The 2nd Plane Cover Story (new CIT release!)

In this 34 minute presentation we expose the dubious details surrounding reports of a 2nd plane that was allegedly following or "shadowing" the Pentagon attack jet until the moment it reached the building. We expose how these claims were blended with reports of real planes that were in the airspace soon after the attack. We present exclusive interviews with alleged witnesses Keith Wheelhouse, Joel Sucherman, and Vin Narayanan and explain how their accounts have served as effective cover for the flyover.

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For more information see our full feature release: The Pentagon Flyover - How They Pulled It Off.

Kudos CIT...

...your work is some of the most important out there today. If only all U.S. citizens would get off their asses like you do. The Republic would be restored in no time. Hopefully one day you will all be regarded as heroes and high schools will be named after you.

"Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government." -The Declaration of Independence

Thank you so much...

I hope you understand how much I appreciate that personally. Damn near made me tear up.

These are the types of comments that keep me going. It really is a good feeling that people still see the value in what CIT has accomplished and can accomplish.

Remember, we were always meant to be an organization made of citizens. Meaning anyone can be part of CIT. Figure out the holes in the story, go to the source, and dig dig dig.

Thanks again, KNOWAR

Lotta aviation activity when there should have been litle...

Just keep after it fellas...

I am doing some work in analyzing RADES and other radar based data, and although I do not trust any information provided by the US Governement, what they have provided shows quite a few aircraft flying all around WDC and the Pentagon when there should not have been that many airbourne. Also, I think that there is some proof in the pipeline that the RADES-NORAD-FAA? radar data has been tampered with.

And of course, should Honegger's work showing an explosion at the Pentagon at 09:32, some four-six minutes ahead of the "accepeted" time of an airvehicle striking the Pentagon, well, frankly, this changes almost everything.

No big statements here from me...only an encouragement to keep asking questions and doing research.

I really do think that the "eyewitness" sightlines are very key to what they saw. Additionally, having 1600 hours in the air myself, I have seen some things that appear one way but are not what they appear. So, aviation-flying-aircraft related "observations" should not be treated like other observations due to the speeds, altitudes, directions of flight, sunlight, reflections and the like. Just keep the minds open.

Again, I'm NOT discrediting anything or anybody...actually, I'm just suggesting even wider ranges of questioning.

Thanks so much for all the work...

Robin Hordon

Hey Robin

Thank you for the support.

We would love to hear your take on the RADES data as well. Give us a call or email sometime.

I'm agnostic as to what has

I'm agnostic as to what has happened exactly at the pentagon. It seems like a created mystery. Still I recently added some more witness testimonies to my YouTube account. Some of these i had not seen before on the internet, but then again i haven't done much research in what happened there.

Also i was finally able to download and convert the .SWF file of the rapid wall breaching kit, that's viewable on

I think a device like this might have been used to create the exit hole

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You mean a device like a

You mean a device like a Boeing jetliner?

I'm not denying that a

I'm not denying that a Boeing flew into the Pentagon, i just find it extremely hard to believe that it would punch a hole like this

in the wall of the C-ring.

A RWBK make a hole that looks exactly the same.

I have been looking for an official explanantion of the exit hole, but really there's none. Also there's the 'mistake' or 'fraud' with the Building Performance Report with regards to the column directly across the exit hole:

As i said, the Pentagon is a created mystery. In fact i think that the story of a small plane/missile might very well be deliberate disinformatien. Just listen to this testimony. He said he saw the (small) plane and it came from the south. When he's asked wether it came over the river or across the land, he becomes silent and then says 'from the south'. When he's asked at what time it struck, he talks around it. Why doesn't he just answer the questions if he really witnessed the whole event?

Please watch my movie: The Third Tower