Provocateur Attacks WeAreChange

This crazy guy is planted there to make the movement look crazy!

Who would hold up a sign that says "WE DID IT" in reference to a bombing in front of the recruiters office? This man acts insane. He is aggressive. He makes no sense. He is there to stain the peaceful informed efforts of We Are Change. The NYPD does not seem to want to see the truth about this situation, or the bigger truth about 911. They effectively act as accomplices in lumping this idiot in with the WE ARE CHANGE group. The officer on the video should clearly be able to see that this provocateur is unstable and the sole instigator of any potential conflict.

Is this person just a nut job that they choose to do nothing about, or is this person placed there to provoke violence so that they can use the resulting incidents to justify further action against members of the 911 Truth Movement?

Those who support the official story have much to lose when the truth is revealed. I don't put anything past them.

You hit the nail on the head! The black officer really goes out

of his way to lump Nico in with the We Are Change members, when Nico is clearly an aggressive provocateur.

In fact, most of the cops seem to be deliberately overlooking Nico's threatening & violent behavior & giving him a free pass on everything. These cops may be compromised & acting in concert with Haupt.

Is it possible to get some type of restraining order against Nico Haupt?

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:


If Haupt appears, relocate.

If he follows and persists, document as much as possible and obtain a restraining order.


Time would be better spent compelling the following congressman located in Manhattan to reinvestigate 9/11.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler
201 Varick Street, Suite 669
New York, NY 10014
Tel. 212-367-7350

Only congress can provide an investigation with the powers to obtain the answers we seek.

Nico Haupt

The guy in question is Nico Haupt, right? He appears obviously mentally deranged. I thought it could be street theatre, but no, it's pure and simple insanity.
I suggest you guys carry mace and give him a good dose if he tries to strangle you again. I don't have to tell you to film everything. If he can be reported to mental health services, that might be a way to go too. This is unfortunate.

Oh and

You guys seem to have enough evidence to secure a restraining order against this guy. If he violates that, then the cops can arrest him.

Restraining order.

A restraining order makes a lot of sense. Obviously you can't expect any sympathy from the cops. They are determined to treat you as equals despite the fact you are polite and reasonable while the aggressor is acting unreasonable and erratic. You need to distance yourself from him and continue to take the high road so that the police, if they are being reasonable, will have to "serve and protect" you, the innocent party.
If this were Nazi Germany, you would have disappeared by now. We still live by the rule of law. Make the best of your rights without being belligerent or obnoxious.
Good luck and good work as usual.

Yes, "street theater" is indeed a well known technique used by

agents provocateur to harass, disrupt and/or entrap their targets.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Nico Haupt has been provoking the truth movement for years.

(Just Google his name). I believe his increasing "insanity" is a ruse to further try to discredit us. (His "craziness" also seems to help him get away with bizarre statements & actions that "sane" people would be held accountable/arrested for.)

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Ground Zero is a pretty big

Ground Zero is a pretty big area. Move your camp to a different area. It would truly be sad to see this man somehow turn up dead and then it would be blamed on you guys. No doubt, the man is planted. Move your camp somewhere else and keep up the good work. And its obvious that the cops are not going to do anything to deter the man.


i don't think you should move from ground zero. it is so important to be there. nico is a very unstable & scary person, i think it's pretty bizarre he has a "posse" that comes to harrass with him. the sign saying we did it gives away either that he is inserted to disrupt or that he is clinically insane.

"I will not withdraw from this war even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." -George W. Bush

"the sign saying we did it

"the sign saying we did it gives away either that he is inserted to disrupt or that he is clinically insane."

Both? ;-)

Thing about our Nico is, at this, point the odds are against this being all chance. If that were the case it'd be even odds his actions would be good as bad. But they're always bad.

Same with the mental angle. He is "mental", but he's not certified. Gotta wonder why if it isn't an act.

My personal theory it started out being an act. He does know what he's doing. But the stress of this so called lifestyle is taking it's toll and it shows. May come a day he'll find himself in a sanitarium when he goes too far and his handlers won't vouch for him and cut him loose.

