9/11 Civil Information on Truth Revolution Radio with Cosmos

On Sunday, May 4th 2008, "Cosmos" of Truth Revolution Radio featured "9/11 Civil Informationing" on his weekly show on WTPRN. His guests were Robin Hordon and Wayne Prante of the 911CivilInfo.blogspot.com.

Cosmos is the founder of TruthAction.org and is the man behind the international "11th of Every Month" Campaign which has done so much to propel 9/11 visibility and action in the past 18 months.

The conversation revolved around "being the media" and marketing the message of 9/11 Truth in the most positive and effective ways, making it appealing to the broadest audience, keeping it simple and personalizing the message to get average people to buy in. Also discussed was the importance of getting active locally with our message in our own communities in addition to large scale events in large cities.

An mp3 of the show can be heard here (10 MBs, 90 minutes) beginning in the second half hour.

To hear the entire program, please visit the archives at WTPRN to whom we are very grateful.

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A must listen! Hear expert street activist explain the craft...

It is so obvious why we will win listening to these every day guys becoming once in a century hero's!

Absolutely the best TRR yet 11/10!

Kind regards John

WE GOT TO TAKE THE POWER BACK!... rage against the machine!!

CI and Rage

Ironic you should use the phrase "rage against the machine" in association with CI, which emphasizes politeness above all. Such politeness is crucial, but CI denies the possibility that innocent public outreach can bring repression if it is successful enough. The ability to persist without rage would make CI more powerful than originally envisioned.

Great Show..

whoever ever voted this down to 1 is a kook !

"We are going to keep up this fight till the end, till the very end... They took it from the top to the bottom. We're gonna take it from the bottom to the top!" -Dan Wallace

Thanks Wayne - it was great talking with you guys!

Here is an ad free MP3 of the show. Also some more feedback on the show here.

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