Meria interviews Jesse Ventura in depth on 9/11

(This is by far the best interview I have heard with Jesse Ventura)

"This is the ONE interview of former Governor Jesse Ventura which stands out from his Corporate Media battles; herein the ex-Governor is welcomed and given a forum uninterrupted by corporate advertisements. Jesse "the Mind" engages in a fluid and thought-provoking discussion; proving that our best potential candidates for President are still waiting for the American Public to recognize the inconsistencies in economic and foreign policies which are eroding the very fabric of what we love about America. Support Jesse Ventura for President"


Jesse "The Brain" Ventura

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jesse Ventura tells Alex Jones that he could kick himself for believing the official 9/11 story at first and wishes he would have raised more questions, questions that still haven't been answered to his satisfaction

(20 Min - 6.3 Meg)

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Yeah, who would want to live in Sweden or Norway,

what a drag that would be, eh?

Why inject dogma unnecessarily?

Perhaps you've forgotten that many of the Founding Fathers of this American republic were liberals?

While we're at it, let's repeal the Age of Enlightenment.

What a kick that would be!

Sorry for the tone of my response, I'm way too tired to approach this any other way right now.

I get it, you like to throw rhetorical grenades into rooms, right?

Having lived with ridiculous labels for most of my life, I kind of have a knee-jerk reaction to them, yo!


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Left is the only way to go

I would ague that anyone voting right haven't taken the time to think things through properly.

Most people think they're a good person. It's easy to be nice to your family. It's easy to help your friends. Because you get it back immediately.

The 30% of my salery that my government "steals" (I live in Sweden) goes to things like healthcare and education. A social security net to prevent extreme poverty. So... why should you care about the poor? They're not your friends, they're not in your family. You don't know them. Well... that doesn't mean that you've got nothing to do with them. You live in the same country. You live on the same planet. You breathe the same air.

Most problems we have in the world today are the result of the fact that most people in the west thinks like you, patrick. I'm not saying that you want the world to be the way it is today. I'm saying that you and everybody else that vote for their OWN good, not the greater good, are responsible.

Watch this:

Well, we're all brothers and sisters, if you ask me,

so I think you know where I stand.

Government is necessary to manage the public commons, unless you want to let private enterprise (corporations) do it all. The real question comes down to how government is structured, what level of government does what function and how transparent and responsive it is.

Many governments in the U.S. have been hijacked by private interests and made to serve their limited agendas and not the greater good.

The best government is scaled to address the issue it is concerned with. One doesn't need a federal government to be involved in where a high school should be built, for example.

Accountability and transparency are two keys to good governance. Both are increasingly absent in the U.S.

The "liberal" vs. "conservative" polemic got a massive injection of energy during the Reagan years and, unfortunately, much of it is still being parroted in the U.S. by everyone, to no one's benefit but those running this circus (the 9/11 perps and their bosses, why we're here, yes?).

I have been engaged in philosophical reflection and debate since I was 11 and think it is very worthwhile. However, it is not helpful to bring partisan and/or divisive debates into a non-partisan movement while we still have so much to do, it can only work to our detriment.

No one person or philosophy has all the answers to all the problems for all the people, agreed?

Love is a verb, brothers and sisters, let's get busy!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

A good point

which more people should understand.

And I am supposed to be classified as a "conservative" yet am in agreement with you.

Let's lose the labels and GET BACK THE REPUBLIC!

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Most people here know by now that...

....the dem vs. rep thing is just another tactic the perps use to divide & conquer. Nice to see that result, inadvertent or not, nipped in the bud so quickly here. As I've said before, Faux Noise will label the Truth Movement as the "wacky left fringe", and fake-left outlets will portray us as "anti-semites", i.e., "racists. Fewer and fewer people are falling for it. A lot of us have stopped looking "left to right", and are looking "up and down".

The labels don't mean anything anymore as Bush campaigned on "no nation building", etc. I mean, he's a "Big Government, Big Deficit, Big Spending" Republican in practice, who has taken us on illegal, elective wars of aggression and occupation. What is "conservative" about that? In the traditional sense, or what Republicans campaign on (cutting spending, smaller government, noninterventionism, etc.)? In reality, the Bush'es (and Reagan to a lesser extent) were about giving borrowed government money to their sponsors in the Military Industrial Complex, and doing it through inflation and devaluing the dollar. Since when is a conscious effort to weaken the dollar and reduce its buying power conservative? LCFC has a nice bit at the end about the 5 biggest debt-creating years all came under a Bush, and those 5 years are greater than the rest of our country's history combined.

And, when Clinton and the Democrats held the Oval Office, instead of representing the interests of and maintenance of the American Middle Class, they allowed for increased Big Media Consolidation and the exportation of well-playing manufacturing jobs beyond our borders with NAFTA & CAFTA.

A Pox on both their Houses.

That said, personally, I'd love to see a Ventura/Kennedy Jr. ticket.

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

and Denmark !

That is just what the Government that we elect in FAIR elections does
and you know what ? We LOVE to complain about it while at the same time we brag
about how nobody has to die in or country because they can't afford medical treatment .
We also proud ourselves of the fact that nobody has to starve, that you get a pension you can actually live on
and that our society is rather non-violent compared to the US .. Some people are just impossible to satisfy ..
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

Brand New Better Bad News


*more here:

Great interview! Jesse is an inspiration!

Thanks for posting this interview, he is of the highest calibre!

Kind regards John

WE GOT TO TAKE THE POWER BACK!... rage against the machine!!

No problem and I agree!! A

No problem and I agree!!

A link I forgot to include:


What's cool about Jesse is that he could be simultaneously taken seriously as a presidential candidate or member of WeAreChange.

Jesse Ventura Interested in

Jesse Ventura Interested in Running for President as Libertarian, because of ballot access.

[go to the 34 minute mark of the video]

Having Ventura in the national debate

would be a healthy addition.

This news also covered

This news also covered here:

Jesse Ventura discusses a possible Libertarian Party presidential bid
Skip to the 32 minute mark.

Dear Meria & Jesse

..........God bless you both !


Thanks for the kudos guys! I think Jesse would blow right past the duopoly team of republicrats.
America needs a REAL person taking the reins now, now the same ole, same ole, WW3 making phonies
running - Moe,Larry & Curly. (excuses to the Stooges for the comparison, at least THEY were entertaining).
But as other guests say we have 172,000 elected officials and very few that represent us. We need to VOTE them out and start voting locally (perhaps the only place they can't steal your vote yet) and running OURSELVES.
Change happens when we MAKE it happen. Time for real change indeed - don't miss my Mother's Day show with Dr.Jean Shinoda Bolen on "Urgent Message From Mother".

The Meria Show


you think you can pass along some more information to Jesse. From the sound of things he has'nt looked real deep into what we have.
That should fire him up even more. I also wonder if he knows about our unfederal , no reserve bank ? Now that he's in the spotlight let's give him all the ammo he needs to put those of our controled media in their spot.
Thank you so much for what you do.