West Coast Convergence -- San Francisco <-- Sat and Sun

Take a stand. Come stand with us. We have strength in numbers.

I implore everyone to do whatever they can in order to be in San Francisco this weekend. No matter what role you play in the 9-11 Truth movement, no matter what methods you personally use to reach out to others, the world needs you to be in San Francisco for the West Coast Convergence.

When I was arrested in December for bull-horning the Fox Television building, I spent over 24 hours in jail. I found myself in a small cell with 11 others, and I brought up 9-11, telling whomever would listen that the buildings were brought down in controlled demolitions. An older white man stood up and told me that I am crazy, and that 90% of Americans know that terrorists did it. Another guy in the room spoke up, "Nah actually I believe this guy" pointing to me, then another guy "What I saw that day finally makes sense", and another and another etc.

I turned to the official story guy and told him that he is the only one in the room that believes the official story. Something magical happened in the next few seconds. The man changed his mind. "Oh, yeah you are right, i could see the CIA doing that" and he sat next to me and wanted to hear more, and wanted to be my best friend.

What's the point of the story? We have strength in numbers. When we are out there in the streets, smiling with our signs in hand, our banners over our heads, walking in solidarity with a large crowd, then we have an immediate and direct effect on everyone around us. They can switch in an instant. We are moving toward one of the most critical goals of the 9-11 Truth movement, that evasive tipping point. We will know when we reach the tipping point because something magical will happen, and it will happen very quickly.

The West Coast Convergence is important for all of us. No matter what excuses you have going on in your head, push them aside and find a reason and a way to be in San Francisco this weekend. The world needs you there.

With you in the struggle,
Bruno and all of WeAreChangeLA

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