Office of the Secretary of Defense uploads 8,000 pages used by NYT in its military analyst expose

Someone writing to Cryptome said this:

"Sometime in the last 24 hours, the Office of the Secretary of Defense quietly uploaded all 8,000 pages of docs used by the NYT in its expose of the military analyst/sock puppet scandal:

"I'm sure there are further revelations in these raw documents."

Very interesting

I would like to see the context of this comment:

On Tuesday, April 18 [2006], some 17 analysts assembled at the Pentagon with Mr. Rumsfeld and General Pace, then the chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

A transcript of that session, never before disclosed, shows a shared determination to marginalize war critics and revive public support for the war.

. . .

"Frankly,” one participant said, “from a military point of view, the penalty, 2,400 brave Americans whom we lost, 3,000 in an hour and 15 minutes, is relative.”

The context is not clear, but this appears to be the logic of "collateral damage," applied to the 9/11 victims.

Update - I found it and will post it later.