I did warned him....


JP, like the mace angle....kinda still

along the non violent lines....only in self defense(that choking was a crossed line)...his hands touch you...BAM! after a few eyeballs burnrt out by pepper, wack job will not be so eager to provoke. Regardless what his cointelpro-ish handlers pay.

Way OT: I haven't mentioned it lately, but DO YOU HAVE A TRUTH BUMPER STICKER ON YOUR CAR??
I drive into dc every day with one that says, "The war on terror is a lie: 9/11 was an inside job" to call yorself a truther and drive a car w/o something similar seems disengenuous at best.

We cannot all be in San Fran this weekend, but we can all get sticker happy. Get some balls, piss off your neighbors, discover the courage of your convictions.

Neutralize with Numbers

Enormous strength comes from large numbers. This provacateur is alone; he challenges you to use your numbers aginst him. He wins if you can't get more than 2 or 3 people to assemble at a time. Take the challenge and mop the floor with him. Try splitting a group of 10 into two groups of 5, or five groups of 2 and head for different corners or different sides of the street, all with large signs and walking proudly. You have millions of supporters behind you. Whoever is sponsoring this person will be unable to produce large numbers of the same. A million wells can't be poisoned.

The other enormous strength comes from moral certainty. What drives this guy is not moral certainty. Therefore, he will lack the creativity to adapt to sudden changes in context. Make it your goal to catch him off guard. Stay light on your feet, always speak peacefully and gently. Get another camera; one is not enough.

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

district attorney

Maybe you should take the video of the first assualt to the district attorneys office, maybe they can do something about it

May I add that if the police, who had about 60 fellow officers

murdered on 9/11, want a real investigation, they damn well should not side with Nico Haupt on anything!

Haupt is doing everything possible to destroy the truth movement and any hope of a new, honest investigation & justice for those taken from us!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Hire a private investigator

Hire a private investigator to follow the guy around. You will quickly find out what his deal is and you will have a witness to the harassment outside of the group.

this illustrates a couple

this illustrates a couple things.
1) no plane theory is clearly disinfo as this provocateur is spewing
2) if this provocateur is waving signs 'we did it', why isn't he being investigated? OBL supposedly admitted it and it was enough to rally the country to war. Perhaps a sign 'Nico, the disinfo provocateur agent did the times square bombing by his own admission, WHY ISN'T THE FBI INVESTIGATING THE CONFESSION OF THE PROVOCATEUR CONFESSION? Why isn't the police arresting this individual confessing to this serious crime of the bombing? It is up to us to turn this provocateur against those criminals who perpetrated 9/11.
3) notice the double standard of the level of courteousness demanded by police officers (though police have a difficult job), yet when this provocateur harasses and assaults someone, it is allowed. The same level of respect granted to the police officer should also be given by the police. After all, there were police officers who also were victims of 9/11 and it is the victims of 9/11 that motivates many in the movement for truth. It is your country, your fellow Americans, your country that you are peacefully protesting about exercising your 1st amendment.
4) since when is the argument that the assault did not happen that day then make the assault not a crime, notice the insult what are you going to lawyer me now, as if knowing your rights and exercising them is a crime. How many times do the courts say that 'ignorance of the law is no excuse for violating the law' I would clearly indicate that you are proud to know your rights as a citizen and that every citizen should take the responsibility to be just as informed upon themselves.
5) provocateurs are probably CIA/FBI agents, e.g. COINTELPRO, speculation I know, but IMHO
6) the provocateur is clearly trying to associate himself with the movement, thereby associate a 'guilt by association' technique. Perhaps a sign '9/11 was an inside job, Where was NORAD?' This implies planes. and PROVACATUERS CLAIM NO PLANES
7) any literature should state what the movement believes about this plane disinfo, something like yes, planes did hit the WTC 1 and WTC2, anyone who claims otherwise is spreading disinfo or duped by it. Disinfo is meant to split any movement.
8) the lack of police presence is curious? if this provocateur is so consistent in his appearance, start asking the commissioner and other high ranking police officials why there is such little police during these consistent conflicts during your 1st amendment right to peaceably assemble that is constantly and blatantly violated through these hostile assailants. Most likely they'll respond it is simply limited resources, but the pattern of your 1st amendment being consistency violated could show a pattern. File a complaint with the police department that your 1st amendment right is being violated because adequate protection is not being provided each time the provocateur engages this act. Ask why these provocateurs are allowed to touch you since in the video the police officer said there are 'no bruises'. Ask why documented video evidence of this assailant touching you is not a crime. Especially since rape is such a serious act of touch crime. Why is this any different?
9) after a truth action, to any representative, if time permits, ask why provocateur are admitting to bombings and no investigation into this provocateur is being done
10) clearly you are being swayed away from ground zero, those who perpetrated the crime of 9/11 have the media, but know that the unsuspecting public will at some point go to ground zero, the influence over time is huge, they know this, and the rift in the movement is being sealed as 'no plane' theory is shattered. The movement is getting stronger so they are stepping up the disinformation including provocateurs and infiltrating the movement itself.
11) the easiest way to dismantle a movement is to accuses them of violence. Perhaps a banner indicating the 9/11 Truth Movement is a peaceful movement so that the men in blue are not confused By the same token, every act of violence by these provocateur is further proof of the disinformation to discredit the movement.
12) provocateurs aim to take attention away from the core facts of 9/11 and aid the propaganda and the lie.

