France Canal+ attacks the 911 truth movement the 24 april 2008

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in France, Thursday 24th April 2008, the French television CANAL + attacked the 911 truth movement with their Documentary called
"Jeudi Investigation : Rumeur, intox : les nouvelles guerres de l’info" by Stephane Malterre


Vidéo Jeudi Investigation : Rumeur, intox : les nouvelles guerres de l’info

Vidéo partie 1/5, L’incroyable documentaire/documenteur de Canal+ investigation - Dailymotion

Vidéo partie 2/5

Vidéo partie 3/5

Vidéo partie 4/5

Vidéo partie 4/5

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You Americans should see how the 911 truth information is hidden from the French. Make your own copies in case it is taken off dailymotion.

Here is the reply by the French

The documentary was discussed with ATMOH from on
which is very interesting for understanding why the truth is not moving fast in France like in America. A copy of the program can for the moment can be found at the Karl Zero web site
Make copies because the one at easier to download is no longer available at dailymotion

Personally I found it very disgraceful the way Professor David Griffin was treated.

The American Free Press was treated as a right wing national front party and amalgated with Eric Husfchmid , Jimmy Walter , David Griffin and Thierry Meyssan. A deliberate attempt to tell the French that the 911 truth movement is lead by the nose by anti-Semitics.

Nearly the same operation in America at this moment with

Herblay FRANCE

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Sorry folks but just noticed that the video has been taken off Dailymotion. Normally I have back up copies( not tested) but I do not know where to up load them where they will stay ! Any ideas ?


...mouv4x8? Why is 9/11 Truth making little headway in France? Your opinion would be fine?

I enjoyed the tour of Oneonta, NY and some of the Loose Change Team!

...don't believe them!

Reply to:Why is 9/11 Truth making little headway in France?

Herblay FRANCE

everyday I am asking myself why we here in France are making so little headway compared to America.

I think there are already three points :

1) The French are less concerned about the 911 attacks as they have not yet any solders in Irak. Most French do not really realise that they are occupying the Afghanistan. Perhaps the French in the near future will be more concerned following the 1000+ soldiers sent to Afghanistan by Nicolas Sarkozy. Some of these troops could be sent to the more dangerous south part of Afghanistan where we risk to start slaughtering the Afghans like the Americans. We risk to see this occupation bought to France.

2) The French journalists are scarred for their jobs on this subject especially following the passage of Thierry Meyssan on "Tout Le Monde en Parle" program by Thierry Ardisson

Look at the way stars like Marion Cortillard are treated in the French media
and lastly in the very popular magazine MARIANNE (N° 575 26 April to the 2nd of Mai 2008) which normally can be counted on, except on this subject? )
A lot of French are very angry with the bad way Marianne is treating the 911 truth movement and you can find their replies to this magazine on the internet. I have made some back up copies.

Look at the way the French Press treat the 911 subject
and there is so much more that I have not had time to put up on the web !
How could any wage-earner linked to American interests risk his job and future in supporting the 911 truth movement ?

3) With the first "Guerre de Golfe" I was very active in "Herblay contre la guerre" and with all the work we did I realised that the French journalists were lying to us about this war, then and before and in fact often

Exemple 1) the spectacle of dead bodies in the mass murder of Timisoara, retransmitted on direct by the televisions of the world as proof hideous monstrosities of the old Ceausescu regime
Exemple 2) Kosovo genocide

Exemple 3) The first golf War
etc , ...

The media's repeated mea culpa makes us realise that on certain subjects they are not credible. Can you imagine how the French are going to react when they learn that they have been lied to on the real culprits for the 911 crime? Again more lies ! Another mea culpa will pass so badly that perhaps the journalists do not want to take the risk to be disowned by the public. People are losing faith in the journalists professionals. People are starting to look on the Internet for information rather than find it in the newspapers.
My next door neighbour journalist has had to suffer my repeated critics on his craft but he still holds to the official 911 story. I have a great respect for his intellectual capacities which has at several times caused me to be scarred that it is me who is completely wrong and him right. But when you see the documentary above there is only insults against people like Professor David Griffin, ect ... against the messenger and no attempt to reply to our questions like on the WTC7.

