Welcome to Paulites Against Truthers

Just so you guys know, at DailyPaul.com, truthers and Paulites alike are duking it out over this issue:

Noam Chomsky dismisses 9/11 "inside job" Truth (Great Comments by him!)

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Welcome to Paulites Against Truthers

Attention 9/11 truthers who have polluted Ron Paul's campaign: We authentic (libertarian-conservative free-market capitalist) Paulites want you to leave the campaign. Dr. Paul does not agree with you and wants you to shut your mouths.

While it's true that 9/11 truthers bring some people into the campaign, many more people are turned away from the campaign due to the presence of 9/11 truthers. The net result of 9/11 Truthers being involved in the Paul campaign/movement is less supporters for Dr. Paul than there could be, and could have been. Most people just don't like to associate with lunatics, regardless of the cause. The solution: Get the 9/11 Truthers out of the campaign or get them to shut up with their ridiculous "inside job" conspiracy theories. Paulites Against Truthers hope that his website will help them see the light that Paul does not support their conspiracy theories, and finds them abhorrent. Hopefully, it becomes clear to them that he's not even pretending that he's not a 9/11 Truther in order to protect his political career (which is in itself another bizarre theory many of them make themselves believe). As for the conspiracy theory, that will inevitably develop, that Paulites Against Truthers is part of a government conspiracy to "divide and conquer" the Paul campaign, we suggest psychotherapy.

Their choice.

In the early 1930s people had to choose between joining the Nazis, joining the resistance or avoiding a decision. We all know the outcome of that decision.
Today we have to choose between supporting the Bush administration and official story, joining the Truth Movement or avoiding a decision.
Obviously the "Paulites" have made their decision. Be it on their conscience when the Truth is revealed.
I choose science and physics and common sense, not blind faith.
Remember too that Hitler had 90% support in those days. Obviously the majority isn't necessarily right.


...small point, but I believe Hitler was elected with a less than 50% of the vote each time....(due to multiple parties)....I don't know where you got that 90% figure....

I agree with the first 4 lines though.

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars


I stand corrected. According to Wikipedia the best support he had in a legitimate election was less than 44%.
I must have been deceived by the propaganda images.
Which leads me to wonder. Where were the opponents? Complacent and afraid? Unaware? Unconcerned?
Oh yeah, same as today.

Someone's Idea of a Joke

Go to bottom of page and see this:

"Coming soon: A petition you can sign to indicate that you want to expunge 9/11 Truthers (fake Paulites) from the campaign

Send comments, suggestions, links to interviews with more disavowels of 9/11 Truth, and death threats to: PaulitesAgainstTruthers@live.com

(c) 2008 Council on Foreign Relations

Interview research provided by the Freemasons. Funding provided by the Rothschild family foundation."

Hmmm . . . let me look into my bag of MP3s

Thursday June 21, 2007

Ron Paul Talks About Government Run Investigations Such As the 9/11

More MP3 Audio Clips >

Ron Paul could clear this up better.

Ron Paul has lost my respect when it comes to standing up for 9/11 Truth, but he could clear up this confusion with some powerful statements either way. I am glad his supporters haven't given up on their movement regardless.


as opposed to what . . . . "Fictioners"

Impeachment also.

"Ron Paul has lost my respect when it comes to standing up for 9/11 Truth...."

Pls see: Why the Double Standards? Can't We Hold Our Congressional Representatives to Full Accountability?

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

the whole "911 was an inside

the whole "911 was an inside job" phrase should be condemned by anyone who is serious about truth and accountability.

Great minds ... think for themselves.

9/11 was an inside job, you divisive shill!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

Inside job.

If 9/11 wasn't an inside job then the official story must be true and we can all go back whatever we were doing before we got involved in this movement.
Unless someone has another plausible scenario. Till then I don't think it's bad to call it what it was.
Either way, an independent investigation would hopefully answer a lot of questions. That's all we are asking.

Ron Paul wants me to leave the campaign?

Fine. I'm gone. Goodbye Dr. Paul. That was easy.

And you will vote for whom now???

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

Write in Jesse Ventura.

Write in Jesse Ventura.

I couldn't vote for Ron Paul even if I wanted to

because the primary is over, and unless he wins the republican nomination, which he most certainly will not, he won't be on the ballot. I'll vote for whoever is on the ballot from the peace and freedom party

Guessed Ron Paul not reliable.C.McKinney does have the courage!

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,

I discovered Ron Paul only by the 911 problem and opened a large file on him. I incited my family and friends around me to give an opinion on him. We have a high respect for him and he shows that not all the Republicans are bad. However the opinion in my circle here is that he would not dare to take a pro 911 truth position which could jeopardize his chances of wining the presidential elections.

Having followed the 911 truth movement since December 2001, I have found Cynthia McKinney is the only political person who has put in stake her elected post to forward the 911 truth. She speaks well, is intelligent and can be trusted to see the job out. America you have a chance to have such a woman to defend your constitution.

Yours John

Cynthia McKinney

Rep. Dennis Kucinich grills Donald Rumsfeld

reality check

Paulite checking in

Yes I know its a sin around here to support Dr Paul, but I do it proudly. Anyway, last time I checked I still support truthers :) so I dont think that all RP supporters feel this way.

I dont see what fiscal conservatism, sound money, a humble foriegn policy etc has to do with 9/11 truth. Dr Paul might think these 9/11 truth ideas as "out there", but that shouldnt influence the thoughts of anyone else, unless they were always a sheep and just switched sides.

