Fourteen Points translated into Dutch and Italian, published in the Journal of 9/11 Studies

Thanks to the able translators who have made the "Fourteen Points" readable now in Dutch and Italian:

It is through INTERNATIONAL efforts that I believe we can succeed in the TRUTH AND INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT (seeking Truth about 9/11 and the 9/11 wars, the NAU/SPP, the expanding US debt and falling dollar, rising oil prices, and so on -- and Independence from corrupt and decaying systems, individually and in communities).

The Italian translators are Riccardo Pizzirani and Massimo Mazzucco. Massimo wrote about this paper:
"we have just [finished] a translation of your “14 points” piece, which I personally found delightful: I never thought such fine irony could be married so elegantly to any 9/11 discourse.
Thanks for it all, on behalf of all Italian 9/11 truthers as well."

The translation into Dutch was accomplished by Frank Ho, who wrote:
"Thanks for showing interest in my Dutch translation of your 14 points study. I'm impressed by this new approach in seeking for agreements. The Journal of 911 Studies is free to use this translation for it's purposes.
"There is one remark. I translated this article with lot's of efforts because of it's main importance....
My main goal is making the information about 9/11 irresistible and inevitable for mainstream oriented public and press. Therefore I consider a smooth readability and presentation as an obligation."

Further translations are welcomed!


Goed werk, Frank!

Glad to hear of the German translation, Sitting-bull --

may we make this available with the other translations in the Journal of 9/11 Studies?

And thank you for all you work to bring our the facts regarding 9/11.
(For example, i saw your very informative posts in response to the Deseret News article on 9/11 research, dated 3 May.)

Dr Jones, i've been helping

Dr Jones, i've been helping Frank with an update of his Dutch translation. Probably somewhere next week, you will receive an updated version. Although the version that's now on journalof911studies is factually almost 100% correct, the new version will be easier to read. Congratulations on the publication of your paper. I'm eagerly awaiting publication of the next one!
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Knap werk! Good job!

Knap werk! Met uw permissie zet ik de nederlandstalige versie ook ter beschikking op

Good job! With your persmission, I'll make the Dutch version available on