We need public officials who must know that they are solely elected on whether they will investigate 9/11 and state so publicly. No one deserves a single vote who says otherwise.

Thanks for posting, and great work Wearechange!


" Disinfo is meant to split any movement."

Remember candadian incididence of cops with yellow marked boots?

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,

this guy I have seen in another video with the same attitude. We have to do a complete video evidence on him to be able to present to the public and the police. Either he is mentally ill and dangerous or his is on a mission to discredit the 911 truth movement.

For me it looks like this guy is ready to start a physical fight which we must not return. In such a case the Police will forbid every "911 Inside Job" rally on the grounds that we will disturb the peace. Before he assults someone there is perhaps something the legal authorites can do.

Remember the candaian incididence

so keep our calm !

Like the idea to split up into serveral groups in different parts of ground zero as Nico Haupt can not be everywhere at once.

Yours John

He's around since the very beginning

as he was recorded back in 2002 in the german film maker Gerhard Wisnewskis documentary.

I have only minor contact points to him, but a quick email search reveals that he also intrigued against the Scolars back in 2005. If there is a candidate for CoIntelpro, man, we got him. Accusing others of fakes, instead he is the biggest one.

Can someone tell me why

the hell this guy Nico is quoted on the back of my "9/11 Synthetic Terror" book by Webster Tarpley??!!! Why would Mr.Tarpley want anything of his associated with this nutjob?

According to Webster Tarpley:

Cindy Sheehan is a "wretched individual".

And I'm funded by the Ford Foundation.

And I work for the FBI.

And I'm a Chechen terrorist with connections to al Qaeda.

According to Webster Tarpley

Frankly, a Nico Haupt quote fits just perfectly on the back of his book.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

I must not have the full picture here

but these types of statements are definitely not in the book. I and many others have considered the book to be one of the best on 9/11 Truth and if there are other things going on here, well, that's unfortunate. But I wouldn't say the book appears to be disinfo, whatever else he has said outside the book I am not aware of. Judging by the merits of the book itself, I would say the Nico quote is out of place.

if you're interested in the full picture

follow the link I posted

Tarpley and Haupt go way back

Here they are in 2006 promoting TV Fakery on Tarpley's show

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Haupt peddling his nonsense

The guy is a nutty POS, and

The guy is a nutty POS, and either way he has the exact same effect as an agent provocateur even if he is just batshit. That woman Paula Gloria is a total scumbag also, I mean let’s just say Nico is not a fed and is just nuts, why then is this individual Paula Gloria encouraging him to act in such a way? That's quite sick if you think about it. That is unless she's a nutball herself and can't help it either. But also if you notice these individuals also push "No planes hit the WTC" and "Space Beams" etc, everything they do is detrimental and I think it's fair to ask is it indeed by design?

