Jesse Ventura's Hypothetical Presidential Run Scenario (PLEASE LET THIS COME TRUE!!)

Hello folks.

First, a spoiler alert if anyone is still reading Jesse Ventura's "Don't Start the Revolution Without Me." This is a book in which even though the entire thing is truly excellent, the real knockout fireworks are saved for the last few pages, the Epilogue. I feel obliged to reveal those contents in the hope that doing so might excite the rest of the movement as it has me.

Folks, remember that ultimately misguided faith 9/11 Truth had in Ron Paul, many believing he would "come out" in full only after getting elected? We don't need that wishful thinking with Jesse Ventura. He has already supported us in full, controlled demolition included. It's clear that from reading this book, part of him is itching to run but is weighing it against the issue of his wife's health (physical and mental) and other personal matters. In the epilogue of the book, he spells out a hypothetical scenario for a 2008 run as an independent, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

In this hypothetical run, he gets so popular with young people registering in record numbers that the NWO assassinates him; the book ends with Jesse in a coma. He also gives a hypothetical false flag attack with multiple bombs going off in multiple cities in order for Bush to declare martial law and try to suspend the elections.

If we could invest as much energy reaching out to this man as we did with Ron Paul, he might fall off the fence in the movement's favor.

Think about it, folks.

Oh and by the way: RFK Jr. and Ventura met in Mexico and discussed this scenario, so RFK Jr. gave Jesse full support for that part of the book.

Here are pages 305 - 312 of "Don't Start the Revolution Without Me!" I typed this all out myself because this prose is too important to not be widely known in the 9/11 Truth Movement. Enjoy the read!



March 2008: Before a raucous crowd at the twenty-fourth annual WrestleMania, former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura bolted onto the stage Saturday night to announce that what many believed to be a "stunt" has become a reality: He is running on a World Wrestling Entertainment independent ticket for the presidency of the United States.

Shoving WWE promoter Vince McMahon, Jr., off to the side of the ring, Ventura declared: "This is no joke, folks, this is real! We're going beyond corporate here! We need a man of the people to run this country, and set us back on the road our forefathers envisioned for this great country of ours!"

A gathering estimated at almost 70,000 erupted in the arena. Some booed the former ring "villain," but the majority seemed to be cheering Ventura. McMahon, who most suspected was behind an ongoing effort to achieve ballot access across the nation as a gimmick, stood silently sneering across the ring. At one point, he looked poised to charge Ventura, but was restrained by his handlers.

Ventura's surprise appearance followed a battle royal between wrestlers representing both himself and the 62-year-old McMahon, a match the referee awarded to the ex-governor's contingent. Former heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, seated at ringside, gave a thumbs-up to Ventura...: In the first major speech of his nascent presidential campaign, former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura said that setting a timetable for withdrawal of American troops from Iraq is not complicated. It should start happening the day the next president takes office. Which, he added, may well be him.

"In defiance of Congress, and against the will of the American people," Ventura said, "President Bush has continued to wage an illegal war in Iraq - a war launched under false pretenses that has now resulted in the deaths of more than six thousand American troops and more than one million Iraqi civilians..."

Ventura also pledged that, if elected, he will reopen investigations into the assassination of President Kennedy and the events surrounding the September 11th attacks. He added that he would also release all relevant information on the Iran-Contra affair, which was postponed by the current President Bush concerning the involvement of his father, George H. W. Bush.


May 2008: Describing himself as a libertarian with a small "l" - liberal on social issues, conservative on fiscal issues - ex-Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura today set forth an independent platform that included ending the "so-called war on drugs" by legalizing marijuana and bringing home all American troops from military bases around the world - "unless these countries want to compensate us for guarding their borders..."

Ventura also proposed radical changes in the nation's tax system, saying he would push for a constitutional amendment to replace the income tax with a national sales tax and "make the IRS the watchdog of the government, not the citizenry."


June 2008: Claiming that the Republican and Democratic parties are "afraid of me" and unwilling to engage in presidential debates, popular former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura called upon the leading candidates themselves - Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama of the Democrats, John McCain and Mike Huckabee of the Republicans - to tell the American people why they prefer to "shut me out." In what he said comes down to "the liberals versus the ideologues and demagogues," Ventura stressed that he was a candidate "from the middle, which is in truth the majority in this country..."


July 2008: With the Democratic and Republican conventions on the horizon - and, the primaries over, with an ex-president's wife and the ex-mayor of NYC poised to battle it out in November - the independent candidacy of former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura appears to be on the rise. In an ABC News / New York Times poll conducted over the weekend, many voters indicated they trust Ventura's blunt, outspoken honesty over the more status quo spokespeople from the two parties.

Now polling at 21 percent, despite having so far been kept on the sidelines during the candidates' debates, Ventura issued a statement that the latest numbers "clearly show that more and more Americans are sick and tired of men and women who need to raise millions simply to run for high office, and then become completely beholden to the big corporations and wealthy donors who make it possible for them."

