Mike Malloy reads Bob's "Epiphanette" - 5.7.2008

Malloy reads an email from one of his loyal listeners, "Bob", on 9/11 and the possible motivations of "debunkers".


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I'm surprised...

It wasn't Daschle, or the August 6th, PDB that didn't wake most people up. That's when I started to become "curious". I remember all of those times I heard "we were completely taken by surprise", and "we had no idea", and "there were no warnings". From both the Administration, and the media pundits. Then they asked Daschle to "limit the scope" of the investigations. Then we heard about the August 6th PDB, and found out they DID have an "idea". Then I found out they WANTED to go to war. I was off to the races at that point.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

Different epiphanettes

The epiphany depends on your background knowledge. People with some knowledge of American air defence are baffled by the failure to scramble fighter jets. Those with some knowledge of steel framed buildings are baffled by the collapses.

For me it was my understanding of what a president was. I remember my dazed reaction - the first effects of cognitive dissonance - watching Bush's behaviour in "Fahrenheit 9/11". He's the president, he knows the country is under attack but he's sitting there apparently in a trance. If a president isn't galvanised into action at such a time - is there any point in having one? Shouldn't he at least be gathering information? Why isn't he curious to discover anything about the attack? Is he really as stupid and incompetent as the satirists claim? Why isn't someone goading him into action? Is he bewildered and paralysed by indecision? Why is he still in office after this?

Only by discovering what he knew before he entered the school and what he knew before he went on holiday did it dawn on me that nothing short of a direct order from Cheney would have got him out of that classroom.

Thanks Reprehensor, this is pure gold.

I can identify with Bob's frustration. His analysis is spot on. The Parent - Child from outer space condescension is all too familiar.

I'm a big fan of Mike Malloy. He is wise, rational and fearless. He is self aware. He can be heard Monday through Friday from 8 to 11PM Central time on the Nova M Radio Network.


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His show is addictive.

911 Truth Ends The Insanity


is a man of his word. He promised to cover 9/11 truth and he is sticking to it. Now if he can just get his pal Randi Rhodes to jump in perhaps we can get something going. The more exposure we get the better. I want to see 9/11 truth snowball. We can't let this end up like the JFK murder. I just wish the American people had the stomach for the unpleasant truth.