israel and the region.


[Nor your normal building collapse]

Mainstream Economist Makes Passing Comment About Explosives Taking Down Towers

Economist Darryl Robert Schoon made a passing reference to 9/11 in an article he wrote for, an investment-oriented website. The article is titled, "Tuscon & The Great Depression - This Is Not Your Normal Downturn".

Here's the relevant quote:

"I wonder what they would do if they knew about the dangers posed by investment bank credit default swaps, CDSs, a $62 trillion unregulated market that could destroy the global economy as quickly and as easily as charged explosives brought down three towers at the World Trade Center on 9/11."

Full article can be found here:

[From: ]



Story: Searching for a New Truth
Published in: Monday Magazine on Apr 16, 2008
Story URL:


West Coast Convergence in San Francisco May 10 + 11
Created 2008-04-16 06:33
Join activists from San Diego to Vancouver at the first ever West Coast Convergence in San Francisco on May 10 + 11 2008! We're making history and we want you to be a part of it!

download flyer pdf [1] (correct version!)

Convergence discussion [2]

Saturday May 10: Federal Building Demonstration and Mission Street March
Sunday May 11: Haight Street March and Golden Gate Park Outreach

Some of the groups participating:
We Are Change LA
We Are Change Seattle
San Diego 9/11 Truth
SF Truth Action
Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance
Santa Cruz 9/11 Truth
Sacramento 9/11 Truth
San Jose 9/11 Truth
Humboldt 9/11 Truth

...add yours!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month [3]

Source URL:


Former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura Becomes a 9/11 Truth-seeker:


A Talk by John Perkins
best-selling author of


It was a change of consciousness. Civil movements are powerful. I think there are a few of you out there who may be familiar, I've written five other books before this one on indigenous people and shamanism. That was when I was doing the nonprofit work which was partly assuaging my guilt. I took bribes not to write this book back in the early 1990s and put most of the money in the nonprofit, which went to helping indigenous people in many of the countries that I had ripped off before. But what I've learned, I've worked with many, many indigenous countries around the world, the Bugis of Indonesia, the Bushmen, the Zulus, the people of the Asian Steppes, the Mayas, the Hopi, the Quechua, the Shuar, all of these people have prophecies. Every one of them that I know of has a prophecy that we are in a time of tremendous transition and a potential for great things to happen. I was with the Dalai Lama not long ago in Ladakh, and I just came back from Tibet a few months ago. And those prophecies are everywhere. I believe that we're in a time when it's been prophesied that this is the time for potential change, not that change will happen, but that the potential exists and we have to do it.

And I believe what the indigenous people have always taught me throughout the years from many, many different cultures, that each one of us comes into this body at this time with a mission for a reason. And our schools often teach us to forget about that. But here we are now, at this very critical time. Each of you has come in here at this time for a reason with a mission, and you're sitting in this room now for some reason. Something drew you here today.The idea of a confession of an economic hit man. I don't think you're all Catholic priests waiting for someone to confess into your ear out there. What drew you here? Why are you here this time? I think you're here because you're ready to see us move to this next step. You're ready to see us realize the dream of our founding fathers, you're ready to see us create a world that we're going to be proud of....

[For information about obtaining CDs, cassettes or transcripts of this or other programs, please go to:


If We Don't Learn Our History,
We're Doomed to Repeat It
By GeorgeWashington

Everyone has heard the saying "if we don't learn our history, we're doomed to repeat it".

Let's see if history can teach us anything about 9/11:

in Operation Himmler [2], faked attacks on their own people and resources which they blamed on the Poles, to justify the invasion of Poland
this History Channel video [3] — that Nazis set fire to their own government building and blamed that fire on others.... The fire was the event which justified Hitler's seizure of power and suspension of liberties agents of an Israeli terrorist cell operating in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings, including U.S. diplomatic facilities, in the hope that radical muslims would be blamed as the culprits [4](one of the bombs detonated prematurely, allowing the Egyptians to identify the bombers). Israel's Defense Minister was brought down by the scandal, along with the entire Israeli government.... [continued:]

Source URL:


Quoted from:


I pray, but there are many misunderstandings about prayer. For many prayer is talking to God, sometimes with a great list of requests and needs -- sort of like a child's Christmas list mailed to Santa Claus....

....Prayer changes our frame of reference; it is not merely a preparation for action. Rather, prayer must be understood as an action in itself, a potent political weapon to be used in spiritual warfare against the most powerful forces of the world. Prayer is not undertaken in place of other actions but is the foundation for all the other actions we take.