Some things to consider when deciding how to deal with this:

(First of all, brothers and sisters, many of us could be dealing with similar situations in the future so we must be very wise in how we react to provocations)

1) The NYPD in this precinct are clearly not interested in equal protection under the law. (This is like playing an away game with a referee that clearly favors the home team.)

2) Don't expect any judge to assist you in this matter.

3) Don't expect any city official, up to and including the mayor, to assist you in this matter.

The most logical explanation for this chain of events is that TPTB want to have a pretext to exclude political activists from the area on grounds of public safety. By continually engaging with Mr. Haupt at this location you will almost guarantee that this will happen.

Let's examine your options:

1) Continue as you have been and up the ante with more people and you will play into this obvious trap.

2) Find a msm reporter to document and report on what's taking place and embarrass the NYPD into upholding the law. Not too likely, but perhaps worth a try.

3) Take your tape to another precinct, find some friendly cops and ask their opinion. Once you find some NYPD who are willing to deal with Mr. Haupt, move your activism into that precinct and force him to follow you there and you've got him cold. I'm willing to bet that you can find some cops who will help you if you play it right.

4) If you can't find any NYPD willing to help, contact the FBI and ask them for an opinion based on the videos and eyewitness statements.

5) If none of these options are viable, consider taking a break from GZ activism and work elsewhere, returning to GZ at random times to keep Mr. Haupt off balance. NYC is huge and I'm sure that there are many people in other parts of the city who have not yet been reached. (If I'm double covered in a soccer game, I run my opponents all over the field, leaving my teammates free to exploit the advantage).

5a) In a few weeks Gov, Ventura will be back from Mexico and may be able to be persuaded to make a visit to GZ. Gov. Ventura, or some other "high profile" person, introduces an entirely different dynamic into the situation and may profoundly alter how the NYPD behave at GZ, especially if the msm are there. Of course, Mr. Haupt may take that day off as a tactical response (I would).

Finally, if you choose to escalate at GZ, be prepared for someone to get seriously injured and fully document anything that occurs for the court cases which will follow. I would recommend extensive training on the part of your activist group as to how to respond to violence in a non-violent way. Mace is not a viable option and will result in GZ being declared off limits to activists. They may simply pass an ordinance requiring permits and then be very selective about who they issue said permits to.

Always keep in mind that we now live in a "friendly" police state, as long as you do what they say, they're nice (even if there is no law to back up their request).

If you are truly interested in following Gandhi's teachings and tactics, then you have to be prepared to take beatings and worse and shame the aggressor into changing his ways.

I may have left something out as it is very late and I am tired, so everyone feel free to critique what I have written(as always).

It's time to step it up, brothers and sisters, we need to be smarter, more disciplined and choose love over fear.

Be the change you want to see in the world. -Gandhi

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


Is Nico the "ewing2001" who has joined the discussion here?

(Feel free to contribute. A lot of readers attack Karen Johnson.)

That was his name some time ago

I think he still use it.

We should get over this clown and engage in real enlightning and civil disobedience, as WE ARE CHANGE does.

Kudos to you out there, I'll give you all of my support, especially good vibrations and internet defending against all enemies, as I'm 400 miles away too far.


The cops are clearly making a conscious, political decision in their inaction and interpretation of what's going on with this "Nico" person. Nico could very well be a paid (CIA/FBI) actor as he could be some "legit" lone nut job. He's providing the police, i.e. the system, with what's needed in the pursuit to attack the We Are Change activists (and, in the longer run, anyone who might agree with them).

The best advice I have read

The best advice I have read here is: just move! Whenever he comes near you, just move to another place, either another part of Ground Zero or elsewhere in NYC, and use your video camera if he follows you around to document that. You do not need to be fetishist about Ground Zero, you can awake people anywhere.

Read the last genius on this Earth: