Palfrey “Suicide Notes” A Contradiction In Terms

Palfrey “Suicide Notes” A Contradiction In Terms

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Monday, May 5, 200

Deborah Jeane Palfrey’s alleged suicide notes were released today and given full court press by a corporate media that largely refused to cover her statements that she would never commit suicide and the statements of her friends and family who said she wasn’t suicidal, but Palfrey’s alleged reason for killing herself, that she would be "penniless" upon leaving prison, contradicts the fact that a multi-million dollar book deal was in the pipeline.

The alleged suicide notes are very short (the one addressed to Palfrey’s sister is little over 4 small paragraphs) and written in all capital letters.

According to the alleged suicide notes (PDF link), Palfrey wrote to her mother that she could not "live the next 6-8 years behind bars for what you and I have come to regard as this ‘modern day lynching,’ only to come out of prison in my late ’50s a broken, penniless and very much alone woman."

Firstly, Palfrey’s supposed fear of spending 6-8 years behind bars does not correlate with the expectations of the vast majority of legal analysts who expected Palfrey to receive a sentence of 2-3 years.

Just a few days before her death, Palfrey herself, "Said she was preparing for federal prison. She hoped she’d get time off her sentence for good behavior. She thought she might buy a place in Germany one day," according to Baltimore Sun report, who noted that the DC Madam was "musing about her future" and had apparently come to terms with the fact that she would be returning to prison.

Secondly, Palfrey’s fear that she would be "penniless" upon leaving jail does not correlate with the fact that she was in line to make millions for a best-selling tell-all memoir that was in the pipeline, not to mention Hollywood movies, documentaries, speaking tours and TV guest appearances.

Even establishment media mouthpiece The Washington Post conceded that, "There would have been book deals, movies, forgiveness, VIP tickets to charity balls," upon Palfrey’s release and that she would not have been shunned.

Or as the Gun Toting Liberal blog put it, "Hollywood and book deals were waiting to transform her into a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE for spilling her guts," adding that Palfrey would spend three years in a “country club” in exchange for never having to work another day in her life.

An interesting coincidence could be derived from Palfrey’s alleged use of the term "Exit Strategy," a phrase with connotations of the Iraq war, to describe her suicide in the note to her sister. Palfrey had previously named retired United States Naval Commander Harlan Ullman, author of the "shock and awe" combat strategy, as one of her clients.

As Alex Jones has discussed in the past, political assassinations made to look like suicide are sometimes covered-up by forcing the victim to write a suicide note under threat of harm coming to their family.

In another development, a ruling issued today by the Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiners Office concluded that Palfrey’s death was a suicide.

The Tarpon Springs, Fla., Police Department tells reporters that it didn’t find any evidence that "would indicate anything other than a suicide by hanging in this case," reported USA Today.

However, with both Palfrey’s condo manager Joseph Strizack and her own mother clearly indicating that she was not suicidal and that Palfrey feared that a contract had been put out on her, in addition to the multiple on-the-record statements Palfrey made indicating she had no interest in killing herself and warnings that if she was found dead to suspect murder, an exhaustive FBI investigation and one that lasts longer than a few days should be demanded.