While Ventura has so far raised less than a million dollars, a grassroots campaign has already managed to get his name onto the ballot in more than forty states...


August 2008: In a move that stunned the political world, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., announced at a press conference that he is quitting the Democratic party. An attorney and leading environmental activist, and son of the senator who was assassinated on his way to the Democratic nomination in 1968, Kennedy said: "At a time of similar crisis, when our country was locked into the terrible quagmire of the Vietnam War, my father made the painful decision to challenge President Johnson for the presidency of the United States. Today, faced with a two-party system that appears unwilling to challenge President Bush over an increasingly desperate situation in Iraq and the Middle East, I find myself forced to make an equally painful choice."

With Jesse Ventura then joining him from the audience, Kennedy revealed that he has agreed to become the running mate of the former wrestler and Minnesota governor. "It is time to break the stranglehold of the two-party system," Ventura said. "We no longer have any choice, if our Republic is to survive in the way the founders had envisioned in 1776..."


September 2008: With young people registering to vote in apparently record numbers, the "truth-telling ticket" of Jesse Ventura and RFK Jr. now stands at a near dead-heat with the candidacies of Clinton/Obama and McCain/Huckabee.

"We need a new American revolution!" Ventura told an enthusiastic crowd estimated at more than 50,000 students, at a rally outside the University of Michigan football stadium. Kennedy spoke simultaneously in Athens, Georgia, exhorting a similarly large crowd of students to fight for an alternative energy agenda - or face a catastrophic future due to global climate change...


October 2008: With less than a month to go before the November election, presidential and vice presidential candidates from the R and D parties announced that they have invited independents Jesse Ventura and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to join in the final debate at mid-month.

While denying that public pressure bore any influence on their decision, each party headquarters has been besieged with thousands of e-mails and phone calls over the past month, urging American people be given an opportunity to see all of the leading contenders in action...


October 2008: In what President Bush called a "limited strike" aimed at eliminating Iran's nuclear weapons program, more than a hundred American fighter jets are bombarding specific targets in the Middle Easter nation with "bunker-busting" bombs.

While leading Democratic presidential candidates offered guarded support for the long-awaited U.S. military action, independent Jesse Ventura decried the U.S. attack as a violation of international law and "a suicidal course..."


October 2008: President Bush declared martial law across the United States on Tuesday, after what he called a "rain of terror," when explosion rocked entire blocks of five American cities. The bombs, which were not nuclear, killed a still-unknown number of citizens in New York, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles and Seattle. Initial estimates placed casualties at upwards of five thousand. The president said intelligence sources indicate that the attacks were orchestrated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Command, a terrorist organization.

In announcing that immediate suspension of the Constitution was warranted, the president warned that American military forces as well as private contractors would have "shoot-to-kill" orders for people intent on violating nightly curfews. The president added that, in a time of unprecedented crisis for America, dissent could not be tolerated. Rallies in support of the president's new policy took place in fundamentalist Christian churches across the nation.

Although President Bush stopped short of canceling the elections scheduled in three weeks, it is widely believe that they will not take place if martial law remains in effect...


Late October, 2008: Jesse Ventura, the renegade presidential candidate from Minnesota, was shot today as he led a throng of people estimated at close to 100,000 toward the gates of the White House. They were advancing on the heavily-guarded residence to protest President Bush's imposition of martial law, which has resulted in postponement of the forthcoming elections for the first time in U.S. history. Three shots rang out at 12:30 p.m., one missing the former Minnesota governor while two others lodged in his back and stomach.

While Ventura was rushed to Walter Reed Army Hospital, police captured a man who ran out from behind a fence at the nearby Executive Office Building. His weapon, a Mauser 66 sniper rifle, was found in the bushes. Identity of the assailant is still pending...


Early November 2008: While independent presidential candidate Jesse Ventura - in a coma for the fourth consecutive day - clung to life, with family members gathered at his bedside, a White House press spokesman denied mounting allegations that accused assassin Raul Santana was part of a wider plot.

Santana, being held without bail, is a Cuban exile said to be outraged by the former governor's "appeasing" stand toward lifting the economic boycott against Cuba while Fidel Castro remains alive. Ventura visited the island and met privately with Castro in 2002, his final year as Minnesota governor...

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He's got my vote!

He's got my vote!

He would have mine too...but RFK JR?

but what's with him considering RFK JR as a running mate?
Robert is a big gov't liberal and a climate change alarmist.

Jesse, am I missing something here?

It's probably too late...

....for a presidential run this time, but America needs JV in the political system somewhere....

Read his book.

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

FYI The only place Ventura


The only place Ventura can get instant 50 state ballot acces is the Libertarian Party.

