BlogTalkRadio Censoring 9/11 Truth

BlogTalkRadio Censoring 9/11 Truth
Internet social broadcasting service cracking down on anyone daring to question the government

by James Corbett
10 May, 2008

BlogTalkRadio is an internet-based social broadcaster that allows users to set up and host their own radio talk-show with nothing more than a phone and an internet long as they don't question the government.

As Brian McLain found out, daring to bring up questions about the government's official 9/11 fairy tale will not be tolerated by the thought police at BlogTalkRadio. Until recently, he was host of 'The Angry Scotsman' program hosted on the BlogTalkRadio site. His program was quickly cancelled, however, and his archive of previous episodes purged from the Web after the BTR censors found out about his plan to host an episode dedicated to questioning the official 9/11 story.

"I was contacted rather abruptly yesterday by a member of the BlogTalkRadio staff about that show," McLain told The Corbett Report in an interview Thursday. "He told me, 'We've looked over your profile and we've listened to your other episodes and we don't want this type of material to be distributed out of BlogTalkRadio.'"

Listen to the interview in mp3 format by clicking here or watch a YouTube video with clips of the video below.

According to McLain, when he asked the staff member what the BlogTalkRadio politburo objected to specifically, he was told that they did not want their site used to promote 'conspiracy theories.' It's unclear, however, what " conspiracy theories" the BTR representative was referring to. Is it the 'conspiracy theory' that former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds has been officially gagged from talking about by a US Dept. of Justice gag order?

Or perhaps he was referring to the 'conspiracy theory' that Western intelligence agencies and government officials would have had to be involved in the attacks, an idea held by the leader of the opposition in the Japanese parliament, the former German Defence Minister, the former President of Italy, State Senators, the former head of the Star Wars missile defense program, as well as literally hundreds of other government and military figures, pilots, air traffic controllers and 9/11 survivors and family members.

Or was the illustrious and well-informed BTR censor referring to the "conspiracy theory" that World Trade Center 7, which was not hit by a plane yet still fell directly into its own footprint at freefall gravitational speed, fell as the result of controlled demolition, an idea supported by hundreds of architects and engineers?

Ultimately, perhaps, BlogTalkRadio is not interested in hearing about facts and information. Like any other large corporate entity, they are concerned about their bottom line and are worried about how such content might affect their ability to lure advertisers. Of course, BlogTalkRadio can't sell advertising if they have no listeners, and concerned citizens can help end the censorship by letting the company know that they will not support a website which goes to such lengths to suppress the most important information of our time. Click here to contact BlogTalkRadio with your comments on the issue.

"Killtown" was apparently on

"Killtown" was apparently on this thing a few days ago:

BlogTalkRadio censors 9/11 conspiracy talk after Killtown interview

So if that joker was on there talking about absurd "no planes hit the WTC" disinfo junk then it wouldn’t surprise me if the heads of the company thought this was too much crap and decided to ban all discussion of it.

Styles approves of censorship!

So Dem Bruce sez it's ok to censor viewpoints he doesn't agree with.
He knows best what the rest of us should or should not be allowed to hear.

Sounds like there's a market for free speech blog radio!

i don't know which face blogtalkradio has stuck up their ass that caused them to think censorship is needed to maintain and grow their bottom line (i sensed a disturbance in the force; potential competitors who favor free speech, don't give a rat's ass for the neocons and want to make a buck are sensing an opportunity...), but it's a fact that the MSM has continually associated "9/11 Truth" with silly/Cointelpro'd "conspiracy theories" held to by a minority of the People, and an even smaller number of provocateurs, precisely in order to tarnish and disparage the image of those who are still asking the normal, obvious questions that were ignored by the 9/11 Commission.

I do believe people have the right to believe whatever dumb shit they want to believe and say, and that right needs to be protected- BS is no threat to anyone, or "national security", cuz everyone knows the majority picks the "representatives", right, wink, wink?

At least, the BS gets exposed on blogs and forums, and in carbon world conversations in the home, office, neighborhood and social circles, so eventually it doesn't matter what Baghdad Bob is saying on Fox and CNN, from the White House and in the public schools.

9/11 changed everything, and the truth that it's a lie is changing the world.

The Top 40

It's not just me who

It's not just me who doesn’t agree with "no planes hit the WTC" disinfo, it's the entire 9/11 Truth Movement. So it's ironic and quite hilarious that you would say "the rest of us".

DBLS...what's your deal??

Maybe you didn't get the message of the O.P., but it seems like the 'radio' station wants to censor ALL 9/11 related topics, regardless of how you feel about 'no planes' or Killtown. It's amazing that your chronic OBSESSION with Kilttown and 'no planers' has caused you to miss the entire point. Every board I see you post at, has a daily hint of 'no planer hatred' in it. That hatred has blinded you soooo much that you can't even see the forest. Two comments out of 5, from you, and they're about 'the filthy no planers'. Don't you ever grow tired of it? Every day man, "no planer this, Killtown that, disinfo this, Webster Tarpley that, Larouche this, agent provocateur this, Portland disinfo that"

And so I come on this thread to comment about the struggle 9/11 research AS A WHOLE has to go through just to be heard, and you're once again, talking about Killtown.

What the hell man????? Why don't you just challenge him to a knife fight or meet him for good ole' fashion one on one if you feel so strongly about it? Jesus dude. I bet the term 'no planers', if Googled, would show up in the top two search engine pages, with your moniker right next to it.

"the struggle 9/11 research

"the struggle 9/11 research AS A WHOLE has to go through" - Well why do you think it's a struggle? Is it because "conspiracy theories" have a negative connotation and stereotype attached to them to the point where even plain facts that indicate wrongdoing can be distorted as "conspiracy theories"? This bullshit stereotype in relation to 9/11 Truth must be and is being shattered, but if people like "Killtown" and Nico Haupt, Reynolds, Wood, Siegel etc would not of been told to take a hike with their "no planes/space beams" material the perps might have already succeeded in putting 9/11 Truth down as kooky junk. So excuse me for wanting to win here.

Call Luke Armour, of Blog Talk Radio, at 330-439-4711

I just called Luke Armour, PR representative of Blog Talk Radio, at 330-439-4711. I left a message with my name and contact information, requesting to speak with him about Blog Talk Radio's decision to cancel "The Angry Scotsman". I have not listened to The Angry Scotsman; however, apparently he was silenced for approaching the subject of 9/11 Truth, in a peaceful and rational manner no less. I will call him again tomorrow and keep you posted.

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Hats off to the Angry Scotsman.....

Brian must have hit a nerve. It's the highest form of flattery to be censored. You've made them very uncomfortable.

I hope the Angry Scotsman sets up shop somewhere else!

...don't believe them!