Will BYU Administrators talk about Steven Jones?

While filming my documentary about Steven Jones, one of the issues I've tried to uncover is the exact reason Dr Jones was placed on paid administrative leave. BYU repeated this statement to the press numerous times: "The increasingly accusitory and speculative comments being made by Dr Jones regarding the collapse of the WTC."

I don't know about anyone else, but I find this explanation to be quite vague. What were the accusitory/speculative comments exactly? Did Dr Jones violate academic standards? Does this have anything to do with BYU's stance on being "polically neutral?" Was it because of Dick Cheney's visit several months later? Was it the man threatening Jones? Does BYU beleive in something called freedom of speech? All of these questions I would like to have answered. A rational person would think that BYU would want to quell any kind of speculation this event may bring to the public mind. However, my experiences show quite the opposite.

My first visit with a dean from the physics department was rather humerous. He became quite agitated (alomst violent) when I brought up Dr Jones' name. "Who are you?? Who do you work for?? This doesn't sound like something BYU would sponsor." He then told me "This is a confidential BYU matter."

Confidential? Like the CIA? Did the president of the united states order it? Freemasonry?

The next administrator I visited simply told me: "This is not a matter for public discussion." I was then directed to the spokesperson for the school. When I found her office I noticed it had a combination lock. After I knocked, her secretary, who was in the next room, asked if she could help me. I told her I was doing a documentary about professor Jones and I was referred to the spokesperson to explain why he was put on administrave leave. "Hold on." she then walked to the door, entered the secret code, and disappeared. A few minutes later she came back and told me I needed to be "screened" and that I should email another person before I could talk to the spokesperson. A few days ago I received this message:


Julie ______ passed your message on to me regarding your request for information about Dr. Steven Jones’ departure from BYU. Enclosed below is a statement that BYU issued at the time Dr. Jones announced his retirement. Regarding information why Dr. Jones was placed on paid leave, may I suggest that you look at the Sept. 08, 2006, Deseret Morning News article, “BYU places ‘9/11 truth’ professor on paid leave.” The article contains a brief statement by BYU as well.

Because Dr. Jones is no longer at BYU, the university will not be commenting further. For this reason, university officials (myself included) will not be available for interviews. However, I believe that the information below, along with the Deseret Morning News article, will answer your questions.


_____ _______

Assistant to the President for University Communications

Dr Jones revealed that the emperor

had no clothes on.

It reminds me

of when the president of Iran was invited to Columbia U. and was shabbily treated by the university's president, as a lot of students observed. Academic freedom is a rather abstract concept. Politics is real.

I thought righteous Mormons would welcome Dr. Jones'

scientific inquiry into the unexplained phenomena of 9/11. I guess I was expecting too much.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

What a shame !

they lost a brillant man. I live in SLC , and although i am not mormon i can only image the sacrifices Dr. Jones had to make.
He has my respect ,and admiration. I would think all religions promote truth?
Thank you Dr.. Jones! You do yourself , and your country very proud !