I recall the way Archbishop Tutu would pray in South Africa during the apartheid era. His prayers constantly affirmed God's power over the claims of the state -- that God's power was a threat to the state's power. And prayer, in recognizing God's authority over the evil powers, moves us beyond opposition to affirmation and beyond resistance to celebration. Thus, prayer and the results of prayer can be the most revolutionary of acts. The powers that be in this world are aware of this. That is why they consider those who pray in this way to be a threat....


....At the height of the Montgomery bus boycott, King received dozens of death threats by phone and mail. One evening in January 1956, the young minister had a pivotal experience, which would later be referred to as his “kitchen table conversion.” Stewart Burns recounts King's epiphany in TO THE MOUNTAINTOP:

“Around midnight, as he struggled to sleep, the phone rang one more time. 'Listen, n*****,' an ugly voice crackled over the wire, 'we're tired of you and your mess now. If you aren't out of this town in three days, we're going to blow your brains out and blow up your house.' He paced the bedroom floor in angry fear, then walked across the hall to the kitchen and heated some coffee. He tried to find solace in what philosophy and theology had taught him about the meaning of evil. Could there be good without evil? Could there be redemption without sin? No answer came to shake his despair. Nothing relieved the fear in his gut. He was ready to give up.'

“'I got to the point that I couldn't take it any longer,' he recalled in a sermon the summer before his death. 'I was weak. Something said to me you can't call on Daddy now,' as he had in past troubles. 'You can't even call on Mama now. You've got to call on that something in that person that your daddy used to tell you about. That power that can make a way out of no way.' He had to call on the Holy Spirit's power to help him through. The church had been so much his home all of his young life that he had never stepped outside of it far enough, or boldly enough, to forge his own relationship with God, with Jesus, with the Spirit – not that of his father or mother or Ebenezer Baptist in Atlanta.

“He discovered at this midnight hour that 'religion had to become real to me' – not merely the hand-me-down family business -- 'and I had to know God for myself. With my head in my hands, I bowed down over that cup of coffee. Oh, yes, I prayed a prayer... The words I spoke to God that midnight are still vivid in my memory. Lord, I'm down here trying to do what's right. I think the cause that we represent is right. But Lord, I must confess that I'm weak now. I'm faltering. I'm losing my courage. I am afraid. The people are looking to me for leadership. I can't let the people see me like this because if they see me weak and losing my courage, they will begin to get weak. I am at the end of my powers. I have nothing left. I've come to the point where I can't face it alone.'

“'At that moment,' he continued, 'I experienced the presence of the Divine as I had never experienced Him before. I could hear an inner voice saying to me, Martin Luther, stand up for righteousness, stand up for justice, stand up for the truth. And lo, I will be with you, even until the end of the world. I heard the voice of Jesus saying still to fight on. He promised never to leave me, never to leave me alone. No, never alone. No, never alone. He promised never to leave me, never to leave me alone.'”

That experience and the deep personal faith that continued to sustain him shaped Martin Luther King's political commitments and public leadership. For faith to keep him going, it had to get “real,” it had to get personal. Likewise, the social change we need today will not come about just through “education,” through selecting the right “issues,” through finding the right “policy ideas.” As important as education, issues, and policy ideas are, we will need something deeper. We will need societal transformation for real social change, and that never comes about without personal transformation as well. Faith can provide the fire, the passion, the strength, the perseverance, and the hope necessary for social movements to win, and to change politics. Without that, it's just a debate over issues and ideas. And when the going gets tough or even risky and dangerous, many people will give up (or go back to watching television) – unless they have learned to tap the deep resources of faith....


Use Prayer Requests to Spread Truth
By GeorgeWashington
Created 2008-02-11 11:47

Note: If you are an atheist, that's totally cool. This essay is aimed at the 85% of the American population which identifies itself as Christian, and the millions more who identify themselves as Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, etc.

Every Sunday, I submit a prayer request at my place of worship (it happens to be a church; but this would work just as well at a synagogue, temple, or mosque).

Because millions of Americans submit prayer requests in their places of worship every year, it dawned on me . . . why not use prayer requests to spread truth?

For example, everyone who goes to a church, synagogue, temple or mosque could submit a prayer request every visit saying something like:

Please pray for: 9/11 Truth

Comments: Please see for more information

If you believe in prayer, then please consider that praying for 9/11 truth is a good thing.

