Well, that worked out real good.

On Wednesday night, I posted this poll:


Because I knew that the 911blogger user base was sharply divided on the Fly-over theory, I was not seeking a wide-range of opinion. I wanted to see how many were for, or against, the specific theory. Yes, there could have been one more, or many more questions added to the poll, but I was interested in identifying the split.

On Thursday, I posted this blog entry from Craig of CIT:


Responding to criticism from user "jimd3100", I posted links to three blogs critical of the CIT work on Friday:


Shortly afterward, I was accused by Aldo of CIT:

"You are now guilty of promoting disinformation."

This was followed by Craig's comment:

"Let's be frank.....it's no secret that 9/11 blogger has coddled the 757 impact conspiracy theory and has marginalized information that counters this notion."

This, despite the fact that I was (let me stress, WAS) an early supporter of the Pentacon film, and posted it on the front page of blogger, as soon as I finished watching it, in February of 2007;


Domenic of CIT added after that:

"Your support of government agent John Farmer and toilet scrubber Adam Larson and some obsessed clown named Arabesque exposes you for the gatekeeper you are Reprehensor. Let me guess you're just another anonymous clown in the gatekeeping world. Perhaps one of Randi;s kids from the JREF Forum posing as a truther."

All of this for posting one blog entry, with 3 links to criticism of CIT's work.

People seeking future releases from CIT, the "Citizen Investigation Team", should go directly to the Pentacon website.

They won't be promoted here.

My apologies to the user base here, but if the editor of the website can't provide a few links (links!) to some criticism, without being accused of "promoting disinformation", (with the history of my support for the early version of the Pentacon completely ignored), and then the ultimate insult, a JREF'er... a JREF'er indeed, what does the 45% user base in opposition have to look forward to? This kind of behavior is just not wanted here. It's disruptive.

For anyone concerned about my anonymity, bloggers have a right to be anonymous, if they so choose.

Further, most authors, some film-makers, and some activist 9/11 Truthers know my name, and have respected my decision to be anonymous. This includes Barrie Zwicker, David Ray Griffin, Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed, Dylan Avery, Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, Tony Szamboti, William Rodriguez, Richard Gage, Janice Matthews, Jon Gold, Peter Dale Scott, Luke Rudkowski, Justin Martell, Joe Stokes, Aaron Dykes and the anonymous posters (some semi-anonymous) Danse, YT, Hummux, kameelyun, adanac, Dem Bruce Lee Styles and actually quite a few others. They all know how to get in touch with me if they need to.