False Flag Threat * 9/11 Bikers * AIDS+Ebola

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May 5, 2008 - False Flag Threat * 9/11 Bikers * AIDS+Ebola

"More than six years after 9/11, we still have not
had a thorough investigation of the causes of that tragedy.
I am so impressed by the research of Dr. Steven Jones, Frank Legge,
Tony Szamboti, David Ray Griffin, and many others. My concern deepens
every time I read a new article. As the evidence of controlled demolition
mounts, my desire for a new investigation increases. I want to
add my voice to the voices of AE for 911 Truth."

-- Karen Johnson
State Senator, Arizona (R)

1) Fourteen Points Follow-up – Bomb bomb Iran 2008?
- - 9/11 theorist not curtailing his research
- - "Fourteen Points" paper translated -- and in a major SLC newspaper
- - We deserve the full truth about 9/11 (Arizona State Senator)
- - Government Apologists Keep Moving the Goal Posts
- - High-Level Officials Warn of Fake Terror
- - Bomb Bomb Iran by Summer's End?
- - Extraordinary Times, Intentional Collapse, and Takedown of the U.S.A.
- - Rethinking 9/11: Why Truth and Reconciliation are Better Strategies Than Global War
- - Motorcycle Freedom Run supporting 9/11 Responders May 10
2) Common Dreams or Common Nightmares (in lies we trust)
- - Bill Moyers - "Beware The Simplifiers " Rev. Wright vs. Media
- - The Wright/Obama Controversy commentary by Len Horowitz
- - Military, DHS document lists who should live and die in pandemic
- - Common Dreams recent articles of importance
- - Israel didn’t mean to kill Palestinian Children
- - U.S. Importing 6,700 Tons of Radioactive Sand From Kuwait
- - United States is drawing up plans to strike Iranian insurgency camp
- - Iraq says no hard evidence of Iranian support for militia

Editor’s Notes

:It is tough just to read the news, never mind the intensity that it takes to do something about it. Item 1 begins with the inspirational story of Dr. Steve Jones, former BYU professor of physics. The recent peer-reviewed paper in Civil Engineering Journal, “Fourteen Points..” is now being translated into many languages. Next comes a powerful letter from Arizona State Senator Karen Johnson calling for a 9/11 investigation. A following article by George Washington shows how there are disadvantages in trying to expose evidence for a new investigation, while the corporate 9/11 perpetrators keep changing the rules, (and by controlling the media, control the public). But the tide is shifting. Please accelerate the process. Check for ideas at files for Valley 9/11 Truth. If around the NYC area this weekend, go to a Biker Rally and Festival honoring those who worked at Ground Zero, now suffering many health ailments. For information - FealGoodFoundation.

Item two has more on Reverend Wright’s comments on the development of the AIDS virus with US government complicity. Dr. Len Horowitz was scheduled to speak about this on CNN last Saturday, but it was suddenly canceled; this show may happen this Saturday. Dr. Horowitz narrated, wrote the film, “In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism” and author of Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional? This book was reference by Reverend Wright. Bill Moyers made many good points on the media manipulation and distortion of this issue, but his essay, “Beware the Simplifiers” also oversimplifies the real threat to all of us. I think Bill Moyers knows this as well, and why he may not be the breaker of truth regarding this and the criminal cover-up of the 9/11/01 crimes. It will take we, the people, to overcome the criminal agents of the shadow US-world government.

NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative
For Independent Investigations

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May 5, 2008 - False Flag Threat * 9/11 Bikers * AIDS+
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