Whether or not you believe in prayer, you have to admit that people on the prayer team are going to ask "what the heck is this?" and then look at to see what's going on. That could open a lot of eyes that would not otherwise be opened.

Source URL:



An Efficient Way to Spread Truth That Everyone Can Do
By Colombo

Since our mainstream media continue to censor 9/11 truth, I urge everyone to begin “mass emailing” 9/11 truth messages now! It is not difficult to disseminate thousands of emails per day. Here are some tips to get you started:


New York Times Bestselling Author Takes Aim at 9/11 Coverup:



Iraq war veteran and experienced demolitions expert blows the cover on 9/11 inside job:

Meet Torin Wolf. He has a broad and varied background as a US Army Combat Nurse during Operation Iraqi Freedom....

....The presentation moves on and goes through some of the just plain crazy theories of why the towers fell, such as space beams, holograms, missiles, orbs, pterodactyls, etc., and easily debunks them. Torin then adds, "There is evidence most of these are put out by the government as disinfo." Then explains how the White House, in violation of the law, has bought 28 billion, "Billion with a B" in fake news.

"But the craziest, most truly unhinged conspiracy theory for the towers falling on 9/11?" Torin asks rhetorically. "Fire." The official story cannot be recreated by any experiment. NIST is the government agency involved in attempting to model what happened to the world trade center on 9/11, and they fail horribly....


[Your Tax Dollars (and super termite?) At Work?]

9/11 Inside Job Smoking Gun Video

If tens upon tens of firefighters, paramedics, and EMT's said in late 2001 and early 2002 that they saw flashes at the base and middle of the Twin Towers and heard multiple explosions "like gunfire" immediately prior to each towers' collapse, would you listen? Can you look at the evidence with fresh eyes? No disinfo or sloppy logic here...

This can go viral with your help.





The 9/11/01 attack was a complex psychological operation carefully designed to conceal the truth, in spite of numerous obvious red flags in the fraudulent official story. As such it relies on the dissemination of memes that overpower rational consideration of the evidence. One of the most important memes is the idea that all people who question the basic tenets of the official story are loony conspiracy theorists, whose ideas are not worthy of consideration. Part of the construction of this meme was to make the attack so audacious that even a straightforward accounting of the basic facts sounds too outrageous to possibly be true.

The ideas that the Twin Towers were destroyed by explosive demolition and that top-level administration officials were involved in the planning and execution of the attack are so painful that most people reflexively reject them, even if that means ignoring mountains of evidence. Nevertheless the perpetrators run the risk that these ideas will gain currency and begin to be examined with some objectivity if the loony conspiricism meme fails to maintain its hold.


An effective tool for reinforcing the loony conspiricism meme is the introduction of theories that that have no basis in evidence, such as the idea that no planes hit the towers. The association of these ideas with the careful research of investigators in the 9/11 Truth Movement stands to set back the cause of awakening the larger public to the facts of the attack.


9/11 Truth Movement Fights Back Against DISINFORMATION and AGENTS PROVOCATEURS

Hoffman: ....Very entertaining to watch, very vivid, just lurid — it's ridiculous. It's all just completely concocted, he makes it sound like you, and Wolsey and these people that he’s saying are COINTELPRO just popped up in the last year is just an utter lie. I think it’s a really good test of whether people are really in this in the benefit of our movement: are going to tolerate this sort of thing? Where are the voices of the alleged leaders of the 9/11 truth movement about this and similar incidents? I think the silence from some quarters is deafening....

Read Entire Transcript Here:


The Architecture of Destruction

Now Available: The DVD from Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth!

The 150+ Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are proud to announce their long awaited DVD production:

9/11: Blueprint for Truth
The Architecture of Destruction
with SF Bay Area Architect, Richard Gage, AIA

In this stunning multimedia presentation to the University of Manitoba, Canada, San Francisco Bay Area architect, Richard Gage, AIA, provides a packed audience with a tough technical review of the overwhelming evidence of controlled demolition using explosives at all 3 WTC high-rise "collapses” (including WTC 7 – the 47 story high-rise, not hit by an airplane, which also fell at near free-speed on 9/11).

Now you can provide your friends and colleagues the DVD with all the hard evidence presented by a licensed building professional!

Source URL:


We Thought We Were Free: 9/11 Was Our Reichstag Fire

Was September eleven 2001 our generation's Reichstag Fire? Read Thom Hartmann's intro to and excerpts from THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE FREE, and see.




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"Squandering money has never been so much fun":

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