As ATMOH from said on "Arrêt d'images" following the program on Canal +
"Thank you Stephane Malterre for having the courage to do this documentary"

Yours John

The fact that the mainstream

The fact that the mainstream is still trying to silence us is more proof of the headway we are making.

They're certainly trying

Murdoch's Sky freeview Channel aired Conspiracies - 9/11 The Evil in America this evening (part of a Conspiracies series).

It misrepresents fact as supposition and glosses and dodges all the hard issues.The technique is familiar - presenter Danny Wallace maintains a faintly disguised air of amused disbelief while slipping us the official explanation of each anomaly as his own view or as statements of fact. He then lets the "conspiracy theorists" give their wacky alternatives. Everything is carefully framed within the context of armchair theorists making stuff up because of a lack of government transparency. The sheer quantity of anomalies is exploited to avoid examining any one of them.

Instead, the viewer is assaulted with a bewildering stream of "extreme theories" creating an impression of "serial sceptics" frustrated by "not getting the answers they're looking for".

Then we get Roger and his theories about mind-control transmissions complete with zany sound effects to further detract credibility.

Crucially, the only spokespeople on behalf of alternative theories are "professional conspiracy theorists" like Alex Jones. No interviews with former CIA intelligence officers, former presidents of Italy etc., Jersey girls or any of the hundreds of professionals whose expertise challenges the government's story.

Some highlights:
Washington defence journalist, Wayne Madsen tells us how policemen followed the plane down one of the busiest streets in the county "when it was vectoring for its impact on the Pentagon" because they were wondering "what's wrong with this aircraft" and saw it hit the Pentagon. Hmm... now it's possible to chase low flying jets while travelling down busy highways in motor cars.

Evidence suggestive of the Mossad involvement is dismissed as anti-Semitism.

"Most airline crashes don't leave a lot of debris"

Clever twist - John Judge is used chiefly as a debunker of no planes, no Arabs theories. His own views seem to have been mostly edited out.

The resident debunker rubbishes everything except the theory that flight 93 was shot down (just to prove he's open-minded). There's no evidence to show it was, he opines, but it should be investigated. Now why would that be the only anomaly worth considering I wonder? Of course - the government only tells white lies, never black lies.

Since 9/11, engineers know that "the crash of the planes and the ensuing fire would have been enough to bring the buildings down".
How do they know? They saw it, of course.

WTC 7 isn't shown or mentioned.

That was an excellent

That was an excellent breakdow of the program, really good.

Exellent post

Thank you John for all the work you did for this post.

Very interesting to see how the counter attack to 911 Truth is developing:

First we got AL CIAda saying that 911 Truth is Iranian propaganda. Now we get the Zionists defending the official story by claiming that the 911 Truth movement is actually being led by virulent anti-semites. To me this another indication of collusion between the neocons and zionists on 911.

Canal plus even brings in the Al Dori story which the Zionists have claimed to be a fabrication by Palestinians to turn the world agaist the Israili military occupation of Palestne (Al Dori was that Palistinian child killed in his fathers arms by Israeli soldures in front of TV, which outraged the world), as another example of media manipulation by antisemities, just like 911 Truth.

Overall, just like the pathetic CIAda claim that the Iranians are behind the 911 Truth movement, I think Zionist C-plus did not do a very convincing job. On the contrary, there was much information given out in the documentary (like many shots of INVESTIGATE 911, etc), that in the end, would lead many viewers to question the Official Story.

The lengthy Al Dori bit at the end was fatal. Far from convincing (that the shots were a staged fraud). This bit in fact showed just how virulent the Zionists are by the fact that they attacked and threatened the honest journalist who reported the story: he himself a Jew living in Jerusalem. This feeble and desperate use of the Al Dori bit (as final and posetive proof that 911 Truth is bogus) in the end of the film, calls in question the whole thesis of the film that 911 Truth is just another antisemitic propaganda ploy.

There is just too much anti neocon and anti Israili sentiment in the world today (for all their killing and bombing) for anybody to buy this sh*t any more. I think people can see right through all this. Nobody believes the Al Qaida story anymore. I think they did themselves a disservice: The film raises many more questions than it answers in defence of the offical story.