Jesse Ventura

....Is the REAL DEAL ! I am so glad he has decided to speak out,after the msnbc censorship.
I think he needs a little more info on the events of 9/11, and the unfederal , no reserve bank.
Their are great video's of him on you tube.
Would love to see we are change interview him.
If you can get ballot access Jesse you have my vote. Ah hell i am penciling you in !

Yes I agree

He needs more 9/11 info. I don't like when people focus only on the buildings, because the demolition theory is not proven, even though we all may believe it. It comes down to "our experts vs there's"- and an unwinnable battle. There's SO much more evidence pointing to inside job, like the stock puts, money transfers, Mossad involvement, etc. that I'd rather stick with those items.

I would vote for him!

Even over Ron Paul!

Contact your represenatives!

What's stopping him from running as a Libertarian then?

Even Howard Stern once ran as a Libertarian for governor of NY.
Party labels are just that- if JV really wants to be president, he can suck it up and be a LP candidate. He would likely win the election in a landslide, and blow up the establishment!

You ask:

"What's stopping him from running as a Libertarian then?"

Possible answer: He's not a libertarian. Anyway, not in fierce adherence to libertarian principle, judging from both his past wide-ranging public comments and his tenure as governor.

I think most of the traditional rank-and-file LP members would be very uncomfortable with him, especially with a late-hour party switch to facilitate his presidential bid.

In another vein: a 9/11 truth candidate who might otherwise acquire an electorally important following will be subject to media blackout, as both the 9/11 truth movement and the Ron Paul campaign (I know well Paul isn't a truther, but the power elites pulled all their strings to blackout MSM coverage owing to Paul's noninterventionist foreign policy and his calls for abolition of the CIA and the Federal Reserve) demonstrate. And with almost no MSM coverage, a candidate for president in 2008 would be doing exceedingly well just to get ten percent of the vote. Running a vaguely populist campaign for Minnesota governor is one thing. Running as a 9/11 truth candidate for U.S. president is quite another.

(Don't be mislead by the Ross Perot candidacies. Perot, despite his cleverly populist rhetoric and folksy manner, was an Establishment ally if ever there was one, with no plan to upset the status quo.)

hello Kameelyun

I recall having some correspondence with you on shortly after my wake-up in August 2007. NIce to see you over here!

Thanks for posting all this and Jesse, run! I'd write him in, but I don't think you can do write-ins in my state, we have electronic voting. (no paper.)


I'm assuming you must be DC gal ;)

Yes, that's me, DCgal! I'm now active with DC911 Truth.

We have lots of events planned for summer and a film fest for 9/11/08. I also post on here from time to time.

It has been quite a journey since August, as I peel back the layers of misinformation and deceit: 9/11, JFK, MLK, RFK, OKC, the WTC in 1993..

Is there ANYTHING I read in the newspapers that is actually TRUE???

I have a blog at, have just started posting again after a long period where I felt I had nothing more to say until I understood this new world -- the world you see after you take the red pill and step out of the matrix.

Lets not get distracted.

I consider myself a member of the 9/11 truth movement and I think you guys are great, but...

The youth of America have already been rallied in unprecedented numbers by Obama. His oratory has been compared by some to that of Kennedy in it's ability to inspire an audience. Due to his broad appeal, which crosses many demographic lines, he is much more likely to be assassinated than some "Mel Gibson" of an independent on a mission to kick ass in the White House.

Rather than indulging in "wouldn't that be awesome" scenarios, I think we're all better off focusing our attention on the complex and rapidly changing realities we face at this moment. Only when we fully understand these realities can we hope to influence them. Just look at Dr. Griffin. It is no kind of coincidence that a man with a PhD is arguably the most influential member of this movement.

In brief, I would argue that this book isn't nearly as important to the 9/11 truth movement as good books on subjects like political science, sociology, and economics.

Gov. Ventura's book gives an excellent insight into the man

and his concerns for the country, which many Americans share to varying degrees. More every day.

The noteworthy facts are that he is willing to put himself out there and has some msm stature and should he choose to, could become a significant factor in a short amount of time.

Have you read the book?

No one person, no one film and no one book are going to make or break the coming revolution, but it is important to leverage every asset we can to keep the movement going forward and benefit humanity, yes?

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Obama will not be assassinated

Unless the real plan is to get Hillary in there. Both are NWO all the way.

My understanding

is that Gov. Ventura is carefully considering his next move in consultation with his wife and family and will be making his decision and announcement mid-May, possibly on Larry King's show.

There are many things he can do, other than running for president, that will benefit 9/11 truth and the country he clearly loves so much.

Stay tuned.

(btw, while the book needs to be carefully edited prior to a 2nd printing, it is a very good read and worth the time)

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Sine qua non....

Unless Jesse does something about that haircut, none of this can happen.

(double post)


Hey man,

"Politics makes for strange bedfellows." ;)