The political divide here will pass once election season is over and we can all huddle under the same tent again, so to McKinney supporters, Obama supporters, Paul supporters, keep doing what you do but dont stop supporting 9/11 truth!

I often find it quite...

humorous that so many are so quick to jump upon "Ron Paul Supporters" and Ron Paul - in general - regarding the 9/11 issue.

Did he say that there should be a new investigation? Yes.
Did he say "9/11 was an inside job" in a National Debate? No.
and... Do you blame him for not saying it? Hell No!

Paul has done more for our movement than the naked eye can see.
People have begun to think for themselves, and it's GREAT.
He's awakened many Americans to re-think centralized government, the idea of a privatized bank controlling
our currency, and the fact that our country is not headed in a good direction.

I would like to just point out one thing... Just recently, a scholar of Austrian Economics came forth questioning
the official story of 9/11 (the post was on this website).. Ron Paul bases his campaign on these scholarly findings
(of Austrian Economics)... Can't anyone understand that maybe - just maybe - its better for Paul to not acknowledge
the idea that saying things with so much emotion of "9/11 was an inside job" would hurt more than what could be accomplished
by educational tactics?

I have come into touch with several estudious patrons of Austrian Economics and there is a common consensus that, YES, they
know about 9/11 and YES, they know who is behind it and YES, they know its wrong and YES, they want this country to change.

But they have taken a different approach... Rather than making 9/11 their #1 lynchpin to take down the criminal elements of our government,
They focus their attention on the economics side, because they believe that is where the answers lie....

... Just like most of you on this site believe the answers lie in and around 9/11.

I think that these people should be accredited and thanked because they are thinking just like us, they believe most of what they believe, they are just implementing a different strategy and confronting the establishment with different tactics.

Let's stop accusing everyone of this and that, and why can't we just be Americans and unite?! For the love of christ!

Mark in Philly



Just say OK...and move on...

Perhaps the single wisest thing that the 9/11 Truth clan could possibly do right now is to accept the position taken by the "Paulites"...to abandon the 9/11TM Ship. My advice to the RP-ers...PLEASE leave as soon as possible...and stay gone...just get out of town so that we can resume ? some credible work!

One of the more curious things that I note about many 9/11 Truthers is that they lack imagination about what the Pentagon might actually be doing with its 2.3 TRILLION dollars that they cannot account for????

Well, here's one idea from me...

Let's see....4-6 million dollars from the "troops" in Iraq to support Ron Paul's presidential campaign...and none for Kucinich...a 2.3 TRILLION DOLLAR "slush fund"... Hmmm?

So, how about the idea that the ENTIRE RP "phenomina" is some type of new millenium "cointelpro" so that the Paulites can hijack [and ride on the coat-tails of...] Consequently, "Paulites"??? can step in between any commingling of the 9/11 Truth Movement and the Peace Movements so that each will either "fight" each other to a draw... Lets see...millions of peace activists hand ing out our DVDs...now THAT's SOMETHING that the HI PRPS really need to avoid happening...

...dontcha think?

In any event, think that it will be interesting to see what happens to many WAC groups once RP is buried forever as a presidential candidate...[ IE: when he resumes being a politician from Texas]...and those whowere just "pretending" to be interested in 9/11/2001.

It seems to me that a majority of the recent 9/11 WAC truthers are Paulites in mild diguse...and I suspect that most will dissapear. Consequently, once the Paulites leave, who actually wants to chase after them?

Ron Paul is a bench player on a single "A" baseball team from the state of Texas. His campaign and followers needed to grab some coattails into notoriety because Ron Paul and his campaign are EMPTY!...

Without 9/11 they each don't exist...and with 9/11...they have a warm body to "leach from"...

In the end, the 9/11TM was one of the easiest "movements" that could be "hijacked" this way.

PLEASE...and just say goodbye to the "Paulites"...

Robin Hordon

Just imagine how many people

Just imagine how many people the government could kill if we had national health care. They could poison the nation's blood supply, or do a biological attack. They could destroy the mainframe computers that keeps track of everyone's health care system and send us into chaos.


Your comment was so grossly misinformed I dont even know where to begin.

9/11 Truth is non-partisan

Although its interesting to know that such an organization exists, this post is quite divisive as the low score indicates.

If you make a chart of the most talked about lies, deceptions, and false flag events among the 9/11 Truth community, you'll see both major parties a re equally at fault.


sinking of the Maine - republican


start of war on drugs - democrat


sinking of the Lusitania - democrat


start of war on marijuana - democrat


pearl harbor - democrat


CIA overthrow of Iran - republican


Operation Northwoods - democrat (but opposed by JFK)


assassination of JFK - democrat (presumably opposed by JFK)


gulf of tonkin - democrat


USS Liberty - democrat

late 1960s, early 1970s

escalation of war on drugs - republican


watergate -republican


October Suprise - republican


escalation of war on drugs - republican


Iran-Contra - republican


shaking crack cocaine on TV - republican


Noreiga - republican


ruby ridge murders - republican


WTC bombing - democrat


Waco mass murder - democrat


Oklahoma city - democrat


9/11 - republican

early 2000s

Pat Tillman - republican


PEOPLE commit murders, lies, deceptions, and false-fag events, not parties.

The biggest mass media deception of all is the perception that one party is better than the other. Until we throw off this yoke, we will always fight among ourselves.

Chomsky may be changing on 9/11

"Noam Chomsky dismisses 9/11 "inside job" Truth (Great Comments by him!)

Chomsky may be changing on 9/11

Noam Chomsky will be appearing on Dr. Kevin Barrett's radio show in a couple weeks. This probably indicate that Chompsky will be switching to, at least, LIHOP.