By the way. Do you know what Telerama said about the film? I looked for a reviw but could not find anything.

9/11 and anti-Semitism

Only the first three parts of this are about 9/11, but it is important to show people, if they don't know already, how important it is to dissociate 9/11 truth from people like Eric Hufschmid and Willis Carto (publisher of American Free Press). Anti-Semitism is much more destructive of the truth movement than "no plane" theory; it is fatal and suicidal. And forget about the distinction between "Zionists" and "Jews"; it doesn't help at all.

why is uncovering, identifying, and bringing to justice

the perpetrators of 9/11, who may be dual citizens of the US and Israel, citizens of Israel, or Christian zionists, fatal and suicidal? The distinction between true Judaism, peaceseeking Israelis and Jewish Americans versus the dangers of radical Zionism is absolutely necessary. Just as is the distinction between the neocon, supposedly Christian Bush administration and our warmongering US government versus true Christianity and peaceseeking US citizens.

And so why has it been just fine to cast blame on Muslims and Arabs? Before you worry about your so-called anti-semitism (Most Ashkenazi Jews are not semitic peoples, but most Arabs are!), perhaps we need to beat the rug and cast out the "evil Muslim myth"!

Re: Ashkenazi Jews


The "Thirteenth Tribe" hypothesis is not faring so well against science;

"Jewish and Middle Eastern non-Jewish populations share a common pool of Y-chromosome biallelic haplotypes"

"The Y Chromosome Pool of Jews as Part of the Genetic Landscape of the Middle East"

"The Matrilineal Ancestry of Ashkenazi Jewry: Portrait of a Recent Founder Event"

It is a powerful argument, but seriously flawed. It has been espoused by serious anti-Zionists like Lilienthal (moderately), and others with less altruistic intentions. (I still recommend Lilienthal to anyone who wants to learn about Zionism. The Ashkenazi theory is about the only thing he has been dead wrong about so far, and it's not even his theory.)

I'll email this to you as well.


I think you are missing Kate's well said main point

Race has nothing to do with this discussion.

The Zionist Neocons are trying to discredit the Truth movement: On the one hand by saying it is Iranian led propaganda, and on the other hand, that it is missguided intox led by racist antisemites with their own agenda (which is what C-plus is saying).

Once again, the Zionists use the argument that says a critic of Israel is by necessety an anti-semite and therefore not objective. In the case of the film Dancing Israelis did not even figure. It was a pre-emptive strike on the Truth movement.

Like Kate, I think we should let the chips fall to where ever they point to, even if they point to Israelis, zionists, or double nationals, even at the risk of being labled anti-semites, just like any other truth group critical of Israels brutal military occupation of palestine.

The biology of race is not the point.

the 13th tribe/khazars/cousins!

Hey, Rep!
thanks for taking the time. i am slowly doing more research on this subject. the khazar-ashkenaz relationship hypothesis was totally news to me in the past year. anyway, eitherway, if moder Jews want to trace their ancestry to prove themselves as ashkenazi as opposed to sephardim (??), and can trace Y chromosome haplotypes to Near Eastern ancestry, in which they would share Y-chromosomes with
non-Jewish/Palestinian peoples, all the more reason for this sentiment:

Crossing borders in the desert heat

The stories in the rocks and stones

Signatures of time written on every face

The syncopated heartbeat of Arab and Jew

A song that keeps saying remember

If you are cousins why are you fighting?

Listen to your hearts and the truth will be clear

It is written on your bones.

Leysh Nat'arak , Natacha Atlas

Better to be informed...

about this stuff, than not.

There are many anti-Zionists out there who took Koestler's theory to heart, before the scientific verdict was in. For people who still believe it, the onus is now on them to counter with a scientific study that disproves the above studies, but I doubt that will happen.

so, what happens with the Khazars?

the khazarian people who converted to do they and their Jewish descendents figure into the Ashkenazim? or would they be another entity?

!Mi no habla! Subtitles?

!Mi no habla!

Contact your represenatives!

And where did those videos go?