WANTED: Dead or Alive . . . REWARD!


WANTED: Confirmation of whether or not the Constitution is DEAD or ALIVE.

Your REWARD: Become a hero and save the nation.

Details: This website provides evidence that Continuity of Government plans were actually instituted on 9/11, and may still be in effect. If true, America will not be able to end its nightmare until this fact is revealed to the public and until the COG plans are rescinded.

The entire Homeland Security Committee of Congress asked the White House to see documents related to Continuity of Government Plans, and the White House refused to share them, even though that committee has full security clearance to view such plans. Here is a brief video of DeFazio's testimony to Congress on the topic (or here is the transcript).

In addition, Professor Peter Dale Scott asked Congressman DeFazio whether or not Continuity of Government plans were currently in effect, and that DeFazio responded that he did not know.

How to Claim Reward: Find out the answer to the simple question: are Continuity of Government plans currently in effect? No executive branch waffling or double-speak. Just a yes or no answer.

Ask your Congressman. Ask your Senator. Ask someone who would know.

Then let us know.

A very old horror movie

Plan 51 From Outer Space - Air America's Richard Greene Discusses National Nightmare

Tuesday March 25, 2008
Air America Radio's Richard Greene chats with Matthew Rothschild, 9/11 truth sceptic and editor of the Progressive Magazine, about Presidential Directive 51 (seize control of the country) which is apparently modeled after one of GW's mentors in the early 1940's. John Conyers (202.225.5126) reveals that he doesn't know what it is.



George Washington and others:

what do you think of my idea to ask (through your Congressmember) of asking to sit down with a rep of DHS to explain why truthers shouldn't be rounded up in the event of a major terror attack?

List of 17 911truth action ideas (idea #4)



there are big plusses and minuses.

Plus: Pin DHS down, document it.
Maybe get some DHS employees thinking about why martial law is wrong.

Minus: Give them ideas :)
Make them start taking other actions now against 9/11 truth activists?

On balance, my assumption is that its a good idea.

Govt FOR the People

BY the People.

There IS ANOTHER Continuity of Govt Plan at work.

Its time We The People exercise our role in Governance.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Executive Orders are Unconstitutional

From The Great Deception

Pg 8: What are Executive Orders?

Executive Orders are laws established by United States Presidents. These laws are not passed by the Congress or the Senate, and create an end-run around the Constitution. These laws begin as Executive Orders which are simply printed in the Federal Register. After thirty days these orders become law and carry the full impact of any law passed by the United States Congress.


To understand just how this could all come about, you need to open your eyes, your mind and your heart. What we have discovered is quite scary, very much unconstitutional and in every sense, acts of treason to the United States of America.

There are individuals in this world, within this country, and in our own government who would like to rule the world, and they do believe that this is possible. They are and have been working towards this goal for decades. Some of the individuals caught up in this endeavor have been our very own elected officials. These power hungry individuals have corrupted our government and are working on sabotaging our freedom by destroying the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, in order to establish the NEW WORLD ORDER (aka Global Community).

To bring about this New World Order, and ultimately the single World Government, there are several things that must come about:

1) All other forms of government throughout the world must cease to function and thus the countries would become bankrupt. Because the Constitution is a document that safeguards the sovereignty of our nation it must be destroyed.

2) Because of the genuine threat of the American militia, the American people must be disarmed, and become addicted to the government hand-outs and thus become "sheeple".

The American people have become so accustomed to their freedom, and the constitutional safeguards afforded them, that they have paid little if any attention to what is and could be happening around them. The international establishment has planned this, and are working to use this weakness to erode our freedom and take control of the United States.