Government ITSELF Won't Swear To Official Theory of 9/11

While many people question the government's conclusions about 9/11, rest assured that the government agencies tasked with investigating 9/11 are confident that the government's answer to the following questions is correct:

(1) How could a rag-tag bunch of hijackers penetrate the strongest military in history and disable normal defensive procedures?

(2) How could 3 super-strong, over-engineered buildings become the first modern steel-frame high-rises in history to collapse due to fire, falling at virtually free-fall speed, and exhibiting many indications normally associated with controlled demolition?

At least the government itself is confident about the answers to these questions, right?

Well, actually:

It is not very reassuring when the professional whitewashers tasked with defending the government's version of what happened on 9/11 themselves willing to swear to that version.

Good approach. Will use it here in France.

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I like the approach "the American Government ITSELF Won't Swear To Official Theory of 9/11". Will use it here in France.