Korey Rowe at East Stroudsburg University

Producer Korey Rowe came to present the new film in the Loose Change trilogy, Loose Change: Final Cut at East Stroudsburg University on May 1st 2008. Korey Rowe took the time before the movie to take questions from the audience while we tried to fix the issue with the projector. Thank You Korey Rowe for coming to speak at this amazing screening where over 100 people came to attend.

I had to turn it off after

I had to turn it off after the first 2 minutes... way to blow a great opportunity with your wild speculations and unfounded claims... Thanks for nothing.

Relentless self promotion...that's all.

Great minds ... think for themselves.

Should've Watched Entirety

He was really pretty good.

I didn't say I didn't finish

I didn't say I didn't finish it. I said I had to turn it off.

I came back to it, and no it wasn't good. Korey Rowe just outed himself not as a truth seeker, but a self-righteous pompous know-it-all. You can be a LTW fanboy all you want and disagree with me.

"really pretty good"??? seriously?

Great minds ... think for themselves.

18:45 -

18:45 - disinformation...

Practice what you preach.

Great minds ... think for themselves.

We must not be watching the

We must not be watching the same video. Whatever happened to critical thinking?

Great minds ... think for themselves.

he's approachable

it is my humble opinion that if one has input, he would listen. his next film is going to center around his experience in the military and what is happening in the middle east, i believe, and will include issues not addressed.

thanks to the matt and joe

for all the truthing! This was a great event. and it was almost more important to have that discussion time beforehand instead of after. all worked out in the end. sorry to have missed the powerpoint presentation on evidence the week before by Joe, et.al.

that's great that East Stroudsberg

made this happen.

This was great - thank you

This was great - thank you Korey.

Sometimes, usually, critical thinking leads one to deducible conclusions.

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

- - Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr.
Scottish writer, creator of the detective Sherlock Holmes, 1859-1930

What were you

What were you watching?

Remote controlled planes by Floating Orbs?
Fake Flight 77?

Betsy maybe next time he'll talk about ChemTrails for you!

Great minds ... think for themselves.

I think you need a

I think you need a therapist, or a stiff drink (or two) or one of your exotic pets.

You are doing nothing helpful or positive on 911Blogger.

Watch the skies for a week - are you in Philly? . . . Chemtrails are real and different from contrails. I don't know exactly who's doing it or why, but it's just one more secretive agenda (because we citizens are in the dark - ask Dennis Kucinich!) that some department in our government is aware of because, for starters, commercial pilots are instructed to fly below the areas of spraying . . . . and somehow it is connected to 9/11 . . . you'll see.

Just like the deniers of 9/11 truth, "do the research", before you start your criticisms . . .

And thank god or whomever or whatever for Alex Jones. This 9/11 Truth movement needs all the activism it can get in any form. We can't all conform to one idea of the perfect way to promote 9/11 Truth, and, personally, I am getting sick and tired of hearing all the bullshit from people who criticize others on how they go about their 9/11 truth activism. At least they're involved.

No one has a franchise on this or 100% equity on 9/11 Truth- we can't all be everything to everyone. So what if Alex doesn't talk enough about the 9/11 families - that's what Jon and I try to do. We can all have different roles. We all need to learn to work together and accept the ways we are all different and the different ways in which we approach 9/11 truth activism. The point is the exposure of 9/11 truth - the cover-up and, yes, the f'n inside job. "Inside" because elements of our government HAD to be involved.

Great minds . . . think for themselves (and use their eyes, ears and brains to determine what's real.)

Please be nice.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?