Ask the president anything.

Yahoo news is inviting questions for the president.
Ask him anything," they offer. "We interview the president on May 13 and we want you to help."
I asked;
Mr. President.
Can you explain your lack of response on 9/11 upon hearing that America was under attack and your contradictory statements in later interviews.
Thank you.
Here it is on the left side of the page.
Click on the box and submit a question.
WTH it's worth a try.

My Question

Mr. President,
How come you and Dick Cheney would only appear before the 9/11 Commission together and not under oath. Don't you think that your insistence on only
"visiting" (your word) with the 9/11 Commission if Dick Cheney was present at your side makes it look like you were worried that if you and Mr. Cheney appeared separately your accounts of the events on the day of 9/11 might not match up?