Blog Voting Disabled

Blog voting is disabled until further notice.

Comments should be used in place of an anonymous vote for now.


Comment voting is one thing... but anonymous blog voting is useless IMO.

Then why shouldn't comment

Then why shouldn't comment voting also be considered useless?

Case in point: I just voted up my own comment!

You can't bury a blog...

You can't change your mind on a blog vote.

And one vote of "one" in the blog node skews the tally disproportionately. No matter how many "tens" after a "one" vote, it will never get to "ten" in the tally.

If blog voting comes back, it won't be anonymous, so shills can be isolated.


Until you can get a system that tells people who voted what... it serves no purpose. Thanks.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?